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  1. 52 years, 3 teams, no championships. That's nuts, but it's over now.
  2. 10 years huh? Still remember that sickly feeling every time Fernando Pisani had the puck on his stick. What a run, what a ride. Pretty incredible too that ten years later to the day the city of Cleveland wins it's first title in 52 years. Once had a Cleveland fan tell me how jealous he was when he saw me wearing my Cup Championship shirt shortly after LeBron left for Miami. Hope he is celebrating tonight.
  3. So the Panthers are apparently playing in some kind of game tomorrow. I think the winner gets some kind of trophy. Also I liked the One Carolina story on the main site.
  4. Hi everyone, been quite a while since I last posted here! Unfortunately the team is just not a lot of fun to watch or even talk about when they stink and well, lets just say last season burned me out. Now though, they have slowly but surely begun to catch my interest again. Anyways, I'm not 100% sold and satisfied with this team yet but ever since the Dallas game in December it seems like a new page has been turned. I'm a strong believer in Bill Peters, he is definitely an advocate for playing hard and giving effort every shift. For the first time in, well, ever I guess, it seems we have a Damn good crop of D-man prospects coming up and with Faulk not yet 24 y/o that's a good thing. I've been impressed in particular with Brett Pesce. Hanifin reminds me a lot of Faulk in his rookie season, solid player with tons of potential but not immune to making a rookie mistake every now and then. I know the big question on everyones mind is going to be the Staal/Ward situation and I really have no comment on that at this time. If playoffs are truly on the mind of these guys, they need to start getting divisional wins as they come. That is going to be a huge factor going forward. Every point is precious but especially the games against the likes of New Jersey, Philly, Pittsburgh, etc. Lets hope for the best, it's kind of fun for once to see this team competing for a playoff spot instead of a top 5 pick.
  5. I am thrilled with Hanifin. We have needed defensemen for the longest time and now we have some excellent pieces in Fluery and McKewon, and of course Faulk. Being compared to Scott Niedamayer is icing on the cake. I'm very pleased Francis didn't do what Boston just did and go off the board and take someone like Lawson Crouse. Now I just hope we don't try to rush him. Yes I'd love it if he were NHL ready right now but if he is not, let him develop. With Faulk, Fleury, McKewon, and now Hanifin, I'm very excited for the future of our blue line.
  6. It's been a while since I've posted here and I'm going to try and make this short and sweet. While I am disappointed in yet another season w/ no playoffs, I am proud that this group has not resorted to "tanking for McDavid". I feel a certain number of teams who shall remain nameless are/have been intentionally tanking in order for a shot at McDavid. And yes, while the idea of a potential superstar in the making playing in the red and black is enticing, intentionally tanking is not the way to go. It is an absolute insult to the fans who pay money to attend games, it is also sending the wrong message to the players. There is also no guarantee that McDavid will live up to the hype. There are also many talented players in this years draft, which is considered to be very deep. I do believe we have found a good coach in Bill Peters and I do think we will be a competitive team in time with him running the show. I also believe Francis is going to do everything in his power to assure we can see a 2002, 2006, 2009ish team again. I look forward to the future and hope it gets better, I believe we are finally headed in the right direction.
  7. Speaking of marketing the team, the Canes have done a lousy job of trying to promote themselves outside the Triangle. In the years since the team moved to NC, only once has there been a preseason game outside Raleigh, a games vs the Jets at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. And now with the Checkers moving to the rinky-dink Bojangles Coliseum, I highly doubt we'll be seeing preseason NHL hockey in Charlotte again.
  8. I think the Checkers are going to regret this move in the long run. Bojangles Coliseum is in a "dicey" part of town. I've been there for graduations the past 3 years and it's been the same small cramped place it was since it last underwent renovations in the early 90's. It's going to need a lot more than $16 million (the number I read it will cost to "spruce it up"). The concourse is narrow and not pedestrian friendly at all. The location is "dicey", and there's no public transportation to the building. I fear I'm going to see a headline along the lines of "Checkers finically struggling, will relocate" in the future.
  9. He looked absolutely brutal in Buffalo last year. To be honest I'm surprised he's still getting offers. I thought he was going to be a stud player for us or at least a serviable bottom-pairing guy, I don't know what happened but best of luck to him.
