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  1. I don't think Tripp says it the way he said it if that was the case. I think he puts in there, Ferland is really chomping at the bit to go but it's not working out.
  2. I already got burned on Hamilton this year so I'm trying my damndest to wait until we know everything on Ferland, but boy does that situation stank. If Martinook can play on a peg leg and not be denied hitting the ice..........I'd like to think our other tough guy could do the same?
  3. Sangs gets one for a hit to the head but joining a fight from the bench gets three. Backwards.
  4. The playoffs have been pure steroids for Jordan Staal. Where the hell's this guy been?
  5. Must be some magic in those black uniforms............. I mean it'll be hot as hell but can they wear them under the white jersies?
  6. We just passed up a legal killshot and it almost turned into a goal Nvm Aho's not delivering a center ice hit... lol Didn't know who passed up the check at first
  7. I thought for sure we'd get a 2 on 1 with how many Caps were down low, then the camera pans and apparently they've got another 2 guys back! What the hell!
  8. NBC needs to remove the phallic object, you can't jam the puck that's under the goalie into the goal.
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