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  1. Good grief Chad! If your that tired just call in sick and take the day off. No need to go breaking your bones just so you can sit on your lazy-good-for-nothing tail... You've been looking very tired and out of the game for most of the season. Let's hope you can rest up and find some much needed energy. Ok, just thought I'd try talking smack too... You are the man and will be greatly missed. Get well soon!!!
  2. I'm a bit nervous about this one. Preds are 4th on pk and we're still diligently hanging onto our dead last 30th place... Commodore, no moron penalties, ok?! Reading the preds boards they are looking forward to have Scotty back in the building. Give it to em Walker!
  3. This move makes sense to me... Tho I'd much rather have Cullen out there, this if anything should give the team some much needed energy. And if he puts the biscuit in the basket all the better!
  4. John is absoutely the best... However, his having played the position partner gets old really fast. Just got done going over the rags gdt on hf boards and it pretty much made my day. They tore apart everything. Their team, the officials, the other team, the crowd... Anyways, it takes a very impressive tv broadcast team to keep the excuses for their teams poor play out and compliment the other team on their good plays.
  5. An amazingly awesome game to be at! If they can just keep this kind of pressure on I will continue to venture out on my two hour drive for the week night games... My favorite of the night was the beautiful goal by Brindy. Made it look like he was out to a picnic... And a heart felt thank you to Cam for his great game. I watched game 7 yesterday before the game too! Go Canes!!!
  6. Thanks, but these friends are totally clueless about hockey so we all kinda need to be together so I can walk em through it... Appreciate it tho!
  7. IT'S STAAL GOOD!!! Very impressive performance by our own beloved number 12 tonight! Very happy for him. Bring back some of that fire with ya man and lets get Caniac Nation on a roll!
  8. Gator man trying to wake him up? Glad Kabs is ok...
  9. I honestly don't think I've ever felt this depressed with this team. Up till now I have some how held on to a thread of hope that the boys could and would turn this sour season around. Obviously I need sleep terribly bad and I still love my Canes, but right now I don't know if I can watch another game this year. I'm guessing JR should have gotten his answer. Pretty much got our whole team back and couldn't win against an at best average team. I just don't get it how that one night they have totally got it and the next we have totally got it for 20 minutes and suck for 40. Ok, I'll stop feeding the team to the dogs and put my butt in bed... Oh, and I absolutely hate it when fans blame the refs for costing them the game so in no way am I doing that, but from where I was sitting I'm pretty sure the goal we got called off was in view all the time. Could have been a total different game...
  10. Call me crazy, but I just can't help but believe we're gonna see an all out Hurricane effort... No, I haven't been drinking. And yes, I've been thinking that the team would surely wake up and put in a great game for awhile now. All to no avail... If they can't pull it off up there, I foresee a pretty slim crowd at The Castle come fridday night. Try some Pepsi Max and WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!
  11. I have to wonder if Leighton was sick or something... I just really, really hope Lavi had a sane persons reason for starting him and then pulling him. To me it looked like all it did was confuse our confused goalies even more...
  12. Agreed Colesy... In no way do I see us getting a d-man and our problems are over... But I'd also like to see us get to a point where we can actually kill off a penalty! If we had a decent pk the outcome of the game would have been totally different.
  13. Very frustrated Caniac here... In desperate need of some encouraging play on the ice that just keeps on not happening... Here's a few problems that I see: The team has absolutely no unity or confidence in the rest of the team. Each player makes his own plays and tries to finish them off. Ladd's and Cole's goals both tonight were basically a one man show. Where did our once tight team go? Yes, our defense is very poor. However, would it be just awful if the offense came back and helped them out? Way too many odd man rushes against us tonight that resulted in a goal or a scoring chance. The confidence of our goalies has to be less than nonexistent. I really hope Lavi had a good reason to start our backup and then pull him. Without knowing all the facts it looked like a very poor move. I thought the team tonight just looked pooped. Tired. Beat up. I feel like a good sized shake up is in the near future. I love all my boys and would hate to see any of them leave, but I just don't have a good feeling that this ship is going to right itself and that's what it's going to take. Whatever it takes.....
  14. Just wondering if anyone on here who has Center Ice Online could tell me if the Canes game is on tonight... I really want to see it but don't want to buy the day pass if it's not gonna be on...
  15. Very, very impressed with the team effort. I'm really in hopes that Sammy finds his place on our team. He looked into the game... I also thought that this was one of the best jobs done by the officals that I've seen this year. Made for a good game. This should be a big confidence boost for Ward-o. Way to go Canes!!!!!
  16. Hurricanes Win!!!!! Canes 4 Bruins 1 (only edited cause i couldn't spell)
  17. I have high hopes for this one... The boys finally got a much needed win last night and after the first period played like they actually wanted to win. I'm just hope'n that they bring the same drive and desire to tonight's game. I'm wanting to see Cam in goal. I can't help but believe that he's really wanting to go out and put up a terrific effort. Another win would do wonders for the confidence issues on the team. Go Canes!!!!!
  18. So long Crackers... I agree with the others who have said this move might not take us to the top of the league overnight, but I don't see anyway that it's gonna hurt us! Anyone know where they'll show it first if he gets claimed?
  19. I love Ward-o probably as much as anyone but I guess I feel he lost us the game tonight. Let's hope the team can take the positives out of this game and keep on pushing... Overall I thought the effort was tons better tonight. That's an improvment!
  20. Wow... Just exactly what the doctor didn't order! Maybe now with half the team out injured the other half will see the game as a challange and actually play! I see replacing Cullen's minutes as a masive problem. Time to put our "whatever it takes" moto into use!
  21. Go Canes Go!!! I'm still up north eating and having quality family time so won't be watching... However I have a feeling that both teams are gonna come out to play and play hard... I'm jealous of all of you watching it! C'mon boys! Show those dirty rags how it's done!
  22. Very happy with the boy's game all around... Walker and Whitney's unselfishness kind of told me that the boys are back to pulling for each other... Maybe they always have been, but it seems to me that that's been lacking a bit lately... I thought #4 had a very solid game and was a big force on the defense tonight... Staal made some very good and smart plays... Cole and him both look better when they're together... A very great way to go into the holidays. A Merry Christmas to all!!!
  23. Was totally impressed with the first part of the first period. Awesome passing and good pressure. After we got the first goal I had a feeling the game was ours. I know the boys played their tails off in those last minutes, but I'm convinced that the crowd did alot of the work for them. Way to go fellow Caniacs! I for one haven't totally lost it like that at a game in a long time!!! Glad we put a little baby win streak together. Time to build on it...
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