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  1. Hey let's face it... The Caps deserve to be in. The drepressing part is we would have both made it if we had picked up either the Tampa away game or the last game. It sure would have looked better for the Southeast with both of us in. Let the retooling begin
  2. No worry, Eaves was born in Canada ! So he is kinda Canadian ah
  3. how many of those goals tonight would Brodeur, Luongo, or even Gerber gave up?? Tim Thomas? Michael Leighton?
  4. Is it too much to ask a goalie to stop just 50%, or 25% of break aways?? D Sucks too but when is that last time Cam has made a game changing save?
  5. NO but wishful thinking! Think more along the lines of the central division ( at or near the bottom at that ) Let's hope the guy I am thinking does not turn out to be another Anson Carter
  6. My guess is we are about to get some washed up Russian off the waiver wire.....
  7. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/teams/players/bio/?n...=nhl-hurricanes Look down at transactions on Crackers bio page.....
  8. Sorry for the advance info. I will keep it to myself next time.
  9. Just returned from the game and my source ( a good one ) said Tanabe is on the way back to Carolina as we speak.......
  10. for any of you folks that play, come out to stick and puck any friday morning ( reczone at 8:15 am ) and you will see camp brindy has already started, or never stopped from last season.
  11. No rumor but I would like to make my request please JR... I will take an order of Souray and Calder please
  12. I'm planning on attending that game as well. Have you ever been to MSG before? I'm curious as to what to expect, especially since I might have to sit in the cheap seats for this one. Sorry, i have no idea what to expect but pumped about going... have always wanted to go to MSG for hockey... From what i hear should be a pretty decent time, their fans are not so bad.......... I just hope our players decide to play that day
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