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  1. This is a shocker to me. For some reason i can't picture playing the Sens with Stillman up front, and Commodore on the blue-line. Well, the Sabres play them tomorrow, i will post my thoughts on the new look of the Sens for you.
  2. Those kinda fans are all over, but like i said i'm sure we'll be alright, if not i wont pay attention.
  3. It's ok, i've been to Wachovia Center ( Flyers ) with my jersey on and as we all know those arent the nicest fans. I could hope i wouldnt be bothered, i will be with my family, and will just cheer my team on in a non-annoying manner.
  4. Can't wait for my first RBC experience. I hear from alot of Sabres fans who live in Raleigh say its one of the cleanest arena's and is just nice overall.
  5. Budget is kind of an issue, but then again its not. We just got some bonuses from work so we are pretty set, but i will take your advice and look at those 300's sections as well. I appreciate the help everyone. P.S. Anyone from South Carolina? I live in Myrtle Beach, but im from NJ.
  6. Thanks bud, i appreciate the help. And at this rate, i would be happy to see them score once !
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