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  1. Yea maybe, or he's color blind cause it looked like a defender on the other end of the pass.
  2. Svech is getting a hell of a bad habit just throwing pucks without looking
  3. Headline just popped up on my phone, Slavin replaces Dougie. It's great and sucks all at the same time. A worthy replacement is all I can say.
  4. Time to slap the ole Slavin/Pesce pairing together and ....never let them off the ice.
  5. Aho is the winger on that line in case anyone's wondering.
  6. If said defensemen came with a pair of testicular ornaments it'd be great. Seen enough of the goalies getting poked and prodded this year. Their confidence is already shaky and we keep letting teams try to throw them off their game.
  7. Apparently if the goalie maintains skate contact with the crease he can touch the puck in the trapezoid. Didn't know that little nuance of the rule.
  8. How do you play a team when anytime a stick taps their shin guards they dive AND get the call? 12 year olds stay on their skates better then the Caps.
  9. Played alot of hockey a half hearted slash to the shins doesn't trip you. It's annoying at the absolute most.
  10. How the hell a team lead by RBA allows their unable to protect himself goalie get speared is un-****ing believable to me. Moving on from Ferland was smart but vs these punk *edit* teams not replacing him was the mistake.
  11. That's not a good headline at all from the NHL no less. Someone from Canes should clarify.
  12. Love the goalie chants, wish Ward coulda got those.
  13. Forslund guessed harpoons and I'm like oh geez not even close and that'll get PETA's panties in a wad too.
  14. Que the bonaza! Looking good again, glad Nino got his goal. No idea why he passed that wide open shot but good karma finally landed in his lap.
  15. Oh Reimer take that shot at a goalie goal it was the perfect opportunity
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