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  1. Great game, get some of the penalties in order and the shots come down back into reality. I wanted to say Edmonton took alot of perimeter shots and it didn't matter but the truth is the shot chart showed a ton of slot/just outside the slot shots. Good for Cam.
  2. Well that's one way to put some pressure on the offense to score. So tonight Cam Ward with a s-word and Skinner Ryan get 6 points together because I've ragged on them all day. It's really how it usually goes for me.
  3. How do cord cutters get to see Canes games?

    REALLLLLLLY depends on how you're viewing it. My PS4 constantly drop to worse then 1990's tv quality and randomly stops. My PC and Roku Express however run fine. So maybe their PS4 app is crap? Not sure.
  4. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    If this team goes 2-6-2 all remaining fans might have pitchforks and torches at the PNC.
  5. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    Watch they score in buckets tonight just because I'm harping on it but they've only produced 1 goal together and it was on the PP.
  6. In Season 2017-18 Talk

    My gripes Skinner playing with frickin Ryan but frankly I think we have the same gripe just reversed.
  7. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Wondering how much of Brindy's faceoff tutelage is going out the window with the new ornery faceoff stance. Staal seems to really be struggling to adhere to the rules and we need him in the dot every time, not 75% of the time.
  8. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    I see Staal and Williams going to the front and no one gets the puck to the goalie to do anything with it. I see attempted creativity but the rest of the line isn't on the same page and it results in turn overs. So when you try to do things and it results in turnovers do you really want to try to be creative again? Same with going to the front of the net, no one gets the puck there so why would you want your *edit* beat going there?
  9. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    At least tonight he's been there he can't make the puck come to him.
  10. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Holy crap, I just pulled my own groin watching that.
  11. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    Is this the cameramans first gig or what? Weird zoom outs/ins, half ice/half crowd in some shots I mean jesus I really don't care about the hotdog passing in row M. There's times I can't tell who we've got open cause this guy's all over the place.
  12. Canes V Jets - Oct 14 7pm

    I caught Williams going to the front of the goal during a PP late in the Jackets game. The PP was doing it's typically proximity of the zone passing and Williams eventually bowed out of the prime real estate. So if someone decides to take the beating the rest of the PP needs to get the puck to the danger area and quit passing like they've got a newborn baby on their stick.
  13. New Captain Poll

    I agree with everything he said up to BP being that pompous, not sure I agree with that I don't personally get that vibe. I think it was interesting that RF focused mainly on all 3 letters off ice charities more so then their on ice. Did the mayor have a vote or what?
  14. 'Canes vs Blue Jackets, Oct. 10th, TUE, 7 p.m.

    I think the ref was changing focus to the net expecting a goal. Leaving it up to the backdoor official who may not have had the best look or was also deer in headlights looking at the one timer.
  15. Hockey 101

    Anyone catch that Vegas has 6 Assistant Captains?