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  1. When rosters and schedule?
  2. Re: Staal at RCI today..8/26....he was a "beast" on the ice..... Especially 3 on 3....4 or 5 "goals". ..hint of a season to come?...hope so!
  3. What a memory!...I saw Gump play in '62? for the Rangers...with...NO Mask!
  4. Devastating news...I think J is/was the best Player overall on the team.
  5. Worse situation than now.... Have Wings and Flyers left... Need 1 point to make playoffs.. Then.....?
  6. Per security practice today 1/8 is NOT open to the public/
  7. Life's Lesson: Don't work for your dad...especially if he is "old school".
  8. Just play .600 hockey in all three and I will be HAPPY!
  9. OK, I'll try using GOOGLE translate... We are happy too!
  10. Why refund..I have 1/2 year plus and 1-2 playoff rounds paid for..and 5% is better and safe than elsewhere..plus if I got the $ I would just but my wife of 51 years a more expensive present present for Christmas.
  11. The owners should ONLY accept minor "tweaks". Then ask for a full player vote. If denied, then cancel at least half the season. Fehr just wants Bettman's scaup for his collection!
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