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  1. Big rivalry with Ottawa and Buffalo...its simmered down but its still pretty tense
  2. Figure they'd give the team time to gel. They did overachieve last year.
  3. [quote name='captain_jack88 wrote: Los9090']There is talk about an arena in Queens that the Isles can go to as well. Are you sure it wasn't Brooklyn? I've heard the NJ Nets are building a new building there and that it could house a hockey team.There is talk, that's it. Brooklyn is also a possibility. Too bad they can't put an arena in Suffolk County since there are a lot more Isle fans there in relation to Nassau County.
  4. Its part of the game, its scary, but it happens. Did Orpik get suspended for his hit on Cole?
  5. Meh, its a long season...I think the Leafs are running around like chickens with heads cut off with the state of their team.
  6. There is talk about an arena in Queens that the Isles can go to as well.
  7. David Krejci can pick up the slack for Savard...Paille's more of a grinder and was an odd man out for Buffalo
  8. And everytime the Canes do something successful, some senseless Carolinian with too much heat exposure decides to rub it in Sabres fans faces on their message board. But at least it keeps the rivalry going somewhat...and what's wrong with that?
  9. I wish American fans of all sports were as creative as soccer fans in Europe...seems that every team has a "Lets go.... and such and such"
  10. Hasek lives in the Czech Republic and he always goes back there in the offseason anyway. Michael Peca, Jay McKee, (whom married Buffalonians) and Scotty Bowman still have residences in the Buffalo area. Guys like Larry Playfair is heavily involved with youth hockey out there while members of the old French Connection line live there too. Taxes in NYS ARE a pain in the butt, and really the main reason people leave the state, whether it is either Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany, Kingston, etc.
  11. Pretty surprising but also pretty cool
  12. It happens...I knew some guy that threw a TV out his window after a Yankees game. Crazy
  13. Peanut is my favorite
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