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  1. the starting bid on ebay for game 5 for 2 tickets is $350.00 I would think they will go for around $450 to $500
  2. no. but you said that the Pens fans were not very happy with you. Its a 2 way street. If they come on this board and attack what do you expect?
  3. I hear everbody moaning about the trolls then you go searching them out and its nothing but a little amusement. If you are going to play with dogs then don't be suprized when one bites.
  4. when fans start talking about the other teams behavior off the ice or their mothers it normally means there is nothing left to talk about on the ice.
  5. don't let Malkin run all over you and they might not show her.
  6. sorry disagree. Pens win in 6 against Philly( came back from down 3-0 in game 6) then win in 7 against Caps.
  7. Yea but have you seen Sudden Death. Best Igloo movie of all time.
  8. nothing will happen. its the playoffs. the Canes will not argue and the league will not punish. Its showtime. The players will take care of it on the ice.
  9. here is the reality... the knee on knee should have been a penalty. no question about it. But if you think that the waved off goal was not interference then you know nothing about hockey. do you think Gill would have taken a dive into his goalie??? The Canes did not even argue the call. This game was not decided by the refs.
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