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  1. I play the game and many guys who play, yes for fun, but hockey guys their whole lives, see how much #17 is hurting the Canes. Their is the ego of look at me I am great and the ego of if I work harder and try hard I can will myself to get it done. Rod has the latter and he is hurting this team. He needs to play 12 minutes a game on a 3rd line. It's just that simple. If not they will NOT make the playoffs.
  2. why is francis the answer? Is he the next Scotty Bowman. gimme a break. Why not give Ronny another night celebratinghis greatness and saty off tehbench. We are what Wayne Gretzky once called the devils...a Mickey Mouse operation.
  3. Ivy Leagurer is on the mark Solid! by the way JR saying taht coaching the Leafs is like going to college at an Uvy League school is dumb *edit* and insulting. To make it worse, it is the main reason for bringing MO back. He's more mature and better because of Toronto. So is the Jamaican bobled team more ready and better becaus ethey went to the Olmpics? and GOT KILLED! Toronto was a nightmare and MO did nothing to prove he helped. MO is not taking over the '80 Isles or '97 RedWings, so his track record of making gold out of horse bleep will be a problem here. teh canes are not a bad team, but they are average at best. .500 record, duh. they can't score and Karmanos and JR have gone on teh cheap fo rplayers and certainly MO. They got to fire Lavvy while not having to pay for a replacement they can completely control. The true will surface now, this is JR's mess not Lavvy's. If JR and Petey are trying to sell seats they succeeded as well as UNC did vs. the pack 10 days ago. SMACKDOWN
  4. [ :angry: This is an absolute joke that is going over like a led balloon in Caniac land. This strikes us as being the old boy network, controlling and not in the least cheap! 4 coaches behind the bench? What are we the Texas football team? Francis is being used for his name and popularity with the fans. He has shown no interest in coaching. My question is when does JR and Karmanos get called out by the media for running, as Wayne Gretzky once famously said, a Mickey Mouse operation? This is not a very good team that needs to be tweaked. This is an average team put together on the cheap who doesn
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