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  1. Interesting, my wife had symptoms in mid-Feburary. I really hope she had it, it's the only time I've ever seen my wife hacking up a lung as she's never had bronchitis in 11 years. I know this because the woman would choose death before Robitussin and to that point she'd never been faced with possibly taking it. What doesn't add up is why I wouldn't have gotten it.
  2. Ohio Governor speculated just a few days ago that his team thought 100,000 cases already existed in the state. Our current proven count is only 2k. We only test if you're in really bad shape. I imagine to clear legal hurdles allowing off label drug usage hydroxychloroquine or drug trials.
  3. Players were just informed they could return to wherever home is pending flight availability.
  4. Well the running joke is that some Canadian scientists the day after hockey was shutdown were onto something. All they needed was hockey shutdown to put forth full give-o-crap power. I believe a Texas company has also moved to animal trials as well this week. I have no idea how long an animal trial runs, you'd think weeks or months. I mean sure the animal didn't immediately die but did he die a month later is a question I also want answered lol.
  5. My best friend's an ER doc so I personally trust him and whether you the reader trusts me to relay that information to you is up to you. I know how the "well my friend" things sometime goes. The state of Ohio, that has 3 enormous cities up until recently only had 400 test kits. How the....hell do you only have 400 tests for a pandemic you knew was coming for over a month? Top that off with the CDC requiring one of three things to allow you to be tested. 1. Returning from an endemic area 2. Knowing you brushed shoulders with someone with the virus. 3. Critical Respiratory illness with unknown cause. So for #2, I personally don't interview everyone I walk past. I dunno about you guys. and 3 well your almost dead. So our data seems really skewed and I have my hunches on why but I'll skip that. Now that testing is free and much more available we should know very soon what's going on and adjust our plans from there. What we do have is Italy's data and their hospital system is maxed out. We can take a break from a perk in our lives (sports) to try to curb this...not a big deal.
  6. Just read all morning skates were cancelled, I mean....what else could that mean.
  7. Tripp would tell you that the Canucks are long time Caniacs.
  8. Wow who changed out the estrogen for steroids in the water?
  9. Wow that was super offsides
  10. Some nifty passing this period
  11. Finally the guy we need alive is alive
  12. Glad Geekie's making stuff happen on his line, he's clearly inserted life into it. But good lord the other 3.
  13. Tripp good lord he knocked himself out it's embarrassing enough.
  14. Governor reiterated in his conference that it was recommendations and not an order. However it sounds like we're on the fast track to orders.
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