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  1. Say no to forum cancers and stop quoting him so the ignore feature can work properly.
  2. NBC reports Doc's retirement, so yea Forslund's ducks are all aligning themselves.
  3. Canes have been rumored to be interested in Korpisalo, but we've been rumored to be in on any available goalie. Columbus isn't going to want a goalie back, they seem endlessly endowed in goaltending prospects. Probably because when they throw darts at goalies, their throwing them at European goalies who just seem to be bred differently. While we mostly throw our darts at Canadians, except for Pyotr.
  4. I guess Remkin reminding the world Dadonov existed got him signed with the Senators.
  5. Dunno, but I just learned we previously owned him 9 years ago.
  6. He has 0 confidence, if he has a wide open net he'll miss by a mile. if he snipes the goalie, he hits the post. Dunno how to fix mojo.
  7. I can't believe the Sharks resigned Marleau. Hanging onto two fairly useless 41 year olds is an odd strategy.
  8. Vegas has stated their moving forward with a Lehner-MAF tandem
  9. Are you surprised or just shocked to actually see it happen again? Scoring defensemen just seem to get money jammed down their throats in FA. Hamilton's worth 8-9 mil, only way we get him cheaper is tugging on his heart strings that we don't treat em like crap.
  10. Buffalo fans think their going to be good but their frickin full of mediocrity.
  11. For what it's worth Necas's current contract should run as long as MAF's current contract. Unless NHLNumbers hasn't rolled over to the offseason yet Necas is currently on year 2 of his deal expiring in 2022. However, point still taken Svech and Dougie will be quite expensive.
  12. Matt Murray's glove hand is abysmal and the whole league's aware of it. Sens are going to have to account for it or he's going to struggle.
  13. Welp, better go acquire a goalie whose not ancient this offseason.
  14. He's about 4 seasons removed from his last stellar season, 3 seasons from his last decent season. He might be a good backup somewhere but that's not what we're looking for.
  15. Quite a few cup teams, specifically Chicago were cup teams because they got youngins hitting their stride before their big paydays came and they had to trade everything to seemingly Atlanta. I would not trade a 850k guy whose got 2 more seasons at that cost whose got the potential he has, that's a hell no from me. Especially for Laine and his bag of issues.
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