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  1. SOLD! For $0.00! The tickets have found a nice, caring home. Go Canes!
  2. Hey guys... long time. Just won two tickets on a whim from the Storm Squad on Twitter. I obviously can't go, being, ya know, in Dallas. I can, however, leave them at will call for the first person who replies and promises to cheer for the Canes in my stead tonight! Go Canes! Or... if you're a lurker and don't want to register... Hit me up on Twitter, the handle's right there in the picture!
  3. The ringer off the crossbar - and subsequent arms open to the heavens celebration - in Game 5 of the Buffalo series is still my favorite hockey play of all time.
  4. I think this goes back to the 2006 playoffs, the Edmonton/San Jose anthem incident, and the awesomeness of the Oil fans singing both anthems. They did it during the Finals, so we returned the favor then, too. As far as the symbolism or whatever... meh, who cares? It's a beautiful song and it's a part of hockey. We should sing it loud and proud in honor of our kooky neighbors to the north who have shared their game with us. That, and I've never personally met a Canadian I didn't like.
  5. I am convinced that State will win next week, simply because it's a "big game" for Carolina (bowl implications, revenge, possible 10 win season, etc.) and Carolina NEVER wins big games, particularly those against teams they're supposed to beat.
  6. Allow me to quote myself: TarheelMike wrote: There will be times where they will look like the best team in the country - minutes later, they may look like they don't belong in the NIT. That was pretty much what I saw tonight. They made two good runs, one in the first, one in the second. They started each half pitiful, but that second half effort was atrocious and embarrassing. The ratio of good play to bad play will improve as the season progresses. I'm not too concerned about it.
  7. Didn't surprise me. Disappointed me that they blew the big lead, but they manned up and held on. Big free throws by Drew after he missed a few. (That should've been an intentional foul and Carolina shoulda got the ball back anyway, but it all worked out...) Plenty of material for Roy to hit them over the head with in practice next week. The Heels are young this year. There will be times where they will look like the best team in the country - minutes later, they may look like they don't belong in the NIT. But I think as soon as this team gets ahold of its turnover problem, Carolina is going to be dangerous. They're overrated right now, but it's not like everyone else out there is running roughshod over everyone. We'll see what they do against Syracuse tonight.
  8. Whitney and Sutter have displayed some fantastic chemistry together while Staal's been out. I don't think you can split them. And if you can't split Staal and Cole, I think you flip flop Ruutu and Whitney on your lines there and it'll work just fine.And I'm still of the belief that while Staal is a "center," you can put him on the wing and he'd be just as, if not more, effective.
  9. Probably. But it was SO out of nowhere that I can't call it anything but desperation at best, mind bogglingly stupid at worst. For the love of God, don't just throw that out there with no warning. We could've at least been thrown a bone with someone saying something to the effect of, "Well, if it comes down to a shootout, we've seen some things in practice and we're gonna try something new."Me, I got Samsonov, Jokinen, Ruutu, Cullen, Sutter, Whitney, Staal, Cole, Corvo, LaRose, Pitkanen, and THEN Brind'Amour and Rodney.
  10. I don't know... looked shoulder to shoulder to me. Violent, yes. Intent to injure, perhaps. That's a close one. It's the cheap shots from an angle like the one Booth got in Philly, the one that knocked Sutter silly last year, or the one that basically ended Eric Lindros' career that make me cringe and I LOVE the big hits.
  11. 2-16-3. That's Carolina's record since I SHAVED MY PLAYOFF BEARD after the Boston series in preparation for my trip to Florida the third week of May. I challenge any of you to top that.
  12. When the team brought Mo in midseason last year, I viewed it as an interim deal with no real downside. It hinged on two factors: 1) does Francis really want to coach? and 2) how would the team perform? This left 4 possible outcomes. 1. Francis wants to coach and the team wins. Turn the team over to Ronnie going into 09-10. 2. Francis wants to coach and the team loses. "Fire" (as much as you can in an interim basis) Mo and go with Francis. 3. Francis doesn't want to coach and the team loses. Start fresh with a new staff. Either go with Rowe or find someone else. 4. Francis doesn't want to coach and the team wins. Decide whether Mo is the guy or look elsewhere. Turns out we got the most desirable outcome for last year - deep playoff run. However, that seems to have been a bad thing going forward because Mo was given a contract based upon last year's run. Of course, had you told everyone last December that Maurice was going to be a long term hire, there would've been a riot. One is brewing now - except now the team has lost 13 in a row.
  13. If he's facing the flag, he'd need a HUGE hole in his bag for his nose.
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