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  1. 6-1-0 2-4-0 Hurricanes @ Sharks PNC Arena Wednesday Oct 16th 10:30 PM Watch: FS-CR ESPN+ Listen: 99.9 The Fan Another late one, buckle up. We're facing off vs. Canes legend Patrick Marleau. Seriously though Marleau's return has sparked life into their lineup with a 2 game win streak and it should be a good game.
  2. I was wondering if the icing would trump the powerplay faceoff rule
  3. Quick was bad last year and hasn't started off any better this year. I could easily see Campbell tomorrow. and now I'm seeing LA/NJ trade rumors revolving around Quick so I think theres a decent chance we see Campbell.
  4. I didn't get to see Goat in preseason, but the Goat I saw vs what was being described in the preseason forum were two very different things. He looked extremely timid, at least to me.
  5. RBA is a loyalty guy, an offer sheet isn't loyal. Kids not getting a letter for a reason. Some folks had him pegged for Captain, nevermind being passed up three times for assistant.
  6. Woulda rather had the streak end to someone, good.
  7. In the time I started typing Hamilton on my phone it was tied
  8. According to Civian, TT will wear an A in Martys absence. Big unsurprising middle finger to Aho, imo.
  9. It was rare spurts where Rod let Svech into the top 6 last year even with his pedigree, I don't see Necas getting those minutes without some other reason forcing Brindy to do it.
  10. Too early to tell but I think we're looking at what 95% of the Storm Surges are going to be. Special occasions when a visitor is in town or when they have a legitimately good idea I think we'll see something but I think the guys aren't going to stress over choreographing Surges for the heck of it this year. That's my opinion that'll probably be wrong. A Stone Cold Steve Austin and Marty Party Surge would be frickin amazing though. Not sure slamming beers is family friendly though haha.
  11. 1-3-0 5-0-0 Blue Jackets @ Hurricanes PNC Arena Saturday Oct 12th 7:00 PM Watch: FS-CR FS-O + Listen: 99.9 The Fan Keep on strutin 5-0-0 as the Canes keep adding onto franchise history for best start they come away with a sound win with the loss of the Marty Party for 2 months, whose doing well according to a recent tweet. Onto Columbus whose roster was decimated by poor contract decisions. However they are a group of 20 players who have made the NHL and are fully capable of stopping the Canes from adding onto the franchise record. Korpisalo played tonight which would typically put Merzlikins in goal who hails from the same town as beloved former goalie Arturs Irbe. He's been playing in the Swiss-A league and his debut was less then stellar. Reimer will likely get the start and while Petr is doing decent if Reimer puts together a few more good games Petr's job might disappear from him. Kind of amazing how doing decent is no longer good enough around here. If I absolutely had to find something to hit on it would be nice to get Aho going, still mostly void of the stat sheet but that sort of lull after a big contract does happen and the boys are picking up for him. At some point they'll need him to pick up when someone goes into a lull themselves hopefully this issue irons itself out.
  12. Greiss is weak on the short side tonight
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