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  1. I think we should be collectively ashamed at how we're treating Rod Brind'amour. No one has given more heart and soul to this team over the years than the Captain. I'm certain he is not the one dictating what line he plays on, who he plays with or otherwise, this year. Since he's been on the 4th line he's been playing okay. Why would any of us demand he retire, or take a pay cut or anything else, when he earned, negotiated, whatever, the money he's making today? It's not enough he was a key member of all of our playoff teams in the past 8 years? How does he compare to some other team captains' whose teams haven't sniffed the success the Canes have seen this decade? Sure, we REALLY want to win. We expect to be competitive each and every year. But we also need to be realistic. In the age of Free Agency, Salary Caps, CBAs, etc., parity and player movement is here to stay. I suggest we've been pretty darn good over the past 10 years, all things considered, and Rod has played a big role. Let's celebrate him. Do we want to pay $3M for a 4th line center? No. But we are. So what? We still have a lower payroll than many teams, and we've seen Stanley. I for one apprecaite that and will support Rod and the team regardless.
  2. I think people over-rate the impact of who does (or doesn't) wear the "C". That won't fix anything. Give your top lines less time now with Staal out, even out the playing time across 3-4 lines and see if you can get some energy out of every shift instead of running your top line into the ground. Send Maurice out on a scouting trip or something for a weekend, see if the guys play any different when he's not in the picture.
  3. If Cole is persona non grata, WHY IN THE WORLD would you want Max Afinagenov???? The rationale escapes me.
  4. By this measure then we should keep Cole over Ruutu. Or get rid of them both, since there was practically ZERO difference between the two of them this year. Ruutu had 12 more points, same +/-, MORE PIMs. what is the material difference between Cole and Ruutu? Everyone says we need to be more physical. these 2 guys are 2 of the more physical Forwards in the league. But everyone wants to worship Ruutu and condemn Cole? I don't get it. Keep 'em both. Line look like this: Cole/Ruutu - Staal - New Winger Ruutu/Cole - Cullen - LaRose Whitney - Jokinen - Samsanov Walker - Brindamour - Bayda/Eaves and please don't keep Babchuk. Nice kid, but SLOW SLOW SLOW! If we keep him he's 3rd pairing only.
  5. What did Cole do before his injury that he doesn't do now? Skate hard? Skate fast? Hit people? Seems to me all of the 'physical' things that one would tend to see get reduced after a broken neck, he still does. Top 6 in shots (his shooting percentage of just over 10% is only slightly worse than Eric Staals)... top 2 in PIM (he's not backing away or hitting people less) +/- of a flat 0 for the year... Even if many of his statistical successes weren't while he wa with CAR, we need to stop saying 'he hasn't been the same since the neck injury'. Sure, he's not scoring like he did (although he's basically been over 40 points every year he's played EXCEPT 2002-2003 when he missed 29 games), but he IS the same player. So the question for CAR is, do we want a 40-point guy who creates space for others, hits people, isn't a defensive liability, is a fan favorite, and stands up for his teammates? I say yes.
  6. Pennsylvania is the fastest aging state in the nation. why? Not because they're getting older, but because the younger people are LEAVING. and... where are they going? In LARGE numbers, they're coming to North Carolina. and if their presence here increases ticket sales so our Canes can do more spending, WELCOME!, WELCOME, WELCOME! It's how teams grow fan bases. appeal to as many as possible, sell to as many as possible, and over time, WITH TEAM SUCCESS, the 'home' population will dwarf the 'visitors'. Give it time. We may be one of the few teams who make money this year. THAT'S TERRIFIC!
  7. "There is, quite simply, nothing else quite like it across the NHL landscape." THAT is a wonderfully succinct description of the Caniac Nation. We have something GREAT here in Raleigh, and people here and away are noticing. It's a shockingly simple, complementary, powerful one-liner that we should be PROUD of. Character. Loyalty. Tailgating. the new tagline of YOUR CAROLINA HURRICANES.
  8. I LOVE the taste of Crow! Holy cow. Now, I think Jussi is "self-funding" his spot on the team next year, since the fartehr into the playoffs he pushes us with his clutch play, the more $$$ we might have to make him an offer. I have NO problem recanting my statement below. Jussi = MONEY!
  9. As bad as our PP has been we're better off sticking with getting our shorties. If it ain't broke...
  10. Incorrect. The actual text of the CBA reads: A single lump sum payment of $6,500,000 shall be made by the NHL to the Players on account of a Player fund ("Player Fund"), which shall be allocated to the Players on Clubs participating in the various Playoff rounds and/or based upon Club finish, as shall be determined by the NHLPA, subject to approval by the League. A Player who is brought up during the Playoffs shall be entitled to be paid/receive:
  11. Actually, I believe in the last 2 months of the season, since Valentine's Day, for example, we have allowed about 10 FEWER goals than the Bruins. Oh yeah, we've scored about 10 MORE goals than them in the same timeframe. This. Is. Carolina.
  12. I believe the current CBA grants a $6.5Million Playoff Pool to teams participating in the playoffs. I'm not certain of the rules for spreading that money around.
  13. I think he'll be called "the former Cane" who scored with 0.2 seconds left against NJ" after this season. I just don't see how we can keep him... We need to re-sign Ruutu and Cole and LaRose, and we have Sutter, Bowman and Boychuk waiting around. Jussi seems like a nice guy but I don't think he's done enough (one play isn't enough) to hang around here in Carolina.
  14. I'm still a little surprised there wasn't even a token fine assessed, or a comment from the NHL. Not so much that Marty was frustrated. But look at the tape - his first 'swing' was immediately after leaving the discussion with the ref. That's borderline there, when looking at the "if it's directed at a ref..." - the ref was less than 10 feet away from him. But the SECOND swing - when the stick slammed into the boards and possibly broke - there was a RBC guy walking along the boards, again, probably less than 10 feet away from Brodeur. The POSSIBILITY that his outburst could have INJURED a bystander ought to be enough to generate some kind of league response. Throw your stick into the Net, or into the Boards FAR away from pedestrians, who cares. But that close to people? Something should be done/said.
  15. Found this GREAT quote on the Flyers Board: "Man, you look at Erik Cole there and some guys are just meant to play for a certain team. That guy is a Hurricane." Absol-freakin-lutely!
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