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  1. Maybe this was commented on but I have always thought that Jason being in the org was a good thing because it meant PK had something to pass down through the family. As long as it remained in the Karmonos family, Raleigh stood a greater chance of the team always being in Raleigh.. PK sold somewhere around 10% - 15% of the org to local people but that still leaves a large chunk for an outsider to come in and purchase. The lease with C-Authority lasts until 2024 and there could be talk of the need for another arena by that time, but an outside investor might care less about Raleigh vs a possible other market. Not saying that would happen but PK is getting old and he is on the outs with his son. Without passing to a family member, most likely he would sell his large portion. Who knows, maybe he gives the cash to his kids (other kids) or possibly funds a charitable organization in PKs name with the receipts of a sale. This could look like what Ralph Wilson has stated with the Buffalo Bills. RW is not handing the team to this kids and has said when he dies, the team will be sold.
  2. It is like dating in your teens and twenties......About trading up until you can not trade up anymore.
  3. this is the first year in 14 years that I did not go through SAS. I went down the 12 games since the NHL changed Ticket Exchange and I am unable to sell any tickets. Will have to see where they seat me for 12 games this year. I have always had good luck on getting the seats I want
  4. No way signings are kept quiet. Does not happen in pro sports? Should JR be telling people what he is looking for? Of Course he should. He is telling the fan base, after a terrible year, that he is working to get players, that are needed? How many companies and STHs are telling themselves, "Not sure if it is worth it". Or how many sponsors are questioning the money spent for sponsorships? One must think farther than the guy sitting up in the 300s who comes to this board twice a day Player X is going to get "this much $$". Especially at this time of free agency. He is not giving away anything and he is not going to pay "Player X" over what he wants to. Not to mention how many phone calls he has made already to GMs and agents.
  5. Question: Has anyone been able to sell tix on Ticket Exchange this year/2013. In the past, I would sell some tix to help pay for the tickets (a silent partner). This year, the way Ticket Master has it set up, it appears to be virtually impossible to find Ticket Exchange if someone comes to the Canes site looking for tickets. I know the NHL/Canes want to sell their tix first but right now, only single seats availale for Pens game and I don't see how a prospective buyer could find TE tix. Just wondering if other STHs have had better luck?
  6. I thought the Ellis interview at games end last night was very good. She did a great job.
  7. Geeezz some people are such a critic. Typical internet crabs complaining behind an avatar. Let me criticize you after 2 hours on the job !! I thought she did more than OK and it will only get better. I like Bob or what ever his name was last year and I will like Chantel. The game scores was hard for the first time...no way to time it right. I can read and it will get better. Again, it was very OK and it will get better.
  8. The thing to remember about Whitney was I beleive he had a NTC and he wanted a 3 year deal. JR had a deal with the Kings but Whitney would not release his NTC because it was not a 3 year deal. Deadline passed and nothing JR could do. Then when Free agency rolled around in July, Whitney went out and signed a 2 year deal which expires this year. That is not JR's fault. Blame if any should go to Whitney for holding out and causing the Canes to loose a good 2nd rounder at least. Williams was a play to get Cole back, Cole got overpaid but good for him, bad for the habs. I like Ruutu, but he is one hit from spending 2 months in the stands and if we can get something, let's get it. You can bet JR is talking to his management and if they can make a deal, good. But if not, he has 4 more weeks in Raleigh and I will welcome the new guy.
  9. Have a family member who was behind the scenes on this and the word is, the truck broke down that was bringing them. That is how they knew it could be there by 3rd. Big kudos for the way it was handled. Sometime stuff just happens. People would say, well they should have had it a week ago? Where do you store 10,000 plus Bobbleheads and why pay for a trailer to sit in the parking lot. Business runs this way. If people complain about this, there is a big telephone pole outside your house, go argue and complain to it.
