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  1. legend-1


    Imagine that, has a contract year and finally almost plays a full season/puts up near career numbers. He's got the long contract for the big money, I bet he tanks HWSNBN style next year.
  2. legend-1


    My gut feeling is that he stays because I think it'd be rumored by now that the Flames have approached us with speaking rights to Smith. Also Dundon doesn't seem to exactly care for when people are waffling and gets public with it. So with that said Smith will be in Calgary next week with my batting average of opinions.
  3. legend-1

    Kaiton on the chopping block?

    Sounds like TD doesn't think the radio broadcast is worth what Kaiton wants to be paid and frankly I agree. How many people really listen on the radio anymore? Worth paying a Chuck Kaiton what Chuck Kaiton wants numbers? I don't think so....you could bring in a cheap guy and he'd likely maintain the same dwindling radio numbers. Better yet as the article says just simulcast Forslund across both platforms, I put on NHL TV on my phone in the car just to avoid Kaiton this year.
  4. legend-1

    Off-Season 2018

    Some intern is going to spend a metric poop ton of time jamming to short blurbs of music. How do you vote for custom music I don't have the money to offer a band to make for the goal horn? The best goal songs are tailored to the team that the fans can chant along to.
  5. legend-1

    Stanley Cup Discussion

    Guess we can dust off the word "Strumpets" again.
  6. legend-1


    For what it's worth that's the same GM lingo used by Ronnie, the real change is the eyes on these trades proposals. I'm hoping DW has his scale a little more in tune with what these players are worth as well as the ability to let himself get a bit fleeced in the future for the now. To the chagrin of the Penguins fans who think were starting a rebuild over again.
  7. legend-1


    What better way to break up complacency then with the media constantly reporting the entire team is available? Love it, report it again tomorrow for good measure. I'm waiting eagerly for the bite to come with the bark and see how the trade fares.
  8. legend-1


    DW's after season interview he spoke of Cam as if he were in the plans next year and Darling at best being in the AHL if not bought out. RF was still the GM at the time so it's hard to tell if that was his personal opinion or if he was relaying RF feelings though. If I'm GM I'm targeting Garret Sparks personally. Leafs have too many goalies in their system and he's just finished yet another dominating AHL season. Unless of course their done with McElhinney moving Garret up in the system which is possible. But give yourself some solid/numerous internal options if the next NHL FA flops.
  9. legend-1

    Brind'Amour New Head Coach!

    I find it very interesting Steve Smith didn't stick with BP. A bit of reassurance for myself the coaches decision was the best one if I don't find the same solace with Waddell.
  10. legend-1

    Brind'Amour New Head Coach!

    Top scorer in that top 9 has 65 points, that's 4th on the Pens and 5th on the Caps. To be fair, if Svech comes in and dominates he could put Aho in the 80's but he could struggle too. So with that in mind, we seem far off from being offensively crazy formidable. That top 9 seems able to get in the playoffs, but not dominantly. Eggs in a basket was wrong expression, it's more that we're all in that this is the year because if we falter I see Skins leaving for almost no return.
  11. legend-1

    Brind'Amour New Head Coach!

    I guess over time he gained an appreciation for Lavi like the US team did for Herb Brooks because Brindy hated Lavi's guts at the end of their relationship.
  12. legend-1

    Brind'Amour New Head Coach!

    Someone would have to refresh me on this since I didn't attend camp but I recall posters saying Skinner was the most vocal and had the most pep in his step at camp. I'd imagine he was making a strong case to be the Captain and then Faulk whom I think only 1 poster voted for to be Captain got it. Faulk's looks disinterested for 2 years now and they gave him a C vs a guy who was actually giving it his best effort to be the Captain. So there's strike 1 and then BP further alienates Skinner giving him Ryan and expecting him to play defensive when that's not his game. Regardless how I feel on the good chances Skinner rebounds this year, I still say we need to shop him. Skinner's got to have alot of anger with the franchise built up and by keeping him we'll be putting all our eggs in the basket that the team turns it around and all is good in the world. If the Canes miss next year he's likely at the tip top of his *edit* he can take meter and leaves for a joke of a return like Staal left for. Unless DW can get a Rick Nash return for him that RF certainly didn't for Staal. Russian Roulette....does Svech change this team and make Skinner a happy guy again?
  13. legend-1

    Brind'Amour New Head Coach!

    Last year i was all aboard the Williams Captain train but we're going to need a C after this year and it's at least moderately possible Williams retires after this year. So with that I think Jordan retaining the captaincy and Williams showing him the way as an assistant would be what I would do. I don't feel Staal did anything to warrant being stripped and clearly this team can't function when he's injured or dealing with family issues so he must mean something to them in the locker room.
  14. legend-1


    I'd smash every goalie stick I owned on everything I saw if I lost after 5 OT periods in a 2-1 game.
  15. legend-1

    Brind'Amour New Head Coach!

    I think a in your face attitude at camp can get some complacent players to get it together. It's going to be what happens after game 20 and complacency attempts to rear it's ugly head that will be telling what the new regime is all about.