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  1. i thought you were actually impressed that avery didnt take a penalty
  2. nah, that's usually a bad game for avery. he played straight up hockey and still got the job done
  3. BRENDAN SHANAHAN!!!! girardi had a great game, goal, assist, great defensive plays including breaking up a 2 on 1. drury had a great game too, dominated faceoffs, clutch tying goal, GW assist to shanny. oh yea, avery played a good game too, hahaha
  4. who are you guys trying to kid, lets go rangers terrible 2nd period, habs skated circles around us
  5. you're right about the rangers board being outdated and crap, but you are wrong about the mods not doing anything lol. sorry guys, i would have loved to "stir things up" but i got a suspension...unlike orr and avery LOL. maybe cambell should take lessons for the canes mods?
  6. just curious, and this is a serious question, but who was on that line, and what happend to them? i know the rangers 4th line is an energy line (hollweg, betts, and another player whose name i will leave out to avoid hate) that plays well defensively, hits, and draws penalties, and they are a very essential part of the team. an energy line would probably benefit every team
  7. triple dog dared? i can't back down from that...oops too late
  8. maybe this means it wasn't a dirty hit from orr. maybe avery wasn't out of line. that's all i'm going to say. have your own opinons about it
  9. Sweet adorable Matt Cullen just got cold cocked, and y'all seem pleased ................................................................................ ......
  10. yes, our board blows, is very immature, and isn't moderated, but it's hillarious, so don't hate "Not so, you didn't register hen we won earlier in the month." because you didn't badmouth the rangers. how do you not understand that
  11. i had and still have no intention to piss you off. why don't you understand that
  12. see?? very respectable post. is that so hard, everyone else? to talk to us like people and hockey fans, not fans from some team who thinks we are all high and mighty?
  13. well, it doesn't look like canes fans are all that interested in talking hockey either. and i absolutely would have registered if the ranger's lost, because you guys would still talk crap about renney, orr, avery, bla bla. nothing has anything to do with a win, if anything, it has to do with canes' fans being bitter about a lost game and potentially temporarily lost player. i did not want to stir crap up as you say, but as soon as i made one opinion, i got hammered. "Had Cullen not been injured, you wouldn't have registered here. Had the Avery/Ladd non-fight not occurred, you wouldn't have registered here" EXACTLY, i'm glad you understand, because if those incidents never happened, there would be no need for you fans to talk s*** about us and make things up
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