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  1. I don't get a great vibe outta a guy whose more upset with the fans booing then the crap performances that got the fans to the point of booing them out of the building.
  2. 6th team in Metro has as many points as 2nd in the Atlantic. Geesh
  3. I could watch three periods of this.
  4. This new grinder line with Aho on it is different.
  5. Glad the play worked but Foegele passed up a really good shot to pass into traffic.
  6. I'm enjoying seeing Reimer make the saves he shouldn't.
  7. This teams absurdly confusing.
  8. Necas out, proven tactic of 11 forwards 7 d men will be in effect
  9. Starting to feel like Dundon had some real merit in his "only players that teams don't want make it to FA" quote when he got here.
  10. Folks are deducing it was Pesce who was punched. His trade request and then dropping it with BP gone.
  11. Probably, so that's unfortunate in keeping up the hope for RF.
  12. RF's lack of a statement is unfortunate because I want to say cheapskate Karmanos is lying. It's ridiculously easy to believe he refused to pay a second coach to not coach.
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