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  1. [quote name=pkling] I like the idea of the "rotating captain" based on who comes to play you earn the spot... Didn't I read somewhere that a team in the league already does this... Back in ~2006, Buffalo Sabres chose Briere to captain for the away games, and Drury was captain for the home games (Or maybe it was the other way around....). Anyway, I this is a kinda-similar thing to that. Not really, but it was the same idea. That would be kinda cool.Why does everybody say it's gonna be staal next? Even if Rutherford did sya that, it sure isn't the choice I would make. I personally would choose Whitney because he's the only player that shows leadship and quality on this team. He's a real role model for the other players. Staal would just look cool with a "C" on his jersey. He lacks everything the captain position needs: -Leadership -Focus -Effort -Quality -Attitude Whitney's better than Staal right now anyway. Anybody is better than Staal right now. PEACE!!!!
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