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  1. Hehehehehehe! Promise? If Buffalo wins Game 5 it could get tense for Ottawa. They are known for choking.
  2. Buffalo will be going back to Nottawa, cause they don't have a shottowa.
  3. Ottawa out-trapped the Devils, but they won't out-trap Buffalo. Jersey just didn't have the guns to get the job done and Brodeur went belly-up for the series.
  4. Ottawa will be happy just making it to the semifinals.
  5. Do you prefer the live chat over the game threads?
  6. The refs blew a Too Many Men call in the last two minutes that could have cost the game. Personally, I'd rather see the coach go ballistic like that than one of the players. He was aslo upset about a perceived offside (that replays later showed was NOT offside) in the dying seconds. What some people see as "moronic crybaby," others see as passionate and competitive. All depends which side of the fence you're sitting on.
  7. It's got to be Esche, although I wouldn't want any of the three. Theo had the highest expectations, so I'd rank him second-worst bust of the three.
  8. Buffalo needs two points in their last five games (if Pittsburgh wins all four). Highly unlikely they will catch Buffalo. Next year could be a different story, however.
  9. There is still time. This team CAN make the playoffs. And if they can make the playoffs, then can still win the Cup.
  10. There is still time. This team can make the playoffs. It will happen. :!:
  11. I wish them all the best with Marty. I think they overpaid, but at least they'll have a guy who's going to play his guys out for the team.
  12. The Toronto papers are saying this one's for all the marbles. Do or die for the Maple Leafs. This game. I can't wait to watch Toronto go down in flames tonight!!!!
  13. I'd sign a petition to keep the Canes in Raleigh. And to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh. And to keep the NHL out of Hamilton.
  14. gil-1

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    A Carolina-Buffalo series would sell out pretty quick!
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