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  1. If you go over to the "Around the NHL" forum - there's a thread over there. I'd be using my playoff strips instead of sitting on a deposit for next year, for sure.
  2. did some googling and TWC in Eastern NC already has an ad to get the first 2 rds (expires 5-15) (yeah, I knew that, but that's a lot of hockey ) for $59. TWC in raleigh is down at the moment.
  3. Dogbutler (nice icon!) - I thought I only paid about $60-70 which i'd willingly do to see all the games. It doesn't look like NHL Network lists playoffs on their schedule. That's the only thing that'd keep me from paying even a semi-low price.
  4. "WILD"? I don't know where you were sitting, but it was all we could do to get the folks around us going. The family in front of us with a little girl who brought her Barbie dolls decided to leave for the 3rd period. Brindy's showing up at the anthem got a hearty round of applause and then...everyone sat down. The woman who won the house looked she did this every week - if I won a brand new house I'd be jumping all over the place. It was just a downer night. Even the players who gave up their jerseys for the Jersey Off Their Backs handed it over, signed it, and skated off. Years past, the guys all skated down the line, signing everybody's jerseys, smiling, posing for pics. I can't imaging a much more quiet place than the Canes locker room. Doubt too many guys stayed for after-game cooldown conditioning.
  5. Okay, if not for the team, then for us fans. I'm sure the RBC will be rockin' as Ward steps out onto the ice before the puck in dropped, but Florida will wet their shorts at the sound of it!
  6. geez. I'm sounding like my seventh graders: whining and looking for excuses. Time for Lavi to play the "Miracle" tape It's YOUR time. Got out their and take it!
  7. Instead of the traditional 'pat the goalie' the Craps should be tapping the refs on their helmets with a big "Thanks, guys.' :angry:
  8. My rant tonight was going to center on all the back-to-backs we have vs. the ones the Caps don't. But the zebras win. absolutely looks that they've been given a directive to be sure Ovechkin gets into the playoffs.
  9. from page 100 (!) on the Caps' board: I used to think boston/buffalo announcers were homers, but my gosh, Carolina's announcers are crying non-stop. They have a right. Officiating has been horrible. Thankfully for once, the middle of the road calls are going our way
  10. Ref1: 30 seconds has gone by Ref2: time to call a penalty on Carolina Ref1: for what? Ref2: um.
  11. Got that right. AO might as well have "Dare You To Touch Me" on the back of his jersey instead of his name.
  12. For some reason we thought we needed to beat the Caps and not TB? Shots that don't go anywhere still don't count.. And our chances are still good, just not where they should have been http://www.sportsclubstats.com/NHL/Eastern.html
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