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  1. John just said that Crackers will be in tonight. I have a good feeling that if he can keep us in the game our boys will come out and do the rest...
  2. John is THE MAN... As far as not being a true Caniac himself??? If we ain't playing great or if the other team is, then why can't he talk good about the other team and its players? I'm guessing he would far rather be watching a Canes win also and it must take something to be able to keep a positive attitude. I got a new appreciaction for John after we played Detroit. Their announcers were so pro Wings and anyone that wasn't a Red Wing was basically something you'd find on the bottom of your shoe. Every penalty against Detroit was a horrible call and the Canes got away with everything short of slaughter. I for one hope John is with the Canes for years to come!
  3. Winner: Hurricanes! Game winner: Stiller Most shots: Canes First goal scorers: Canes: Cullen Sens:Vermette Score: Canes: 5 Sens: 2 Goal Scorers: Canes: Cullen, Stiller, Cole, Willy, and Staal Sens: Vermette and Fisher Number of Powerplays: Canes: 6 Sens:3 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes:Cullen, Staal Sens: 0/3
  4. I was actually happy with our play. And yes, the wings do suck. But they are a really good hockey team. I watched the game and have got to say the tv anouncers for Detroit were the worst I've ever heard. Thanks John and Tripp for not being total morons... Ward played awesome and hopefully we can build on that and put some points together. At least we can be thankful that the wings will drop like a stone once the play-offs start!
  5. Winner: Hurricanes! Game winner: Staal Most shots: Canes First goal scorers: Canes have Whitney Red Wings have Zetterberg Score: Canes 4 Red Wings 2 Goal Scorers: Canes have Whitney, Staal, Walker, & Cullen Wings have Zetterberg, Datsyuk, & Lidstrom Number of Powerplays: Canes 4 Wings 5 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes Cullen Wings Lindstrom
  6. Winner: Hurricanes! Game winner: Whitney Most shots: Canes First goal scorers: Canes:Willy Habs:Koivu Score: Canes: 5 Habs: 2 Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney, Stillman, Willy, LaRose, Staal Habs:Koivu, Latendresse Number of Powerplays: Canes: 6 Habs:4 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney Habs:Koivu
  7. Sorry... I had no idea it wasn't legal.
  8. Ya... I've been unimpressed ever since the schedule came out and I saw the Canes/Wings game wasn't on tv. I would so love to watch it... Maybe FSN decided to spare us the misery. Although since we can't watch it it'l probably be an awesome Canes win with Brindy getting a hat trick...
  9. I've got the same question... Only for in Greenville.
  10. Game winner... Hurricanes! Score... 5-3 Canes goals... Cullen(1st, pp), Stiller, Staal, Whitney(gwg, pp), Walker bolts goals... Lecavalier(1st), Oulette, Prospal Pp... Canes- 2/6, bolts- 0/5 Canes with most shots...
  11. A great big beautiful WIN!!! Cam sure needed that shouout to get his confidence back. Staal was a beast tonight and kept on fighting through several no calls that should have been made... Very impressed with the team effort all around... Let's just hope they can build on it now!!!
  12. Hurricanes... 4 Rags... 2 Hurricanes goals... Staal(1st), Whitney(pp), Cullen, and Willy (empty net) Rags goals... Jagr x2 PP... Canes- 1/5, Rags- 0/4 Canes with most shots... Please, please, pllleeeeaaaasssssseeeeeee! ECU Hockey guy... Your score is 6-2 and you have 3 scorers for the Canes... Do you somehow get more points by predicting that way?
  13. Well, I have to admit it... That was the worst hockey game I have ever watched. Kinda reminded me of something that would be played during the intermission of an NHL game... For the most part I thought the slugs were on their game and played good. It just didn't hurt them any to have us help em out! Miller had a couple of good saves but had a pretty easy night. All I started wishing for by the middle of the second was that miller wouldn't get a shutout. So, see there was a positive! I know this has been hashed out at great length and I also know the whole team played horrible but I can't see any reason what-so-ever to have Frank on the ice... Cheers to Whitney for putting one home!!!
  14. Winner... Canes! Score... 5-2 Goals... Canes-Brindy(1st), Staal, Whitney(gwg, pp), Walker(pp), and Ladd : bananas- Kotalik(1st, pp), Vanek PP... Canes 2/6- bananas 1/5 Canes with most shots...
  15. Winner... Canes! Score 5-0 Goals... Cole(1st, gwg), Whitney(pp), Stiller(pp), Cole, and yes, Cole! PP... Canes 2/5 caps 0/5 Canes with most shots... And no, I ain't been drinking...
  16. More good news... Caps are without Clark and Gordon for tomorrow night... Will likely bring up some help from the AHL. Time for our boys to step it up and give it to em!
  17. Game winner... Hurricanes Score... 6-2 Goals... Canes- Whiney(1st), Cullen(pp), Staal(gwg), Cole, Brindy(pp), and Gleason filthy- Richards(1st,pp), Briere PP... Canes 2/5 filthy 1/4 Canes outshoot flyers...
  18. I've got a good feeling about this one... Just can't help but believe the boys are gonna come out to play... With phily out at least 3 people(Gagne, Timonen, and Hartnell) and a shaky goalie of late, I would hope the Canes would be all over em... I'm guessing it might not be quite that easy but, hey, I wanna see the team that played the leafs and islanders!
  19. This is the headlines from TSN.com- "PHILADELPHIA - Bruins defenceman Andrew Alberts left Boston's 6-3 win over Philadelphia on Monday after another questionable hit involving a Flyers player. Flyers forward Scott Hartnell elbowed Alberts head-first into the boards near centre ice 14:22 into the second period. Hartnell was assessed a boarding major and a game misconduct. Alberts lay on the ice for minutes before being eventually lifted to his feet and escorted to the locker room for evaluation. He did not return."
  20. Absolutely stupid! I saw the replay and it was so uncalled for... Does this mean hartnell is out on wednesday night against us?
  21. My friend kinda jumped on it when he saw a free ticket, but is not sure now he'll be able to make it. Feel free to give it to someone else if you want... Sorry!
  22. I'm going to the game, but have a friend who'd love the ticket if it's still available...
  23. I know we ain't gonna win em all but, WHAT IS OUR PROBLEM? I have alot of faith in my boys but I'm wondering if we ain't gonna have to shake things up a bit for us to get to where we need to be game in and game out... Something just ain't right for us to keep having these "off" nights every other game... Now I'm sure JR sees this and will probably do something about it, but I'm saying the sooner the quicker... Let's just hope Walker comes back wednesday and provides us with some much needed help...
  24. Game winner... Canes Score... 4-2 Goals... Canes- Whitney(1st), Staal, Hammy(pp), and Cole(gwg) caps- Ovenchicken(1st), Kozlov(pp) PP... Canes 1/4, caps 1/5 Canes outshoot caps...
  25. Sore throat and throbbing headache but we put some much needed life into the Castle tonight! Way to go Caniacs!!! Gotta love our third period comebacks! Yes, I'd be happier being ahead coming into the third, but a come from behind is always pretty awesome... A few of my observations... Cole is, as JF says, this team's ignition switch. Stay healthy bud! Ladd had a couple of very nice hits... Wesley got a much deserved goal...
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