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  1. WHO would want to get a goalie that makes what Cam makes(money) and has only gotten his team to the playoffs, 1 time since he was made the #1 goalie after the Canes won the CUP! He was a rookie, that no teams knew his weak spots until he became the #1 goalie! And where have we been since then!!
  2. Murphy has to go, he will not hit, will not go where he might get hit, if he has the puck and thinks he will get hit,, he turns it over, And he never hits anyone! HE HAS TO GO!
  3. So why is it ok for the Canes use the excuse, that's it's preseason hockey,, isn't it the same for the team they are playing against? Would be nice to have a pretty good feeling heading to the regular season, than how its been for the last many years.. It also looks like the coach isn't very happy either!
  4. Yeah,, Lack should watch Cam and learn what goals not to let in.. Lack needs to do 100% opposite, of what Cam does! MISSION MIGHT BE ACCOMPLISHED!!
  5. Well at least all of the excuses for Cam will start again this season,,,ALREADY!! lol
  6. I really hope Murphy gets sent back down to AHL of just get totally dropped from the Canes Lineup/Roster! He is not good in anything out on the ice. If his style of play is what the Canes want, nothing will get better with him in the lineup! To many turnovers, will not hit, if he is going to get hit,,yep another turnover! And his attitude is not good either and he looked /acted horrible in his interview on TV last nite!!
  7. With watching the last game/loss, you could see that right after Ward gave a goal on the 1st shot, that totally took the wind out of the sails of the entire team!! I myself really think that no Canes have any confidence in Cam. Yes they should play the entire game but to me you could just see after that goal went in the game was over!! And yes Khudo isn't doing much better either, so with that said I hope the team can at least get some confidence with Khudo in net, hopefully a lot more game after game with him in net! Let Khudo play 3 to 4 games in a row and see if he gets solid as he was last season!
  8. Whats really funny is, if you go back many years in this thread of pics, there really isn't anything positive! IMAGINE THAT!!!LOL
  9. In,my opinion, I think you have a better chance at making your team better with trades for vets than you can get with drafts. Not to many young players make a big difference on a team that is not good around them. So with that said, I think the Canes just need to rebuild with new players that are willing to come here and want to play for the Canes abd have a nice place for their families. It just seems very strange that with the same players thru different coaches,the team doesn't change what happens on ice. So with that said,,keep the new coaches and get a new team,at least 50 % new!
  10. Imagine that if you look into a toilet while its flushing, you can see the canes logo!!!
  11. Top-shelf-- you mis-spelled the word Game recap for the Canes,,, just add a "R" and it would be right----game recRap ! lol
  12. Ward has only gotten the Canes to the playoffs 1 time as him being the #1 goalie! That is where I get my standard that he should be much better than he has been. 6 million a year as #1 goalie and only gets them into the playoffs 1 time (as the #1) is not good!
  13. Yeah but how many seasons and coaches has Ward not ever gotten better? I myself don't want the future to be the same as Wards past seasons as being the number 1 goalie! I understand your hope, lol, but I have lost all of mine with Cam as the goalie!! And yes I am going to the home opener and hope they win with whoever is in net!!!lol
  14. What is really hard to understand is why do the Canes look exactly the same on the ice with whoever is the coach behind the bench!(many changes in last few seasons) Yes we have a few players to keep but I am really starting to think about completely rebuilding the team. Yes i do know the season hasn't really started yet but, I do hope I am totally wrong with how I am feeling about the Canes!
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