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  1. Philly looking pretty good right now... Oh, and the Habs look anything but... I didn't really see the Downy trip on Price in the first but was wondering what ya'll thought. BIG time disagreement by Habs/Flyers fans...
  2. Looks like the Shark tank has a hole in it... Gonna have to plug it awful fast or the Sharks are gonna be down the drain.
  3. I so dislike the wings. Ya, their freaking good, but I still detest them. Avs need to put some wings tails through the boards. The one positive that I see fot the Avs to take out of this game is Budaj. He was really great... Let's make it a series Colorado!
  4. Sad. Really sad. The only Avalanche player to show up for the game is the backup goalie Budaj. Shots throught 2 periods are 10 to 32. May I suggest the Theo stay out of the net next game? Oh, and maybe the rest of the team should stay out of the sin bin for at least a few minutes each period.
  5. Ok. I'm really sick of the whole "the refs handed em the game" thing... Yes, their were calls made and missed for both teams. Both teams played great and had their chances to win the game. Get over it and move on. Thank you.
  6. Congrats to the Habs... And what a run for the Bruins... They made a series out of it and should be mighty proud of themselves.
  7. I agree that the safety of people should come first but do we need to have 45 minutes of non-stop blab about the weather? Let's give the warning every so often and move on... Then we can be safe AND happy!
  8. Wow!!! What a game at the end! I haven't watched too much of this series but I was way impressed with the Avs.. Way to go Avalanche!
  9. Bruins Baby!!!!! Who'd a thought it?!?!?!? What an amazing last half of the 3rd period... Take em all the way B's!
  10. Philly baby!!! Way to take care of business. I hope they close out the series saturday but it has been pretty awesome to watch... Some good hockey!
  11. That's what I'm talking about baby!!! 42 seconds in and Philly is up and running...
  12. I kinda had the same thought... It'd almost be easier to miss the playoffs than to be swept in the first round... I feel bad for Commie and Stiller, but thats all part of it...
  13. I know anything can happen but its looking like the ovenchickens have won for the last time this year... Ok, I know that they can and easily could win more games, but it looks like their falling apart... Huet not the Huet he has been and Philly is playing awesome. Buh bye caps!
  14. Well, I for one just don't like Ovenchicken mainly because I'm not big on poultry... Actually I don't have any big issues with him but am pulling for Philly all the way. Just cause I don't hate him doesn't mean I have to take blood pressure medication everytime he steps on the ice like most people do...
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