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  1. Feels good beating the crap outta a team with several of our failed projects. Kinda confirms they sucked and I like it.
  2. What's funny is I've watched this game so long I could tell by the sounds of the ice, players and refs that Mike was trailing the play quite a bit on the radio. His commentary just doesn't line up with the background sounds at all, so it was not surprising to confirm that on the TV today. As a radio listener for Sunday's game he rarely says the time remaining, fixable but annonying in 3-2 game with lots of faceoffs with less then five to go. Also frustrating is when he reverts back to doing color commentating. His fun player facts are long and as a radio listener very annonying. All fixable, he's got a high ceiling. But it's the NHL it's really not supposed to be the place you intern for a job at and we deal with the growing pains.
  3. Fox better have a bullet in his head with that acting
  4. Thank God the far ref saw that brutal trip holy crap
  5. Are you kidding me, the Rangers arm started the holding
  6. Foegele needs to stop asking Staal for breakaway advice.
  7. Woof Aho get the puck deep you ain't TT. Damn near a bad break the other way.
  8. At least Necas is smart enough to prepare to be hit, unlike Skinner.
  9. Lundqvist is recovering from saves like a fifty year old beer leaguer, second chances will be fruitful.
  10. Mike was pretty decent imo when he subbed in for the radio, I'm not sure if he did any play by play when going through the ranks of radio but if that was his first try he seems like he's got a higher ceiling to his skills then Shaya does.
  11. Rangers sent out a fan mail asking people to make videos of them chanting different things. That's not going to be distractingly cringey at all.
  12. Taking a chance on Pesce's availability at some point with the tenth spot is worth it. If we're down to our tenth d man something terribles happened.
  13. Svech is ready. Vatanen is....not
  14. The only surprising thing about the Forslund deal is that this didn't happen last year. All I ask/beg of TD is please don't make me listen to Shaya for 82 games.
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