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  1. No offense taken. It's just the organization made a big change this year without apparently considering the physical impact. I'll just have to hold my pass up for the parking attendents to see. I've got one one of those mirrors wired for several things and the new pass will never fit over it- the old ones didn't fit actually. Ironically, NC State went the other way and made their passes bigger. Oh well, I'll get by. Can't wait for the season to start.
  2. Thanks. I don't have a ticket agent as far as I know. Can you tell me how to find out if I have one? Who are the "We" who has no control over parking or parking passes on the board? I'm confused???? I just simply asked if others have the same problem fastening their passes to their mirrors.
  3. Cool, I understand rules. Just trying to save gas and the planet. No more on this.
  4. Hopefully the goal and penalty announcements will be audible in the future.
  5. What can we say, boys will be boys. It's too bad that things got out of hand,especiallywith Jordan drinking. If this is the worst thing a hockey player does we are still doing better than other sports atheletes. Slow news day obviously. I can't express judgement like the author because I don't know the facts. I have not seen the paper reporting any facts other than the arrest.
  6. First I must say all I know is what I read in the newspapers. If the Stalls were awakend by the police after the police told them to go to bed, why are the Staal's at fault? What is the probability a Staal will play in Minnesota? What is the probability a Staal will play in TORONTO?
  7. Curtis Media was willing to pay (I guess at the same rate), but Capitol gave more. That's certainly good for the team and says something about the fanbase. Though in the grand scheme, I would think the radio rights would be peanuts...was the dollar value of this deal announced anywhere? Does anyone know where the 99.9 FM broadcast tower is? I tuned in last night for fun and there seemed to be a little more static than other local FM stations. Could have been my radio- anyone else notice any problem?
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