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  1. The FedEx guy stopped in today and brought me my tickets!!! I am officially the first one. Ok, so they are just the tickets to the Canes/Devils game at the Rock and they have gross little devil tails on them...
  2. It was announced today that individual game tickets will go on sale the 14th to the general public. Also made available is the ticket specials page. I have got to say I'm not at all impressed with the new ideas put to use. I often used my college ID day of the game or else my Harris Teeter card. Now it looks like I've got all of about 10-15 games that either of those promotions will be good for. There's one less butt in a seat... :angry:
  3. I'm seeing part of the eye going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I think the words are either Pac-Man or RBC CENTER. I'm probably going with Pac-Man...
  4. Wow. That didn't take long to add the white paint or whatever it is. I looked at it yesterday afternoon and it was just lots of shiny on top of the concrete. Do we know whose logos are going around the eye yet?
  5. Since I live a couple of hours away, I don't make the practices, but has anyone been over there and seen what the guys are looking like? Sounds like TK and AA are in town. If anyone has any reports or pics, I for one would like em!
  6. Are they actually putting the boards up already?!?!?!?!? http://www.rbccenter.com/default.asp?RBCcenter=204 Somehow, I have got to get these next few weeks to go by faster!
  7. Me likey! Now if we could just hurry up and have some hockey to watch on it...
  8. I don't have a problem with it. But now they should drop the dumb Versus exclusive game nights and let the other games playing then broadcast their games...
  9. Wake up, roll over and check the time and date, whimper and dry a few tears, pop another Ambien, and back to blissful dreams of hockey...
  10. Were any of you folks on cable able to get Center Ice? Here in eastern NC, I have Sudden Link cable as of now. I've always just gotten the online version of Center Ice because at this point, I can't put a dish outside my house... I've asked my cable company different times if I can get Center Ice, but they tell me that it's not ever available on cable. Anywho, I thought it sounded like some of you with cable have had it... Or no?
  11. I read on another board that it was gonna be a week from tomorrow on the 15th. If I have my facts straight, that's the day after the MLB All Star game. If thats what they were going on or if they had other information, I don't know. Besides, it was a Flyers fan, so I wouldn't trust em to far...
  12. I was to psyched to write much in the first post, but it's for 1.5 and 1.9. I'm absolutely thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Well, darn! Anyways, thanks for the info... I'll just have to stop eating so I can have my priorities right... Canes- Rent- Food...
  14. Quick question... I was a mini plan holder for the past year. I decided not to get season tickets for next year because I now live 2 hours away and am doing the school thing full time. Hence, lack of funds. Did I have to sign up for next years season tickets to qualify for this years discount?
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