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  1. I'm all set on those. I want to thank everyone that helped me out.
  2. I got one today from someone in VA. I want to thank that person who sent it to me as I will pass it along to another friend here in Michigan. I'm should be all set now. Thanks to everyone here that helped out.
  3. IT should be a great game to watch on TV. I just hope the weather in the Chicago area does not mess it up. Here in the Midwest, it changes from snow to ice to rain and who knows after that. It would be nice to be there in person and to say that you were there, but it was not meant to be.
  4. And the team was in first place in their division when they left. You wonder what team will be the next one to go. 2 down in the ECHL already. Flint in the IHL are on shakey ground and one or two more teams in the I are barely holding their own. Did I hear this week that the Phoenix Coyotes are having problems making payroll?
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