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  1. I think the Preds have a real chance at an upset against the Nucks.
  2. I'm happy that the team are going to stick by Boucher it looks like for a while. No more goalie carousel.
  3. Is it just me but have you, me and OBXer done most of the talking in these playoff threads?
  4. It helps that Nashville is more economically prosperous than some expansion teams.
  5. Still that won't satisfy the critics. Haters gonna hate.
  6. I'm happy for Joe, you can tell he was over the moon when he did his victory dive.
  7. I would pick Luongo to start Game 7, he's their number 1 long term goalie. If they don't do that, why have him around?
  8. I dislike the Red Wings and the Bruins and the Senators. That counts.
  9. Playing in a weak division all year long, does not really prepare you for the playoffs.
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