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  1. Nope Williams will be in a much more suited to him 3rd line role. He seemed aggravated at times he wasn't keeping up, this should put him in a spot in the lineup to be more successful and have more fun.
  2. Chip deserved an FU with his stupid 1 goals in 9 playoff games question. Brand new player you're gonna have to ask questions for 2 years and you ask that? Then his genious follow up question that Ryan had answered twice already relating to his 7th round drafting. Someone just push him out of the room and lock the door.
  3. Some folks say they think Williams is done, this could also have been the signing that makes JW think it's worth coming back for one last huzzah.
  4. I dunno but if TD does anymore great things we're gonna have to file a sexual misconduct report on BD58.
  5. I tore my groin sitting in my chair looking at this. After I was done cringing in pain that's when I settled into what the hell is he doing?
  6. Trading Ferland, during that playoff push? For probably a 3rd rounder given his injury and time left on his contract. The fanbase wouldn't have cared what the real story was and more El Cheapo topics would have come up. My question is why did we throw the heartless Ferland out there in the 3rd round if we knew he was done here.
  7. Anyone else have the AHL app? Lol looks like they forgot to pay a programmer.
  8. Sutter would be a nominee but he'd lose in a rout to Cullen.
  9. 4 years is a lot of commitment for a guy whose game is based around bashing/fighting with that gumbo shoulder over and over again. Or he was never that hurt to begin with and was being a stronger term for wimp.
  10. Lehner to Chicago, here I thought Minter had an in or something.
  11. H Wade Minter (PA Announcer) just liked a tweet regarding Lehner having a new home. Sounds like we've got our starter possibly. Very unofficial guesswork here.
  12. Well yeah, cause one of ems not even a goalie
  13. If anyone wants to congrats Ned on the season/ his contract apparently he's a streamer
  14. We'll see how it all plays out soon enough, hopefully it's for the top 6 (really top 3) forward we desperately need but I could just as easily see this move being done to free up internal budget and sweeten the Aho/Mrazek offers to get them done.
  15. Civ clarified her tweet, I'd post the whole tweet but the thumbnail that comes with it is ginormous. The Caps and Canes aren't in talks about Faulk, they're in talks about Priskie that indicate Faulk is likely on the move. Clarifying that and the rest of today's drama:
  16. All these face value weird moves got us to the ECF last season so i'll just buckle up this time, but moving Faulk within the division would be kind of ballsy maneuver.
  17. I doubt he even finds work this year after his last season. I would however like for him to do a sign and retire here.
  18. I know most don't care about NHL 20, but I figured you might enjoy knowing their putting the storm surge in.
  19. Unless I missed it, I'm doubting we ever even gave Mac an offer. We'd need to know whose starting to give Mac an offer. If for some reason we gotta go with another project, we know first hand if the project falters we can't give the reigns to Mac we'd need Ned in that situation. If we've got a solid #1 Mac's a great option because unless tragedy struck he would only have a 20-25 game workload which is perfect for him. I personally would be unable to offer Mac anything unless I knew who was my likely starter.
  20. Can't have too many more of those, these acronym's are even getting wordy.
  21. As the days go on it's also getting weirder Darling hasn't been bought out.
  22. If the goal is to sign both goalies like DW said then I'm not sure how this will be perceived by them, I would imagine not too well since he got Mrazek's career back on track. Mac might be indifferent at his age. Not the end of the world either, do we figure out who Bobrovsky's favorite goalie coach was and hire him to try to bait Bob?
  23. And we're off to a questionable off-season start lol So now we get to question our goalie situation.
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