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  1. The only surprising thing about the Forslund deal is that this didn't happen last year. All I ask/beg of TD is please don't make me listen to Shaya for 82 games.
  2. Interesting, though if he's recovered it seems like a non-issue
  3. I thought for sure when we went to our first Bluejackets game we were gonna be screwed getting out of the garage, wasn't the case it went really well. Police handle the exiting traffic really well and you're 2-3 blocks from the interstate. If things are done right, it doesn't HAVE to be a terrible experience. It's a valid concern that shouldn't shut down the idea of ever doing it it just needs addressed in extreme detail.
  4. Meanwhile my wife wants an antibody test because she was sick with a hacking cough in February and her doctors response is whats the point? Doesn't change anything, doesn't change needing to be vigilant, said theres no proof theres immunity and said it doesn't change how he cares for her going forward. Whether theres proof of immunity or not knowing you have antibodies would raise confidence to get back to it.
  5. My quote didn't quote all the sub quotes you had but in the last section about tissues got me. Do they really think these guys are going to forgo snot rockets onto the floor of the bench for tissues?
  6. I get most of my info from my buddy who works several ED's it's gone from ghost town here in Ohio back to business as usual and then some with the state reopening. Shifts were slashed to save hospitals money and as a result he's been the only doctor on duty several times in the past few weeks. He had a 30:1 patient ratio 2 nights ago, we asked him if they were going to start upping the staffing but he had no idea. He also said it had nothing to do with COVID, but with confidence rising that things are ok the folks who used to goto the ED for bologna reasons have come back as well as the people who actually need help. Rem might appreciate/understand this, he had a critical patient needing care immediately and the lead nurse asked him in the hallway if he could go see an employee with back pain. A statue should be erected in his backyard for not going to jail.
  7. Wonder if Bettman will use blow up dolls to fill the stands like a South Korean soccer team did.
  8. I'm not really surprised, social media has pulled away most of the young Caniacs who are in still in school as well as most of the 20-40 age range. Unfortunately, at some point that's gonna catch up. Why the Canes run a forum with only 20 active users sometimes is beyond me. Appreciate it, but if this place up and disappeared it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. No one's going to remember this years cup team fondly, no one's going to say what a great team they were. Their going to laugh at the joke of the playoffs that led to that team winning and forever downplay that teams "achievement"
  10. @remkin so I have a question with regards to infectious dose. If the body receives a non-infectious dose of the virus what all can that mean for the body? Did the body catch and fend off the virus before you even knew it, creating some antibodies in the process...a sort of crazy mans way of a vaccine or does it mean the virus just failed to take hold and died on it's own? I would imagine it could go either way? Also if your asymptomatic does that mean you didn't receive an infectious dose of the virus?
  11. You'll have to investigate yourself for sources you believe but 5 sailors on the carrier docked in Guam who previously tested positive have tested positive again during the re-boarding process. Could be they were false positives to begin with, could be terrible news...who knows.
  12. I've been posting here since 1998, Sophomore year of HS. No one under the age of 30 to be seen now.
  13. With Vatanen it was about whether he played a game with us I think, well if the carts(season) before the horse(draft)....how do you figure that out? If the season resumes and for some reason we use Vatanen do we give them whomever we picked?
  14. Well here's progress on the new practice facility. Somewhat shocked you wouldn't have yourself a solid glass 2nd floor mezzanine to watch from the top down. I see it seems to exist in some windows, but for an NHL facility i'd of made that a solid glass wall. Hillsborough's for instance is pretty sweet, you can run on the tredmill and watch youth games below you.
  15. I can't pretend to know what the league wants, but the league trying to get the players to be the ones to cancel the season so they can get out of paying the remaining 1/8th of their salaries wouldn't surprise me.
  16. With hearing the next season might not start until December that seems to suggest to me that Bettman's completely fine with restarting the current season as late as August. So whether dumb or not I doubt we're getting any clarity for months.
  17. We keep our drafted players, Checkers keep their fill ins.
  18. Some folks speculate it's DWs Thrasher days connection to them? Others say Charlotte was ****** we made so many moves in short times over the year constantly forcing them to do PTOs. If that's the case, get the hell over it.
  19. http://gocheckers.com/articles/features/statement-on-status-of-nhl-affiliation?fbclid=IwAR0VvVjU5VARvOT4khwZ9spUNHhOy8QvcYsNRsftb7i-puiUSrdBpiNSssk I had seen this rumor 1-2 months ago and thought it was ridiculous so never shared. Well the rumors true, Canes are partnering with Chicago next year and cold shouldered Charlotte in the process? I don't know how much say the Canes have in Charlotte, but watching them constantly bring in hired guns and taking time from our kids has been ******* me off. Wonder if it was ******* off the committee as well?
  20. That restriction would have to come from the other country, you know the US would allow them in if it meant restarting a league.
  21. He's got a lot of NHL friends, while it might not happen I wouldn't be surprised if it's the current running plan whether smart or idiotic.
  22. SARS patients were not infectious during the incubation period.
  23. Welp that's 3 regions I've heard that for. Buddies an ER doc but he works with a group that staffs hospitals in a 50 mile radius from Akron to outside to Cleveland so the closer he gets to Cleveland the "busier" it gets but he still wouldn't call it busy. In his hometown it's outright dead, he watched 2 movies in his hometown ER last week. Cousin is an ER doc in Gainesville Florida, at least when I last spoke to him 2 weeks ago it was also a ghost town.
  24. At the expense of myself to give ya'll a chuckle, I've only worked with hand tools a few times and I'm just terrible at it. In College, I had a theatre class and we all got to be stage hands as a project. I dunno anything about hand held saws, what their real name is but this saw could cut along curved edges. I'm cutting along, not a care in the world although... wondering why it's such a pain in the *edit* to keep the saw moving until the table collapses under me. I forgot the damn thing was on a table. They didn't let me touch the saw again.
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