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  1. If any team can come back it would be Buffalo.. I say they win game 5 but lose game 6. Yea, I'm a Sabres fan.. but not a stupid one.
  2. You're honestly telling me Broudeur played good? Seemed like every time i checked his games a weak goal was going in. Or did you even watch the series.. The goal against miller in game 5 was weak, and Broudeur let about 6 or 7 of those in.
  3. I don't know why you put this up. All the Canes fans are going to say Ottawa because they dont like Buffalo. Proved by icefrog.. Ottawa did not play the better teams, Penguins played the worst of any team in the playoffs and the Devils played with terrible offense and their goaltending was also horrendous. Again, bias views are going to be presented..
  4. Yes, the Sabres cheated! And so did the other 9 teams who were > the canes! You're pathetic
  5. Na na na naaaaaaaa na na na naaaaaaa hey hey hey gooodbyee!!
  6. I don't know which team i'd rather be on double edge sword!
  7. Heres the metaphor: You don't remove broken sticks from the play until the whistle blows.
  8. Considering after every Ranger penalty the Sabres are getting a penalty.. That was only a little bias.
  9. Maybe Cullen can reunite with the Canes on the golf course
  10. I was talking about the save on Kotalik GOALLLLl!l!!!!!!!111!1!!11! game over
  11. they should just give the puck to zubrus and have him hold it along the boards for 8 minutes reffing is deplorable no interference and no embelishment haha
  12. Let's put it this way: Reffing was terrible, but it didn't matter since for the most part, the powerplay was worse for both teams.
  13. You're right, they have to work on their powerplay and to not take stupid penalties. But Staal and Ward have some major work to do on their approach shots. It is quite amuzing that everybody on these forums is all Anti-Buffalo and are whining about missed penalties and what not. Regarldess whether The hook on Afinogenov never happened, (which it really wasn't), Connolly got mugged about 11 seconds earlier. So either way, they should have gotten a penalty. There were numerous times during the game that the Rangers didnt get penalties for squat, and the Sabres too.. I think the NHL needs more McGough!
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