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  1. Yes Brashear! Bless your heart if you have one... Your stupid penality cost your team the game and the 2 points... Thank you Boston!
  2. Yay baby!!! Game day and a chance to salt the slug! Sounds like it'l be a full house... Let's just hope our boys come out and give the crowd some life right off the bat as that usually seems to help the effort on the ice. I for one will be doing my part and then some! Should be another playoff type game that has a physical edge to it... Go Canes!!!
  3. Ya... I'm actually glad the trash stole a point from the not-so-wild...
  4. Ward-o!!! What a brilliant performance in the 3rd for Cam to keep us in the game. All around impressive game with lots of effort and fire. Gotta agree that the calls after the boarding to Staal still have me confused, but I'm mighty proud of Cole and Walker for standing up for him... Not much can be improved on the pk. Any chance we can unload the 30th in the league on the pk title soon? Way to play boys. Go Canes!!!
  5. Looking over the Wild boards it looks like the fans there are putting this one in for an easy Wild win... I'm hopping that their players have the same attitude and our boys have the exact opposite! Gonna need to come out with a bunch of fire and keep it burning for a full 60... Go Canes!!!
  6. I actually thought we played a rather poor game... Except for a few nice plays we just kinda went through the motions and took advantage of the really horrible play of the Trash. Let's just hope they were saving their energy for tomorrow night at home... And if the no whistle for the goalie would have been against the Canes I would have made the Trash coach look like he was happy about the call tonight... Go Canes!!!
  7. And our old boy Craig Adams gets an empty net goal tonight... His 3rd this season and 1st with the Hawks... p.s. That was MY story th24!
  8. Ovenchicken only got 3. He was given a forth for a little but then they eventually gave it to someone else. I was hoping for some Aaron Ward to get in the way of his progress, but no such luck...
  9. This is so not cool... Anyone know right off what the highest score in an NHL game is? I'd say at this point the Bruins might just as well pull the goalie and have 6 skaters out.
  10. Awesome game all around... Hope it's ok to ask this here... I don't understand the penalty to Ward last night. I know the goalie is not supposed to play it outside of a certain zone, but where is that? Smith was all over the bolts end all night. When can you skate way out and get it and when can't you? Was very tickled I could be there and watch a great team effort and another much needed win...
  11. I agree that it shouldn't have happened, but you gotta realize this is old planet earth and although it 's pretty freaking awesome, it ain't perfect. It just ain't gonna happen that you'll be able to go into that many thousands of people and have them all be the proper and respectful type. Believe me, it ain't just those nasty Caniacs.... Way to keep your cool tho. I've always found that just because someone is a moron to you doesn't mean you have to be a moron back!
  12. I agree that it really wasn't a bad game. They just killed themselves in the first period... And yes, I think one of the Mighty Mites should replace Frankie in the line... I know he didn't lose the game himself but he seemed at times to be pulling as much for the Rags as Tripp Tracy was on tv. I'm guessing the boys come out with thier normal fire of late come saturday... Go Canes!!!
  13. Just got to see the last two periods on Center Ice... More than very impressed. I was flipping between other NHL games going on during our commercial breaks and they looked so slow and unmotivated! Caniac Nation is once again up and running full steam ahead... Go Canes!!!
  14. I know this is nothing new, but after watching the devils/caps game sunday afternoon i realized again... If Brouder sees it he stops it. Must have traffic in front of the net. I'm expecting nothing but an all out effort tonight by the boys... Go Canes!!!
  15. Very awesome performance by the boys. That made for a great game... And what a bomb by Matt Cullen!!!! Glad the hard work finally paid off and Corvo and the pp came out big time. I'm with ya'll in loving that shoot and rush the net method. And yes, I'm also loving all that messing with Kolzig's head... Absolutely a thing of beauty to see him totally lose it. The guys deserve a few days off. Let's just hope they come back with the same fire...
  16. I'm looking for another all out effort... I was at the last Canes/Caps game in DC and we came out flying and took control of the game right from the puck drop. I think another big key for us is to keep laying some big time hits on Ovenchicken. Obviously he's not their only one who can score, but if we can take him off his game it'l be a huge plus... They
  17. I did my little part but looks like you're gonna need some more help. Down 42.75% to 43.08%... Good luck!
  18. Absolutely stole the point. Props to Staal on his marvelous play... Panthers just down 3-2. At least our boys never gave up and got us a tiny bit more of a cushion in the division!!!
  19. Hey Froggy... Tie Breakers in Greenville has Center Ice. I was there a couple of weeks ago and asked. They didn't have it on but were happy to put in on for me... I'd love to see a win tonight but as long as we at least put forth a decent effort I'l be ok with it. Let's just hope they don't come out too confident about taking the Bruins down and get down a goal or two... Go Canes!!!
  20. I'm not ready to throw the team to the dogs yet... The last 3 games showed that we can still do it. I thought coming into the game today tho it looked like we knew we were gonna lose and so put forth a *** poor effort. Brouder could have easily had three or four puzzles put together with as much of the game as he had off... Not a whole lot of positives to found afer this one...
  21. Another impressive effort by our boys... Agree that Sammy was on fire tonight! The dear florida boys on Center Ice didn't make it terribly clear why Timmy got the 10 min misconduct. Anyone that can help me out? Corvo was gold on the game winner. Looks like the boys are back to having fun while playing the game. Way to go Canes!
  22. Get well soon Brindy! All of Caniac Nation is pulling for you and wishing you a speedy recovery! Why don't you pull an Erik Cole move and come back this summer, play two games, and win the cup. Now that we've got that decided you can rest up and enjoy some family time till then...
  23. Very impressed with the overall game and play tonight... Great team effort all around but I thought Walker and Whitney were absolutely awesome. I'm just really hoping they can all keep bringing that fire night in and night out now that Brindy is out... Go Canes!!!
  24. What an amazing game to experience in person!!! My first Canes away game and it will definitly never be forgotten! Except for about half a dozen caps fans we were treated great. Those 6 kinda made up for the rest by issuing curses towards the Canes and giving my friend and I the naughty little hand getures. I'm not sure my blowing the one girl who flipped me off a kiss helped tho... With the help of Walker the team came out right from the get go and were looking for some tail to kick. Very nice to see... Except for the sit back and watch mode in the 3rd period I was really impressed with the game. Even had some nice pressure during the pk! A much needed and welcome win... Hopefully with the great play of Cam we can get this team on a roll... Cheers!
  25. Let's just hope the Canes remember that there was a wall. I'm with you tho... They should come out strong. I would love to see them come out like they did against the rangers last week.
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