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  1. WOW! This should be a "post mortum" not a PGA. The problem is the Pens have changed, evolved, and adapted their style of play to match the team they are playing the Canes have not. Ward is tired, ~40 shots per game for the last 3-4 games...........he's tired. Pens have played one 6 game series, and one 7 game series = 13 games Canes have played 2 seven game series = 14 games This is a poor excuse at best these guys are high paid professionals---SUCK IT UP it's the playoffs. One game more played than the Pens and these guys look this bad??? Don't tell me they had harder series either SUCK IT UP, MAN UP, GET IT UP whatever, just play. You cannot "grind a game out" with the Pens. I live with a Pens fan (wife) so I have followed them throughout the year and the playoffs. They will burn you with the breakout, just ask Joe C. last night with his tripping penalty in the 3rd. He had 2 choices, give up the breakaway or trip the man at the blueline------he took the penalty. Sad to say as a realist, this series is over. Don't FLAME me for "giving up" I'm from Buffalo we never quit on a team(see Sabres, Bills). When the team is "star struck" and watching as players skate by it's over. I have enjoyed the ride this far and think a total revamp of the team is in desparate need. Some are old, slow, and need to go!! John
  2. WHAT *edit*!!! Gomez goes in hard after puck behind net, Miller's back to Gomez playing the puck and he makes NO EFFORT to avoid Miller. Ref warns Lindy and the Sabres not to retailiate so it goes "unpunished". Not broke but low sprain to left ankle out ???? 2 weeks ???? Gomez may not be a cheap player but the play was weak on his part. I was hoping to see Miller next week, oh well it should be a GREAT game anyway!
  3. Like they always say opinions are like **edit** everyone has one!! So we don't pack them in every night, big deal! The fans that do go are dedicated and loud. I just wonder how many games this guy has attended at RBC. Just my opinion john
  4. Silly Silly you! NBC= Nothing but Crosby HEHEHEHE John
  6. Winning or WHINING!! JK! JK! JK! PLEASE don't reply I just could't help myself John
  7. No because that is highly irratating! 1 row back or 1 row in front is the limit (in my rule book ) I agree on this point. As for yelling in the concourse like some long lost friend, I just smile and wave polietly. Same as when someone yells across the concourse to me that is a Canes fan I just give a wave or nod and keep on my way. John
  8. AHHH but by this statement you are lowering yourself to the "drunken moron fans" level. If I am minding my own business and sitting with my family and cheering in a respectful manner why do I have to get "*&%##$#%" from you? Why even talk to me or acknowledge me if I have done NOTHING WRONG? I attend 20-25 games a year and every game I go to I wear my Sabres jersey and cheer for the Canes just as loud as I cheer for the Sabres when they are in town. 99.9% of the time I get into a great discussion re:hockey and if I do get a neg. comment it is usually just a fun poke at the team. I think we all need to grow up and treat others as we would want our mothers/daughters/or wives treated!!! John P.S. I do go to all the games in my Sabres white MILLER jersey with the Slug on it. If you see me I would love to talk hockey with you!
  9. It's easier to take the "HIGH road" than to stoop to their level. The sad thing is my son was worried about cheering for "HIS TEAM". I told him to yell as loud as he wants it's his team and building and I would take care of any comments. I go to ALOT of games (I should get season tix would be cheaper ) and wear my Sabres jersey to all of them. I yell LOUD for the Canes 78 games a year my son understands about the other 4 (Sabres) games. I am not the biggest guy so fighting is out and if I get aressted I could lose my professional license. Not to mention jail, court and fines. NOT WOTH IT!!! I like the "only you can make yourself angry" that is VERY TRUE!!! John
  10. I agree with you but I hear this for every game. I was at the Pitts game on Valentines day and the chants of "lets go Pens" were much louder for that game. john
  11. Since we are venting about Sabres "fans" I would like to vent about some of the Canes "fans". Just because I have a Sabres flag and stickers on my truck (ALONG with Canes stickers and OFFICIAL CANES NC license plate) dosent mean I #1 have to pay more to park--since when is it $10, I gave him $8 and told him that was illegle. #2 I have to park in the back of the lot The GOOD from the lot were the 2 little girls who were playing hockey and hit the ball under my truck. Their faces were priceless and there dad even got "nervous" when they had to come over and get the ball. I showed the one girl the "correct" way to hold the stick and what a "snap-shot" was HEHEHE her little sister got beat every time after that. She even said THANK YOU and I told her THANK YOU for her great manners. Dad gave me a nod and wave. I was in 321 with my wife and son who are Carolina fans. I am 6' 1" and 165 lbs but I have a voice like a drill sgt. Every time I started "Let's Go Sabres (Buffalo)" chant The Canes fan 2 rows BEHIND me felt the need to ask me to quiet down. Now I was NOT swearing, disrespectful, just VERY LOUD and the 2 rows in front were Sabres fans so they did not mind and joined in. I told him "as long as I am just cheering I can be as loud as I want" He told me this was the "Hurricanes house" and I needed to "respect it". NOW MY FEELINGS on this is BE LOUDER THAN ME! You are asking me to sit quietly and golf clap throughout the game!?! I talked to the usher and told him the situation and he agreed that I can cheer as loud as I want but if he hears any swearing he will have to ask me to leave. I agreed and told him the swearing would not come from me as I was sober and here for a HOCKEY game not a fight. As the game went on I got louder and the fan got drunker and made an off color comment to me about my son's heritage and my wife's choice of partners. I DID NOT RESPOND but I heard his wife "WHIP" him into shape. HEHEHEHE His wife even apoligized to my wife and son for his comment after the game. When I am outside smoking with the wife it dosen't mean I am looking for a fight. I was standing with my wife and son and a group of Sabres fans were drunk, loud and obnoxious when a group of Canes fans came over also drunk, loud, and obnoxious. NOW I am 38 yrs old, served our country, been to war, and have some "street smarts". I told my wife and son it was time to go because of the "VIBE" had changed, she areed and we headed in. I was pushed by a Canes fan and told the parking lot was the other way. Not a cool situation to be in! I headed to the chains leading to the parking lot and told the usher/security the situation and they escorted me and my family in. THANK YOU TO THE RBC STAFF!!!! I don't know if this is the same groups that were fighting in the earlier post but I bet it was. Great game for the most part. I hate there are idiots who cant control themselves or feel the need to drink themselves into a stupor. I had one "BLUE" as a treat but stopped after that because #1 I do get beligerent #2 I was driving I love this rivalry but hate the BS that goes along with it. This dosen't meen I will stop going or cheer and quietier. I will continue to go and watch out for the idiots from both sides and enjoy my one beer with my family! John
  12. Brian who???? JK!! Good luck to "Soupy" on SJ WELCOME to Buffalo Bernie!!! 2 goals 1 assist an "almost fight" and 1st star of the night. NOT a bad start! Darcy dosen't look so bad after this trade, but time will tell! GO SABRES!!!!! John
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