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  1. It was announced today that individual game tickets will go on sale the 14th to the general public. Also made available is the ticket specials page. I have got to say I'm not at all impressed with the new ideas put to use. I often used my college ID day of the game or else my Harris Teeter card. Now it looks like I've got all of about 10-15 games that either of those promotions will be good for. There's one less butt in a seat... :angry:

  2. Were any of you folks on cable able to get Center Ice? Here in eastern NC, I have Sudden Link cable as of now. I've always just gotten the online version of Center Ice because at this point, I can't put a dish outside my house... I've asked my cable company different times if I can get Center Ice, but they tell me that it's not ever available on cable. Anywho, I thought it sounded like some of you with cable have had it... Or no?

  3. Quick question... I was a mini plan holder for the past year. I decided not to get season tickets for next year because I now live 2 hours away and am doing the school thing full time. Hence, lack of funds. Did I have to sign up for next years season tickets to qualify for this years discount?

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