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  1. I'm pretty bummed out that I can't afford to buy a ticket to Friday's game, because I obviously look forward to the two games here against Buffalo each season. So, if anyone is looking to get rid of a ticket to that game and can't sell it by Friday, please keep me in mind rather than just letting your ticket go to waste. I'd very much appreciate it, and you could be rest assured that it would go to good use.
  2. I saw that game on opening night... Ron the Ref needs to work on his calls.
  3. Like others, I have no issues with "RED!"... I do it every game. But the other stuff is kind of obnoxious and over-the-top.
  4. Bah... until they come to Brier Creek, I'm not a fan.
  5. Holy cow... it was actually fun to watch the Panthers again! I've never been so content after a loss. Yes, it was a frustrating ending... but like jb said, we're going to have our ups and downs. There was so much to be happy about today... the future is most certainly bright. Cam is the real deal, and so are we. I can almost guarantee that we'll make the playoffs next season after laying the foundation this season.
  6. At least Derek Anderson will be the backup (it appears)... Jimmy Clausen is just horrible.
  7. I dream of a world where one day, they actually schedule this on a Saturday. Until then, I will never know what it's like to be at a Caniac Carnival. Unless, of course, the Panthers ever have a Sunday night or Monday night game that week.
  8. Too bad we have to look at the previous game.
  9. Tuomo Ruutu: our own "hockey lion".
  10. ...or not. Who knows what that setup was for... they sure had me fooled. It was all still outside. However, not all was doom and gloom. Why? Well... And then, a flashback to 2009... On top of all this... if you listened to the proceedings on 99.9 The Fan, you heard me ask Brindy a question! I asked him if he had the desire to be a head coach one day now that he's officially begun a coaching career. He didn't flat-out say no, but he wants to "take it one step at at time". He also mentioned that he values time with his family, so I'm guessing he won't pursue it. John did point out that he's the head coach of one of our youth teams, though. That's pretty cool... I had no idea.
  11. Now you definitely can't blame the heat, Kahuna... I just looked at the RBC Center webcam, and it seems to me that they're setting up to have the post-carnival stuff inside. Really, they should do this every year... not just when it's in the 100s like it is today.
  12. So go when it's cooler? The good stuff doesn't start until 8, anyway.
  13. I love them no matter what. But that's just me.
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