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  1. For a team that's not making much money they really seem to like to throw away their money. I don't really care who it is you shouldn't sign them to a 15 year deal. Anything could happen, and if he really turns out to be good then ok, sign him to another deal or if he doesn't its not all that bad. Until they get the whole Lighthouse project done they really can't afford to be this poor in management. The whole 3 goalie system is a little baffling.
  2. I'm kinda surprised at how long its taking for Seidenberg to get a new contract. I thought he had a great season and I could have easily seen him getting $2mill but now I really don't know about that. Phoenix could be a good fit for him. Maybe he could help them finally get into the playoffs and solve all their problems ...
  3. I just meant in situations where, in the middle of play, somebody needs to step up. I don't mean like to send Gleason after someone.
  4. I don't think we necessarily need an enforcer. Conboy does enough, we don't a great fighter, just someone who will when he's needed to. If the other team delivers a serious cheapshot we got players like Gleason who will step up in that situation and put the guy in his place.
  5. Fix the EASHL, all the teams that have winning records got them because of "glitch goals", it destroys all the fun when you can score the exact same goal everytime.
  6. Finally Ward gets some recognition, although, most analysts don't think he will make the cut. To me, if he makes it at all, it will be the third spot. At best second.
  7. I don't like the "Ref You Suck" chants. What is it going to accomplish? He's not going to change his call. He's used to it already, its not doing anything to him. Plus you are just making yourself look like trash, this guy's just doing his job. From experience as a referee, there's nothing I hate more than people telling me how to do my job, so I feel for them. And for people who will say something along the lines of "this is what hockey's about, yelling curse words and insults", No. Just because you were raised to believe that doesn't mean you need to ruin it for the people who see hockey as one of the most ingenious creations of a sport. Hockey has more class than other sports, even with the fighting. The fighting keeps the sport clean; if you cheapshot someone you are going to get it from the other team. Plus, this is a family environment. Can't we keep it clean for the kids?
  8. Why would you have been for Seidenberg leaving, other than his cost? He was the 2nd most consistent D-man this season, next to Gleason. He has such great defensive capabilities and he's not awful on offence(5-25-30). Who could fill his role? Definitely not Babchuk. Maybe Wallin, but he's just not as good of a puckhandler as Seidenberg. With offensive D-men like Corvo, Pitkanen, and Babchuk, we need another defensive d-man as good or around as good as Gleason. Hopefully they can work out a contract but Seidenberg deserves a hefty raise, around 2 to 2.5 million. Will he get that much from the canes? Doubtful. But I'm just saying that's what he deserves.
  9. Best movie of the year: Slumdog Millionaire. Extremely well-done, Danny Boyle is an amazing director.
  10. This still doesn't back up what you were saying at all. You said they aren't as physical this year than the 06 year. But obviously they are. And yes, I watched a lot of games.
  11. So we were more physical that year huh? So in the entire 2005-2006 season the Hurricanes had 1145 hits. Okay? This year, only in this partial part of the season, the Hurricanes already have 906 hits. Somehow, I think they will have more hits this year.
  12. This is exactly what I love about the new NHL, you don't have to be a hard-hitting team to win games. It's all about speed now. So no, I really don't think this is the problem. Our problem isn't defense right now, it's offense; we are by no means producing enough goals. Other than these last two games Ward and the defense have been solid.
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