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  1. Always found it interesting how into the bobbleheads folks were considering how crappy they are.
  2. I think we should all get free first round tickets for sitting here discussing this team the past 9 years and not killing each other.
  3. Only thing that irks me about em is that he didn't grab the Captains mantle last season. I thought he was the #1 prime guy for it (can't hold him accountable for his brother) and maybe the Staal's just aren't leaders and it'd be the same mistake but I thought that was disappointing. But that's it, that's not a trade a guy reason some guy's are followers and can't stand up in front of room. Trade a guy reason is he's not happy here, that one I'm not entirely sure of but I think RF would have dealt with that by now if it were true.
  4. It still blows my mind to think we signed 184 scoring points in one offseason, 23% of the 767 scoring points of that team came in one big swoop of free agency. Guys that never would have signed with these team without the cap.
  5. As long as you not playing with hockey figurines in the freezer and making them talk to each other you're still sane.
  6. That first paragraph kind of sums up the whole thing, if RF or BP thought he was the man he'd be the man by now. He was apart of 2 weeks of quitter hockey last season and as I've harped on before I don't believe we have anyone aside from Obi-Wan-Williams who knows what it takes to consistently win anymore. They've lost that winning feeling.
  7. Is it RF to be mad at about Cam or PK? I doubt PK wanted to buy another contract out and the best(only) offer for Cam I think was taking on more junk from the Flyers?
  8. I wonder what role the internet has played in ruining the excitement of these games? The games could be aired at specific times without the score being ruined that had to have got more fans involved. Now you get home, you know the score, couldn't watch it because you were at work and you didn't spend any time being captivated by the games to generate any excitement.
  9. PK can't afford the contracts our pipeline of talent will require to keep and if he can't keep those players the franchise will never reach the value he thinks he can get. We'll be a breeding ground for talent for the rest of the league to enjoy.
  10. Caps get to see what they look like without Ovi for roughly 7 games. He may very well come back to the trading block if the team can win without him.
  11. Caps need to kick the tires of what Ovi's worth to other teams, I think if Sakic had Ovechkin to offer he'd be getting the offers he wanted. Caps are risking becoming the 2000's Pens if they don't start taking measures to protect themselves. Maybe one last unlikely huzah for the cup and it's rebuild time.
  12. That's car salesman sleeze, if you don't buy now I can't guarantee this offer will last forever!
  13. I found it 2 minutes before lunch ended and had to get back to work. Otherwise I'll read it.
  14. Bryan Bickell wrote an article for the tribune, I didn't get time to read it but as always I'm sure it's worth the time when you get a chance. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/bryan-bickell-grinder/
  15. Cowbell as least on this forum got extremely mixed reviews. I'm sure when it's being banged in your ear it gets old fast.