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  1. I was being rushed to the car by my wife, I was like "Hold on! I have to tell the people!" This is what I saw, I suppose....maybe it could be the shoulder patch but it looks promising. It's being revealed on the 20th. Would be pretty cool if Williams is the model for it.
  2. If you've got Facebook I assume you can see this but new aways will have the flags. Sorry if repost on my phone and didn't see it anywhere. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CardiacCanes/permalink/510390222837111/
  3. Me checking in on the forum, where Bart represents the Whalers logo
  4. Press and hold your finger on the text of the link a menu pops up with options.
  5. I think TD's getting pretty crystal clear that the committee is the GM, Don's the chairman on it and gets the title. TD's not paying a GM top dollar just to make calls that will just go back to his committee. How else do you offer a guy a lifetime contract or at the very least a years worth of notice on being fired (I get that could be an empty promise)? He must not think he can do Paul Fenton amounts of damage with his actual power.
  6. I'm fine with the thought that DW just didn't want to be a GM and wanted to slip back to the President role at some point. Not so fine with, he's actually ok being a GM....just not here? Why?
  7. With how savvy the marketing department has been I wouldn't be surprised if the Canes and Williams know he's coming back and it's being saved to incite hype late in the offseason to get the fans amped for the season. Williams is a very loyal Hurricane. He knows not telling the team by now would have hurt the team to prep without him.
  8. Wouldn't even be remotely surprised if Cam retires and gets hired.
  9. Gah, its like someone here wrote that dialogue just for Remkin.
  10. How are we easily moving Reimer a month later after Florida searched high and wide for a suitor? They wanted the Darling contract because it was cheaper if I'm right, so if we buy em out now it'd be dumb. I don't see his trade value having moved up without playing any NHL games and looked good doing it. I don't see how Reimer's just going to easily exit now without pulling a Toronto and attaching at least a 2nd rounder to him.
  11. Nope Williams will be in a much more suited to him 3rd line role. He seemed aggravated at times he wasn't keeping up, this should put him in a spot in the lineup to be more successful and have more fun.
  12. Chip deserved an FU with his stupid 1 goals in 9 playoff games question. Brand new player you're gonna have to ask questions for 2 years and you ask that? Then his genious follow up question that Ryan had answered twice already relating to his 7th round drafting. Someone just push him out of the room and lock the door.
  13. Some folks say they think Williams is done, this could also have been the signing that makes JW think it's worth coming back for one last huzzah.
  14. I dunno but if TD does anymore great things we're gonna have to file a sexual misconduct report on BD58.
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