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  1. Many players get protected by the NHL. And I do not want to start a computer war but Staal is in the same boat. He gets calls his way at times and gets no calls at times also. Every team gets them. It is not just Hasek,Crosby,Ovechkin. Do I think bettman is pleased with tonights game? Gee I dunno. Either way he wins. Either the NHL's best player may make it to his first postseason, or a franchise he wanted to prove would succeed outside Toronto's "ideas". He has and does take a ton of heat for teams down south. I think Carolina winning also puts another feather in his cap.
  2. I agree that the post was way too vague. There are Euros not just Russian that can be considered a bit subdued during the playoffs. But is not because they want to be home as much as they were not brought up knowing what the cup means from the age of 3. In the same light there are tons of euros that play above their norm during this run. So to bunch them up collectively as he did was asinine.
  3. And I answered it. Nope because Walker is not AO. Walker has a history of flying off the handle a bit. AO really does not. And Like I said this is the same around the NHL. Perfect example. living in Buffalo I got to watch a really dirty player last year with Briere. He is low down dirty slew foots,spears,trips,etc. They do not get called because he is not known for flying off the handle or playing the game on the edge. it is what it is. And it is the same for every team.
  4. Nope because Scott Walker is not AO and same goes with hundreds of different players in both positions. Scott Walker is a hard working player. But does have a way of flying a bit off the handle. Refs know this. They know players like this on EVERY NHL team.
  5. I am sorry I cannot believe that anyone thinks that the NHL is trying to get the Caps into the playoffs and leave Carolina out. This is just about the worst conspiracy theory ever. One would like to think the NHL would much rather have a team from the south where hockey by many is frowned upon get into the playoffs to make their point that the NHL can survive in the south. The score was 4-1. 2 of the goals were 5 on 5. So take away 2 PP's and the score is what? 2-1. I am sorry if this offends people but get over it. It is a loss. Not a huge deal the Caps are still under the Canes in wins. These teams play the same number of games ,same opponents in the division. If it comes down to the last game of the season and the Caps somehow make it in then what? Every team controls their own destiny.
  6. Ovechkin hands down. Brodeur has all the wins he has because the devils refuse to play or employ a quality back up. He is a great goaltender. But I think Ovechkin wins it.
  7. This is what amuses me the most. Now I am from Buffalo. I enjoy any NHL hockey. Most on Buffalo boards tend to think I hate the sabres. Just because I say what I mean and do not try to sugarcoat things. it is what it is. But I gotta be honest most Buffalo fans are more pissed off about the way the team plays than anything else. When ANY team is not playing well fans complain. Look here for some examples. It happens to every teams fan base.
  8. Trust me Ruff is not helping the "curse"
  9. Ruff's job is not in any kind of jeopardy. Which I think stinks. I do not like him as a coach. And think his favorite players act he put on in nonsense. And it only hurts the success of the franchise.
  10. Totally agree. Eaves took himself out of the game quick. And Rutuu I did not notice at all. These 2 need to play a solid game every game for this team to be successful. And I am sure the Canes did not get Eaves just to watch him take stupid penalties. Kaberle was prolly the worst of the d men tonight. I was not impressed with him one bit.
  11. I personally think the season is about all but over. This team has not shown the moxy it had for the past 2 years. With the departing of leaders like Jay Mckee, Mike Grier, Daniel Briere, and Chris Drury the down fall for this team was almost inevitable. They have some good young talent. But they lack a consistent leader. Along with the ongoing issue it seems the coach has with communicating to some younger players and even some vets. He is rather notorious for having favorites and that hurts the team as a whole. The excuses game in and out by him and others in the Sabres have worn thin. They simply do not have the proper players in place to be a winning team.
  12. You can expect to see a heavy dose of 5 d men all night. With Funk getting very limited time. He is just not any kind of NHL d man at all. Also if the game dictates Jason Pominville will be back on defense along with maybe Derek Roy. Look for a serious amount of desperation from the Buffalo Sabres. As they have wasted too many chances to get back into the playoff race. My dark horse for the Sabres to have a great game is winger Steve Bernier. Though to many in Buffalo it seems as if he is in Lindy's "dog house" When given the chance he has proven in very few games here he can find the net and has some great passing skills. Miller will start. No real surprise. And normally when Miller comes out to the media the way he did after last game the team responds. I see this being a tight game and Buffalo getting the win 4-2
  13. he throws about 2 checks a year. And he is horrid in his own end. But deal him to the Sharks. I will even help him pack his bags and buy him a map.
  14. Phanuef is the all around d man. Campbell is a terrible defensemen in his own end. Yes he has a bit of offensive output. But he is nowhere near what he is hyped to be. I watch this clown game in and game out. Him and his stick waiving at elite forwards in the NHL gets him burned all the time. Campbell 2 seasons ago was a 7th d man on the Sabres that season I believe he had 12 goals or something and all of a sudden he became a wepon. I do not get it. I never got it. And I count the days till this purse waiving sissy is off the Sabres. Taylor Pyatt even says he is a whimp and that ain't saying much.
  15. Some players in different arenas will also sit in a almost like living room in the back or some may work out during the game depending on their injury.
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