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  1. it'd be better if the shoes knocked the girl out, and we wouldnt have to watch it anymore.
  2. i just thought he'd get a few more than that.....oh well, mark that down as another suspension i don't agree with.
  3. http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/20...explainer_N.htm fun little article i stumbled upon...disagree with a few things but its pretty interesting the way they scored everything.
  4. he did....but if the phillies pinch hit then who knows. i don't think anyone will really know for sure
  5. one billion dollars. and the right to be on the PP during the entire game.
  6. you and me both....not looking good for us....but neither has the last ten years i guess.
  7. yeah im anxious to see the game tonight, if we could just get our offense clicking again and tighten up a little with our bullpen i think the rays will do alright.
  8. no way we should trade ward and make leighton our number 1 guy.....experience goes a long way in this game. until that kid has a season or two as backup i dont want to see him as number one.
  9. wow.....now if they only made tv's that gave you a workout from just sitting and watching them, then we'd be in great shape.
  10. i believe the local elections are supposed to be voting on it soon, but they may have pushed it back because of the economy right now.... not many people want to pay more money for a stadium when they are getting kicked out of their house. either way it will be very hard for the rays to leave now they've made it into the post season, if we weren't in it, moving wouldn't be a surprise to me.
  11. Rays have plans for a new stadium already.....don't see them moving more than half a mile down the road.
  12. its a good article, clears up a lot of things out there. still horrible though. I can't imagine how jagr is feeling right now though.
  13. he'll be back in a few months if he has a normal recovery.....here is his thread. http://forums.carolinahurricanes.com/index...showtopic=15174
  14. wow.....how do you even try to use words to describe that situation. i hope that really didn't happen.
  15. always horrible news to hear, what was jagr's quote? i wasn't able to find it.
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