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  1. Well, for all you fellow dreamers out there... beat this one: I dreamed that Tampa and the Canes traded draft picks even up! Exactly how this benefited the Bolts I'm not really sure... Probably jus feelin the luv... -And no, I hadn't even been drinking!-
  2. I would hate to be too vocal here but, H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS NO TO PRONGER!!! I would rather have a team of 30 one-armed grandmothers in wheelchairs than a team that included one Pronger...
  3. Now, now... I thought that different times this past year we already had Jason Williams playing for us.
  4. I totally agree with keeping Cole. He's an amazing player and everyone here in Carolina loves him! My suggestion: send Kabs and Tripp Tracey to the Falmes for Dion Phaneuf. If that deal doesn't improve our defense I don't know what will...
  5. I guess I'm not used to having a problem either. My one time this last year when I had a problem was when I got to the game just about starting time. Most of the lots were full and by the time I got in the first period was just about over. If I can get there in decent time I have no problem. I usually stay to see the 3 stars of the game and then leave and am out in 10-15 minutes. I do agree that it could be much better tho... And yes, the survey really needed a place for comments... Just go ahead and post exactly what I am while I'm typing Colesy...
  6. Wow! In my opinion this is great for us and sucks for Max, but let's hope it works good for both teams. I'm really enthused about having Rowe behind the bench with Lavi. I see good things happening!
  7. I'd take that in a heartbeat Colesy! He can read the game so well that it would be totally awesome if he'd stay with the Canes...
  8. I guess I'm the one lone soul that is happy the Wings didn't win it at home! They won a great plenty at the Joe for one season and I wanted to see this game! I've been really impressed with Babcock in these playoffs. Very classy and he and his team deserved to win it all... Now for the hockey withdrawl pains. :angry:
  9. Add one more star for JR! Brilliant signing in my opinion...
  10. What an amazing game! I've been walking around with a very happy sleepy smile all day... I was SO wanting to at least get another game in on wednesday night... And then another... MAF was very much THE MAN for the Pens, but I was really impressed with Staal. Except for that one bad play at the Pens blue line that led to a Wings goal he was awesome. Let's have another sweet game tomorrow with the same outcome!!!!!
  11. That my friends is what a hockey game should look like!!! Very impressed with Sid's not crying and just playing a great game! Sounds like most of you were as thrilled with the Ovenchicken interview as I was... THMike, I loved your impersonation of OV telling how the cup changes everything. Good stuff! Here's wishing for the next 3 games to have this same intensity and outcome! Go Pens!!!!!
  12. Whenever I've gone to D.C. or NYC I've always bid on priceline.com for hotels. You can pick and choose pretty much exactly what area you want to stay in and how classy of a place you want too... So far I've been extremely happy with what I've gotten at a very reasonable price. Whatever you do have a great time and have fun!
  13. Pens Baby!!! Yes, Cindy Crosby is a bit of a cry baby, but ever since the playoffs began I've been for anyone but the Detroit Dead Wings. I'm just ready for the series to get going...
  14. And that would have been me pulling that from HF boards. In no way was it meant to be taken as fact. I'm sorry I started a war. I would have thought that the I heard it from a neighbor who also heard it from a neighbor would have given it away as just talk. Next time I'll be sure to STATE PLAINLY. Peace out...
  15. Well that really, really sucks... Wardo and his Canadian team just lost in overtime to russia. Big ouch...
  16. Buzzinator Posted Today, 08:59 PM Turco's puck-handling ability, mainly in the 1st period, was really fun to watch as it created a few great scoring chances for Dallas, including the opening goal. Chelios' facial expression on that bad change that led to the game winner was priceless as well. That my friend, is Chelios' normal facial expression... Great game by Marty... I'm still hoping for a game 7!
  17. I'm very much of the opinion that if we'd have dumped Lavi we would've been sorry we had down the road... I'm glad it's cleared up and Peter and JR share my feelings!
  18. VERY, VERY IMPRESSED!!! The dvds are absolutely divine. We are so very lucky to have such a classy organization here in Carolina. Don't wanna spoil it for the rest of ya, but I nearly soiled myself laughing at Ray. He is such a nut and happens to not have too much love for Buffalo either. From start to finish the whole thing and everyone in the dvd including Coach Mo are top notch class acts... I've still got chills running down my back from watching it. I'm one proud Caniac!!!
  19. Much more entertaining game to watch! I'm tickled that Staal was the guy with the two Pens goals... Was it just me, or did Crosby have a constant weep fest going on? I guess I hadn't noticed it as much before tonight, but it seemed he was always sniffling into the refs shoulder... Poor dear! His team lost a game. Tragic!
  20. WOW!!!!! I can honestly say I never expected the Stars to pull this game out... Bless them for actually doing it! Go for two on Saturday!
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