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  1. For poops and giggles I'd really like us to test Holtby on the post one time while behind the goal. Thats the kinda weird crap that's gonna go in
  2. Caps are gonna come out with pistols and ski masks next period. Still won't score.
  3. Holtby gave Wallmark no choice he never moved ....if Wallmark had even looked to know Holtby didn't give him a chance
  4. I'm putting in my NHL ref application, front row seat....just gotta drop a puck once in a while and get paid to do it?
  5. Oh my god refs anyone can drop pucks, you're not even calling the black and white penalties?
  6. I'd say time to truck Holtby in retaliation but we all know that'll get called
  7. Caps are desperate for momentum need a injured guy to come out and pump his injured fist a few times
  8. Guy in a Whalers jersey and a Caps fan bout to get into it in the first row of the defensive side. Good for them
  9. Pierre on TV is enough, the Pierre Jr. parading around in here is getting to be overkill.
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