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  1. Does anyone know where/ if all the videos of players from around the league congratulating Rod are posted? I want to relisten to them since there was a lot cheering when certain players came up so I couldn't hear.
  2. My favorite Canes are Justin Williams, Erik Cole, Mike Commodore, and Scott Walker. But my favorite player is Matt Cullen by a landslide. I'm obsessed. I love KAdams too!
  3. I personally want Cullen and Gerber back. I don't want Aaron Ward because of his Kevyn Adams sucker punch. CULLEN- You have to realize a career in hockey is a limited career. You have to make as much as you can but still be happy. I feel if the Rangers would have offered just a little more than Carolina then he would have stayed. But they offered significantly more. These players also have accountants telling them which choice would be best for their future. And wives as a matter of fact. Matt is NOT doing horrible this year. Yes, he is not up to par with where he was last year, but he's still doing well. If you noticed last year, when he and Whitney started moving, thats when we really seemed on fire. Matt has said this has been a hard adjust for him and his family and he knows he is not doing as well this season. GERBER- I don't have a good reason. I just like him better than John Grahame and I really like the way he goes in and out and in and out of the net. Yes I realized that was stupid and had no good point.
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