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  1. Sent this to the "ticket" email address and Waddell, Francis and Daniels. I'm sure there will be no response. So my games have gone from 14 (12 game pack and 2 vouchers) to 12 games (11 games and 1 voucher) and the price per ticket has increased. Along with the fact that the variable pricing based upon opponent and the lack of consistent seat assignment easily made my decision NOT to renew my 4 seats as a long-time season ticket holder. Thanks for the memories but I will use my $4000 next year on other entertainment pursuits. Considering the level of product the Carolina Hurricanes put on the ice this season this organization has got some gall with the program as it is laid out for the 2015-2016 season. Was Don Waddell brought in to destroy the loyal fan base of the Carolina Hurricanes like he did with the Atlanta Thrashers? Sorry but if anything the Hurricanes should not have tinkered with anything and left the program as it was considering what we the fans bought into this past season. Word to management – you need to WIN on the ice if you want to put butts in the seats.
  2. The front office didn't do themselves any favors by cutting down the number of games and vouchers in the mini packs and then raising the prices for fewer games. This will lead to fewer STH and smaller crowds of Canes fans at each game. I for one am not renewing considering the crappy product they put on the ice this season and then had the gall to do this to the one group of fans who actually spent money with them.
  3. Well Trotz is off the board. Proven coach with strong defensive strategies could have made a real impact here. Dineen or Samualson will be good selections but our greatest need is someone who can teach these kids to play some real D. RF needs to crap or get off the pot soon otherwise he risks looking like an indecisive GM. Analysis Paralysis!
  4. Not sure how I'm going to respond to the team/NHL once the lockout is over. Throughout this process the one thing both sides have taken for granted are the Fans. I make make a principled statement of not going to any games for the strike shortened season - Hockey had a chance to rise above the NBA and they blew it. I will not buy season tickets for at least 2 years once they return.
  5. JR please do not do with Ruutu, Gleason and Poni what you did with Whitney(huge lose). We want these guys around so if you are going to keep them sign them now instead of waiting until the off season and lose them to free agency. Ruutu and Gleason deserve the contract and Poni has emerged as a top line forward. 16 games without Skinner is really the reason for the season. He was on track to be a 40 goal scorer this year and we probably would have won 4-5 more games with him in the line-up. That means we would be either on the cusp or the #8 seed right now. We want some consistency here beyond Staal and Ward.
  6. Hurts to lose veteran leadership like Ward and Walker but at least Whitney was not moved now let's look at signing him to a 2-3 year deal.
  7. For Cullen we only got a 2nd round draft pick since Picard is also a UFA after this season.
  8. Extend him with a 2 year performance laden deal with a 3rd year club option. Hockey is one of the last sports where loyalty means something not the almighty dollar. Give RW a 2 year $8mm contract with a points performance clause.
  9. Or Tripp calling out before Brierre shoots that he had Cam's number when he played for Buffalo. It's like they are trying to be impartial but they forget that the Canes pay their salary!! I wish both of them would just shut their pie holes. I'm going to watch the next game with the sound off and Chuck Kaiton on the radio - at least he roots for the Canes.
  10. You forgot Hedican't and Seidenberg. Wesley needs to retire - I won't slam him because he is a class act. Give some of these young kids a chance. Borer is hungry and Suter may be here next year too. They need to find a quality back up goalie or kick Cam to backup and get a starter.
  11. Final 5-1 - gives up a final humiliating goal with 3 seconds to spare. Leave him in NJ - no one wants him here!!!
  12. Grahame has a 3.64 Goals against and an .877 save pct. Leighton could do better than that - hell my duaghter could do better and she doesn't play hockey. Winning games is more important than pissing away an NHL salary away in the AHL. If the Canes don't get to the playoffs this year then they lose money too! Rutherford is not that stupid - he has to see the hand-writing on the wall with Grahame
  13. As you can see we do not have a back up goal tender. We have not had one for 2 years now. Lavi needs to find a suitable replacement for Grahame and cut him lose. I watched Leighton when they brough him up and he can do a decent job filling in spot starts. Grahame is not only the worst backup in the league he is the worst goalie in the league. Cut him now before he loses any more games for us down the stretch.
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