  10. I don't think any pre-season game is included with STH. The reason the orignal poster was contacted was because of a email blast to which most people who bought tickets in Charlotte live in Charlotte. I have been to games in San Jose, PHX, LA, Anaheim, Denver and others and I get all their email offers including deals on upcoming concerts. All part of ticketmaster. Canes did have a deal on tickets for Canes STHs in an email. Not sure if it is still valid. Tickets were fairly cheap I thought. I plan on driving down on Sunday and driving back for several reasons but to support the canes. On that note, I have no problem with the Canes playing in Charlotte to create new fans but more importantly....Charlotte Sponsors !!!!! (Hey Lowes and Bojangles !!!!!!! ). Not to mention others Good business move
  11. Yes, that is because seats A-E are portable seats in the sideline section and only fit for hockey. NCSU BB has thier config. I believe row F starts behind the white wall and a permament part of the arena.
  12. Raleigh/Triangle is barely a $50M payroll market. Need about $85-$90 millon revenue package to make that salary work. That is why when I hear suppoive Canes fans complain about not spending and then complaining about ticket/parking/beer prices, I cringe. Canes will get more in TV rev with new deal and with Charlotte coming on board, need to pull in some of those charlotte corps to become sponsors. This is where the fan base needs to step up, go to games, support the team. Raleigh is at that critical point of which way do the fans go. I aslo agree on a good minority owner but not sure who signs up to pay $$ loses especially with no control. I followed the ATL purchase and at the last moment, a family from NC was looking at buying the Thrashers. Wonder who they were and have talked to PK.
  13. It may have been mentioned as I did not read all pages but they did play the BLACK KEYS the other night. Had not heard them play before. So they do play new music.
  14. Have one ticket to Rangers game in Sec 122. Priority Section Reg cost is $85. Will sell for $60 Might even throw in a parking pass Will have to meet for exchange I am in RTP area during the day SOLD
  15. I follow this stuff very closely and especially Winnipeg. This has been hot reads in Canada since it looks like the PHX deal will close so all eyse are moving to the Thrashers, which 70% of the Canadians think will be in Winnipeg next year which I promise you will not happen. This article is aimed at Canadians who eat this stuff up. Now, not to say PK would not sell the whole team. By the little he has said, he wanted to sell 49% and he stated people were not interested in buying a minority part at 49% but he might sell less than that. But I am sure there are people who have looked at owning more since they would have control. Does it worry me...you bet. I thiink PK is a good owner and has done well with this area after some rough years. The issue is Raleigh is not a $60M payroll hockey city. If you look at the rev numbers that have come out, buying this team is not a profitable venture and with the mid-term CBA coming up, not sure what the players will want and what will happen with rev sharing. the issues with the current CBA is the floor which is $40M and going up. The Canes have a petty rock solid lease for 14 more years which is good. The NHL would fight any attempt to moce but after the PHX battle and then what looks like the Thrasher battle coming, not sure how much fight the NHL will have. Winnipeg wants a team on the cheap and the only way they can make it work. QC has to have an arena built which is still open and not certain at this point. There is still FLA, St Louis, NY Islanders along with Dallas and others. I would like to see some locals look at it but most of them are older. It helps their business to have a pro team here to help draw talent but when you look at GOodnight (SAS), Gillings (Quintiles), Goodman (Capital Brodcasting) Sloan (General Parts/Carquest) and Lonnie Poole (Waste Industries), they all have moeny but are older and have enough to leave their kids. Need young near billionaires but not sure the Triangle has many of those. The NHL has been able to find owners but what scares me is when just a few to go around, NC and Raleigh might be one location they give up instead of ATL or FLA or Dallas or StL. But not sure. I use to worrry but no longer. The Canes will be here for a while and as the economy gets better, so does Canes Rev which is good for the canes. Winnipeg's chanses go down as they are looking for team on the cheap. Winnipeg backer is one of the richest guys in the world but the business case requires buying a team on the cheap or in total disrepair. As Salary cap goes up, the Pegs chances go down. And to be honest, QC is a corp wasteland but either the NHL/Quebec thinks it can work or the NHL is using them as a pawn. I just don't see QC filling suites and great corporate support but you really don't it see that in the sunbelt either. But at least the corps are in the sunbelt to mine.
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