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  1. Not that it would. It's just something to pass the time. Make us all feel a bit better about our beloved team being snubbed by the "national network." Meh, I just hope Cam's OK.
  2. This would be all fine and good for fans living in the Triangle, but what about us countless other fans living in other parts of the state. I live between Greensboro and Burlington and I can't pick up WRDC on Time Warner at my house. Unfortunately, it's probably a moot point anyways. No local station is going to shell out the bucks required to carry 15 NHL games in this small of a market. Bottom line: For 12-15 games per season, we're hosed. But hey, some of them are home games that we'll be at, right?
  3. See, the thing for me is, I'm a Canes fan first, but I'm also a hockey fan in general. Yes, I love the fact that we have FSNC to watch the Canes, but I like to watch other games as well. But now I'm torn because I don't want to do anything to support the sonofaguns that don't support us. I just don't know. Give up watching other games to make a point, or watch anyway knowing that I'm helping the jerks who don't help our team. Conundrum.
  4. I'll make a prediction of another sort. I think the SE gets 3 teams in the postseason this coming year. With a healthy Lehtonen in net, I think Atlanta can make a run at a playoff spot. MTL out, ATL in.
  5. I agree on all accounts except for Chicago. Man, that sweater is Sharp (pun intended)! I mean, they took the red, black, and white and they rocked it. And still do. But yeah, totally agree on the rest of the O6 being vastly overrated.
  6. Couldn't agree more. There are no excuses now. We are a playoff team. I mean, for crying out loud, Nashville made the playoffs like 5 years in a row (up until last year). We should be near the top of the league standings with the roster we have. And to hell with having to battle back in the 2nd half of the season. Come out blazin', boys!
  7. I see what you're saying, for sure. And I know I'm reaching here, but I see #15 being our "1st line winger" this season. I just get the feeling that he is going to have a dynamite season. The guy is primed to be a leading scorer in this league. He's got one of, if not the best, centers in the NHL feeding him the biscuit. He's breaking out this year. Put it in your book.
  8. I won't give Boston the nod over us. They've gotten signifigantly weaker defensively. Morris does not have the offensive upside to cover for the loss of A. Ward, I don't care what anyone says. He may score a few goals, but I guarantee you they give up more due to the loss of Ward. Also, the Kessel situation is coming to a head. That team is set to take a major step back this season, IMO.
  9. I would, if it were sinking. Sorry, sorry! Had to!
  10. What would be even better would be to have them move to Greensboro and play in the Coliseum. That way, they would be in close proximity to the big club and Triangle area 'Canes fans would get to see them play after only a short hour-hour and a half drive. That building has been lacking a hockey team for entirely too long. The Monarchs were a huge draw for an ECHL club back in the day. Interest kind of died off after the team changed back to the Generals and eventually, they folded. I believe, however, that the area could and would support an AHL club, especially if it were the Hurricanes' farm club. Just my $.02.
  11. HAHA! Very nice! I admire the commitment. Go Canes!
  12. HAHAHAHA! That gave me quite a chuckle! I especially liked the "rapid squirrels gnaw on some nuts." Priceless.
  13. I think you're right on as far as the actual game broadcasts go. I was referring to both the game broadcasts and the highlight shows (On the Fly) and the like. Either way, Marc's gonna be kicking himself. Poor guy....
  14. And it certainly doesn't help that you have Brooksie in your sig. PE #1 around these parts. Edit: Sorry, went back and read the rest of the thread and it's already been discussed. Disregard. Wait, no, don't disregard. Get rid of it.
  15. No, I was there, and they did show the replay on the JT after the ruling was made.
  16. Penalty shot. But the puck was clearly over the goal line before the net came off the moorings so it was a moot point. Good call. Bad result.
  17. I agree that Babchuk has to go. He is the softest 6' 5" player in the league. I mean, you got that kind of size and don't want to use it? And at least Frankie can make a tape-to-tape pass out of our zone. OK, dead horse beaten. GET TRAFFIC IN FRONT!!!!! I know the Bruins do a good job clearing out the front of their net but damn! So many pucks just sitting there, waiting to be tapped in and where are our guys? Over along the side boards, that's where. Go to the net. Maybe take a bit of a run at Timmy. Stop trying to make pretty plays and do the dirty work in front. We all know that's how you get it done in the playoffs. Why don't the players know it, too? That being said, if the guys recommit themselves to playing hard-nosed, defensively minded hockey, we can win this series. It's gotta be trench warfare. Let's go boys!
  18. Man, well said, Mike. I was still feeling pretty crummy until I read this. Thanks for brightening my day!
  19. Well, those are just the freakin' $64,000 questions, now aren't they?
  20. Chara's fold-up will win him an Oscar TM. Gimme a *edit* break. I hope he's proud of himself. If it wasn't for him, Aaron Ward's eyeball wouldn't be getting ready to fall out. What a schmuck.
  21. I think as long as his eyeball doesn't fall out, he'll be alright. I mean, really? Really? C'mon... Are they really trying to play this card? Really? You guys have done an excellent job highlighting the blatant missed calls in this series. And I'll tell you what, I have no faith in the NHL officiating system. Sorry if I rub someone's *edit* the wrong way but damn, it's about time someone stood up for this team. Way to go, Scott.
  22. I hope his eyeball doesn't fall out! Then it'll be 10 games!
  23. Last week, I was watching a replay of game 7 against NJ with the volume muted and my stereo on random. Towards the end of the game, "How It Ends" by DeVotchKa came on and let me tell you, I had chills the entire time the song was playing. It's a great song anyways, but coupled with the amazing ending to that game and series, it just fit perfectly. I highly suggest downloading this song and it would be amazing if the RBC audio staff picked up a snippet of it to play (only at appropriate moments, mind you) during some games.
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