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  1. Bless you for the live coverage link fellow Caniac!!! Sweet play by our boys! Keep it up!
  2. Amen! I've got slugs fans to deal with in Greenville too... Stand proud Caniacs!!!
  3. I sure wish I could be wathching this, but nhl radio is the best I can do right now... Lots of penalties... Are the Sens way out playing the slimy slugs? And score again! GO SENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. WAY TO GO SENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCORE SHORT HANDED!!!!!!!
  5. That sux!!! :angry: C'mon sens! Sweep up the slugs! Can someone tell me what all the rangers fans were chanting?
  6. That is such a neat thing for Marty to say at a time when he is major bumed out... I really like him for the classy player he is. Too bad he didn't have some offense to help him get the job done.
  7. I had the same thought that John might get better offers elsewhere with all of the versus playoff attention... Or maybe he's done this before and I don't know it... I sure hope he stays with our beloved Canes! Come on devils. Turn it up and make this a series...
  8. Well, I didn't get to see the game at all but if it was called as bad as it sounds like, it sure should fire up the rangers... I can easy see this coming back to buffalo for a wicked game 7. GO RANGERS!!!!!
  9. Wish granted... Much better game in the secod peroiod....
  10. Altough the shots on goal number isn't that different, it sure seems like the sens have a step on the devils. I hope the devils pick it up and make a game of it... Gotta love have'n John covering the games!
  11. Come on Sharks!!! Push this one through!
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