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  1. He sure didn't stick it to the Blues *ba dum tiss*
  2. I dunno what to even say to that. He's laid duds in 2 playoffs in a row now on talented teams, he might wanna focus up on his new surroundings rather then his self-imposed moral victories before he has a new set of fans to stick it to. You'd swear he mentally won his own cup by reaching 60 points again. Wooptie Doo.
  3. In case anyone's wondering Bickell wasn't picked because he wasn't on the team at the time of nominations.
  4. Technically he only costs 1 mil a year the final four years but I would guess yes that's his cap hit. Hossa's 20 + goals as a 3rd liner would be a nice addition to your Stanley Cup driving team. But I don't think the Canes are quite at the cup yet I'll be tickled with 5th-8th seed. If we had a Hossa, he'd be overslotted and likely suffer.
  5. Can you imagine if we did brackets? Would be totally blown up in West.
  6. I certainly wouldn't mind making McCollum ours but Calgary's in the same boat as us their looking for goaltending answers. They went out and threw the dart at the board on Elliot as GMRF would say and failed imo. I don't think their gonna trade any of their goaltending prospects especially one doing as well as McCollum.
  7. Lavi's system was producing a baffling amount of odd man breaks and breakaways for the wrong team. I would be full of crap if I said I wasn't ready to move on at the time. Brindy hating the guys guts certainly didn't help things, Brindy was more loved then Lavi, though it was a close 2nd. I don't watch him enough to know if better personnel fixed that or if it's still a trait of his coaching.
  8. Start in round 2, proverbial arm behind your back defending of your title.
  9. Lehner does it and the general consensus on social media is that he's the voice of reasoning and the boys needed to hear it. Eichel does it and it's a total 180.
  10. Speaking of choking, Chicago just went into the history books of all sports for whatever the hell that was lol. First #1 seed in all pro sports to be swept by the #8 seed.
  11. Not sure what the sarcasm is for? I'm not exaggerating it. "I'm disappointed for our fans" It's been years since he said that and I still say ouch. http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/sabres-gm-tim-murray-on-lottery-results-im-disappointed-for-our-fans/
  12. Does not even remotely surprise me, Murray trashed the Sabres in an attempt to get McDavid then stomped his feet, whined and moaned about getting the 2nd overall pick. Everyone knew Eichel was going second so Murray pretty much spent a week complaining about his future star not being who he even wanted. Hell of a way to enter an organization knowing you're considered the runner up prize to your team.
  13. I can't even begin to imagine what the numbers would be if those two had swapped teams for their careers. I don't even think MAF would still be in the NHL had he been on a bad team. I hate to think of the seasons Cam played his *edit* off and his SV% couldn't reflect it because of how crappy the team in front of him was. The Canes pissed away the prime years of a great goalie. Anyway, don't mix this up with me thinking Cam should continue being in goal. It need's a change but not for MAF.
  14. I don't doubt he scores a ton of goals, I doubt he can figure out how to win a cup. I'd absolutely take him because I'd love to watch him keep trying in Carolina and I would be completely fine with choking given the option of not even making it. Personally I've watched him in the playoffs I'm not even entirely sure what he could do differently to get a cup. It's not from lack of effort.
  15. I agree until the Leafs win I'm still gonna think the Caps will come back, I see the Caps eventually choking but not to the Leafs.