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  1. I shaved playoff beard after Game 7 vs NJ. I decided that one win or lose. It was uncomfortable. I didn't go to the Nutty Bavarian before Game 3 vs NJ and I take full blame for the loss. I sold my tickets for Game 3 vs Pittsburgh because of a booked vacation at Myrtle Beach. I figured if the Canes were still playing I would be happy to miss the game. All that said, I knew we were doomed when Satan scored the first goal of the ECF. You can't overcome that.
  2. I noticed on the TV replay with 5:11 left in OT. There was a stoppage of play when John and Tripp reviewed the game winning plays for the Canes in the playoffs. They come out of the montage directly to the Carolina bench panning across the players. Who was the first player that the camera focused on? Scott Walker. FSC is very good at foreshadowing it seems.
  3. Craig Adams scoring at any point in a game is the surest "Death Knell" in professional sports. The Caps realize that and have folded.
  4. Agree there. If we go down 0-2, we'll be done. This game reminded me of the Buffalo game last week. It's beginning to look like the end of last year. After a long stretch of great play we had some injured players return (Walker, Cullen) and that has seems to affect the chemistry (not the the injured players fault, whatsoever). I don't know what you do as a coach in that situation. I'm from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school. We looked a little lost out there with very little puck possession time. NJ forced us to pass the puck a ton, and our centers are not good passers. Need more Canes to not panic and take Ray Whitney's approach of patience and ice awareness instead of hasty, hard passes that are impossible to control.
  5. I can't believe you guys can't see the genius in Rutherford. It was clear that Lavi's time had come. When we won the Cup, what was the first big successful move that preceded it? That's right. Firing Paul Maurice. You can't fire Maurice without having him employed. Here's to another visit from Lord Stanley!
  6. I ran in the Friesen 5K with Rod and Justin. I think I need to go in for a full body MRI. Anyone else run the 5K Sunday? Maybe we can get a group rate on the MRI.
  7. Bingo! That's all it takes. After watching that in the SCF, I could have fought Laroque. I would have lost badly, but that's besides the point
  8. I now think 92,93, or 94 points will take it:) Interesting takes we had weeks ago. Shows you how well Washington has played.
  9. Right now our mark is 93 points. That wins the SE, period. We can probably sneak by with 89, I think Washington just imploded.
  10. Chuck Kaiton said this AM to pick this guy up
  11. There was no kicking motion as this photo proves
  12. Did Whitney score directly after Cole got the rebound of his own shot? TWC lost the signal and froze the frame with Cole preparing to pass to Whitney in the center.
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