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  1. Well it worked for Atlan.....oh god no.....
  2. Well when Mckenzie posts a rumor it's almost a fact so really were just hearing the sky is blue. But at what cost is the sky blue? haha
  3. So all it takes is a 5th round pick to keep a 40 point scorer? Um...works for me I guess.
  4. Not really sure how to post a facebook reference here but allegedly in true JR fashion not only is Las Vegas taking Fluery but JR threw in a pick for the hell of it to ensure it.
  5. Keeps quoting you blank, gave up lol. In reference to home opener....
  6. Black pants would likely make a night and day difference for this uniform.
  7. Considering what Philly wanted to take on Cam a few years ago I'd assume a similar bend over and cough deal would have to happen for them.
  8. Compared to the old, this is a huge improvement. I guess making the flags being barely visible is some sort of middle ground? I dunno about the black at the bottom, it seems a bit much. Small nitpicks aside, much better.
  9. I would have to agree a black stripe would do wonders for the jersey. Edit: I see the rest of the tweet, yes I agree with Minja if the arms are solid black from the elbow down then they ruined it. That's pretty dang hideous lol If the flags are back I'll take the punch but we've won the fight.
  10. I can't wait to see how it's the same jersey with an Adidas logo, rooting for our flags to make a glorious comeback though.
  11. I also think it'll be dealt, I don't see how else you acquire a top 6 guy without subtracting a significant player in the process which just undermines the process.
  12. I'd take one of their guys for the right deal but I think its a huge risk to take on anymore then that. I'd hate to see their locker room woes spread like a disease into the Canes locker room. I think changing 1 bad attitude is doable in a good environment but I worry 3 could flip the Canes locker room.
  13. I would round it off with Raanta. Kids got a ton of upside and I'm surprised the Rangers are sticking with Henrik.
  14. So I know some people want Eric's name to stop being talked about like the plague but I've gotta really hard time not mentioning the Wilds 2nd in points guy was left available. So did the Wild also feel that aside from Eric's points he wasn't worth his downsides? Have fun in Vegas Eric.