  10. At least they are starting to play like they care. I hope it's not too late though.
  11. Honestly, I think everyone should be expendable. I have not been impressed with anyone thus far.
  12. I don't know where to put this so here goes. I have never seen a more disorganized bunch of professional athletes than this current Hurricanes team. These guys just don't seem to give a ----, they don't play together, hell they don't even skate together, they just go through the motions and "meh" their way through 60 minutes of play. I'm incredibly frustrated with this team at this time. They just don't seem to care. Last season the Calgary Flames had one of the worst rosters I've ever seen for an NHL team but in the 5-6 games I saw from them, they had a work ethic I wish our team had. I really don't like the current direction we're going in, we've taken a huge step backwards and for this market, that's not a good thing.
  13. I'm currently at the point where I feel everyone is available, and I do mean everyone. We aren't going to compete or win new fans with this current bunch, it's time for a change.
  14. I'd like the OT to be extended to 10 minutes, less chance of a shoot-out happening.
  15. I realize I'm late to this story, but coastal here nailed it from my standpoint. It's time to stop treating the fans here like they wouldn't come to any games without all the sideshow stuff. That was fine 10-15 years ago since the novelty of having an NHL team in Raleigh was still fresh, but it should have stopped IMO after we won the Cup. All the sideshow stuff just felt really ECHL-like to me. Recently the Checkers did rid of some of their entertainment stuff too, and I heard no complaints about it from anyone. This sport has been around this state long enough now that it's ok to focus the experience of a game more about the game in general, and less about how many wings a fan can eat in 15 seconds, or how much the box of Harris Teeter crackers cost. I'm sorry Ron the person lost his job, but times change and it's been time to end the sideshow stuff for awhile now. Our team has it's own history now, lets focus on that more and have less silly stuff.
  16. I don't know what to think about this goaltender we just drafted. If he was who RF wanted then great.
  17. I like the Fluery pick. We need big defensemen in our system and we got supposedly the best one outside of Ekblad. Plus looking at his highlights he has a pretty accurate shot. I'm glad we took a D-man first this year and not another Center. Also, Fluery like most of our recent picks seemed excited to be taken by us, which is important for us. Just a minor observation but there were a few draftees, Michael Dal Colle in particular who didn't look too thrilled to be joining the team that picked them.
  18. I actually kind of like this Peters guy already. His 3 points comment was EXACTLY on the $$$. Now to see his plan in action.
  19. Braves-Rays World Series, Braves in 7. Calling it going off of a dream I had a couple of nights ago.
  20. Where in South Carolina? Not many SC'ers seem to be on board with the Canes, or hockey in general. BTW I live pretty close to Indian Land and Fort Mill.
  21. I'm somewhat certain it will be Muller to at least start next season. If things go bad, well take a number and get in line I guess.
  22. That 15 game trial he had at the end of the 09-10 season he was very impressive. But when Muller took over it seemed his game just completely fizzled. Still, I thought he would bounce back but as it's turned out, he's been a healthy scratch in Buffalo most of the time on a bad team that's in a rebuilding mode. I don't know what his future holds but I wouldn't be surprised if Buffalo decides to let him go at some point.
  23. I think they all had a real heart to heart with one another at 2nd intermission on NYE.
  24. First off, going back to the 2010 draft, I really wanted Nino Niederreiter and was going to be upset had he been available at #7 and we pass on him. So the Isles take him and I move on hoping for Gormley or Fowler, we take Skinner and I think "ehh, another center?, whatever maybe he'll pan out". Fast forward a couple of months later and Skinner is tearing it up among rookies and I'm happy. But then moving towards the next two seasons he kind of regresses and gets hurt. Last season, I kind of wanted him to be traded, I didn't think he would come back from his injuries and/or repeat the success he had in 2010-11. Well here we are and he's arguably the teams best player this season. He's been an offensive machine and he even seems to have improved somewhat defensively as well, despite being a -5 at this time. Meanwhile, the Islanders and Nino didn't exactly gel and Nino may/may not be included in the "bust" category. ...... Now moving on to Andrej Sekera and Nathan Gerbe I wasn't exactly ready to give up on McBain and I had next to no idea who Sekera was so when we gave up McBain and a 2nd for him, I was kind of stunned. Well as it turns out, Sekera was worth the price we paid for him, he's already having the best season of his career and has been great IMO for Faulk. Gerbe? I didn't think he would be what he has become. Small guy who does all the little things well while providing offensive firepower. Proof size doesn't matter So in conclusion, I think it's safe to say I will never be an NHL GM.
  25. Personally no. I think the outdoor series is starting to lose it's "flavor" for lack of a better term. It's kind of like the NBA on Christmas day, one or two games involving big name teams and now you have 7-8 games every season. I knew at some point the NHL was going to start having more than one a season, but I didn't think they would go overboard this early. When they have a game scheduled in March, I think that's the cue to realize that maybe you're overdoing it.
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