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  1. How bouts: "We're back to Finnish what we started."
  2. The problem here is that JR is right. Anyone else realize that the rest of the league caught on pretty quickly on not letting Babs get his shot off from the right point? I mean everytime he got the puck in that area he had at least two people clog the shooting lane and basically he couldn't get that bomb of a shot through...offensively he was a one trick pony. Take away his offense and he becomes a huge liability that is worth maybe $1.2 million a year, but not a penny more. If he improves defensively and develops another weapon then he is worth $2+, but not until then. His past actions haven't endeared himself to JR and this was pretty much the breaking point. He thinks he is worth more than he REALLY is. I side with JR.
  3. Some chatter around that the Canes are going to pick up Gerber off re-entry and trying to get Neil out of Ottawa as part of the deal. We'll see.
  4. From Mr. Alexander....in other words nothing is going to change. "Due to early arrivals Sunday, the arena lots reached capacity much sooner than normal. When the paved lots fill, Edward's Mill Road traffic is directed onto Trinity Road and into the only available parking in the Carter-Finley lots. If traffic is allowed onto the arena road, it takes even longer to direct around to the available parking spaces. Entrances at Gate A and B on Trinity Road and Gate F on Westchase were open and continued taking incoming game traffic. This is the same traffic pattern used every game for the past three seasons. We just had to implement it much earlier than usual this past Sunday with an 18,000+ sold-out game and fans coming early for the figurine giveaway. I am always aware of the traffic backups because I direct the traffic attendants from the roof of the arena every game, and stay in constant radio communication with the police department. Thanks for the link, but I read it following every game. I do hope this inconvenience does not affect your future visits to the RBC Center, Mike Alexander Parking Manager RBC Center / CAROLINA HURRICANES"
  5. I suppose we came two different ways. It seems the Blue Ridge/Trinity Rd. way was best on Sunday. Also, I didn't miss the entire first period....I missed the first 8 minutes or so. We were standing in line trying to get in when the horn blew for Eaves goal. Many, many people arrived late due to traffic issues. As I said, I was thinking about picking up some season tickets next year, but if traffic and parking are going to be like this then I will probably just get Center Ice and chill at home. Freaking ridiculous! Also, I know the figurines have been mentioned in this post as well. I think the reason a lot of people got multiples was either they had multiple tickets with them or the staff that was handing them out wanted to get them all out and go to their assigned duties where they can usually watch the game. This leads to the figurines not being distributed fairly, but hey what are you going to do?? I guess just as traffic/parking issues are concerned, RBC and the Canes don't really care about being fair to the fans. Why not make 18K+ figurines so everyone can have one??
  6. I am glad some of you can arrive to games 2+ hours early. I suppose my wife and I could, but that makes it tough on the little one (6 month old). I still think they should come up with a better plan for the traffic flow in and around the RBC center. As for Edwards Mill Road...usually at least the eastbound exit is blocked off and diverted to Blue Ridge, but not on Sunday and this caused a HUGE backup where people weren't obeying traffic lights and basically being rude to one another. I stopped when the light I was at was red and you know what the people did coming westbound from Wade? They blocked the intersection and kept me from going for two cycles. It really makes you not want to do the right thing.....this world is really becoming pretty sad. ~UDC
  7. Stillman was the main piece to the Ottawa trade...that's who Bryan Murray really wanted and he was the centerpiece of the deal along with Joe Corvo. Mike Commodore went to replace Corvo and Eaves came to us to replace Stillman. Stillman is still a very nice player who can score 40+ points a season on a top two line. I really see Stillman as an offensive version of Wesley, yes they are both a step slower than they used to be but they are smart and crafty ansd know how to play the game. Also, they are great teammates! So with that said could I see Stillman back here? Yes I could....he may not play on the top two lines, but he isn't someone I wouldn't want. That being said it will depend on how much Stiller is looking for whether or not we sign him or even look at him. He is a terrific person and I wish we could always keep the good guys, but it's not the way it works. As for Commodore....his play has been sliding ever since the Cup year. Maybe he partied too hard or something? Seriously, watching him play on Sunday I realized he was very slow and out of position half the time. Our guys were running circles around him. I beleive he doesn't like it in Ottawa and prefers being here, but I also think he wants to be paid more and he isn't worth it. I say only sign him *if* he agrees to a fair contract otherwise he can be someone elses slow, penalty producing defenseman. Actually..no, don't sign him he isn't worth any amount of money he will be looking for. We have better options.
  8. It was just a terrible, terrible job by the RPD/SHP/Canes organization. I didn't buy tickets to listen to Chuck K on the radio! Seriously, they need to do something. During the Cup run the parking and organization was great, what the heck has happened? Seriously, get a plan in place and just use what works. I hated being stuck in traffic and then trying to get out was a joke as well...add to that my infant son needed to be fed and it was a royal mess.
  9. It's ridiculous...I was 5 minutes away at 2:15 and I missed the first two goals of the game (heard the horn blow for Eaves goal). I was shocked to see traffic coming in off of Wade both east and west and then to have only two lanes open on Edwards Mill was crazy too. I paid good money for these tickets and didn't show up "last minute," I beleive the Canes organization and the RBC center need to figure this out. I bet this wouldn't have been as messy a situation if they would still let people park in the fairgrounds. I had to pay $8 to park out in Timbuktu after waiting 40 minutes to get to the arena. Thankfully the game was good, but I was considering getting season tickets again next year and this traffic @#$% has me rethinking that.
  10. A majority of people didn't think Grahame was that good! We weren't bashing him, just pointing out the obvious.
  11. No...I am all for this move. Have been for a LONG time. I just don't think he will be claimed on waivers. Re-entry waivers? Possibly, but even that's not a sure thing. Crackers has worn out his welcome here. Best to him and his circus on ice.
  12. Yeah I don't think ANYONE is going to take on Grahame's contract. He may get claimed on re-entry, but not initial waivers. I will be shocked if any team claims him.
  13. Just to let everyone know....I won't post Ek's crap unless I can verify it myself! The CuJo thing was a rumor though and I hope I clarified that in subsequent posts. ~UDC
  14. I understand your POV, but in this case it *could* make sense....I mean sometimes he comes up with stuff that isn't remotely possible. I just added the CuJo bit since it was stated. I still think Leighton comes up....
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