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  1. Wings have indeed sent them home early twice...but the thing is, lots of teams find a way to beat them - the Sharks have gotten as far as the conference final only once (2004). A storied playoff team they are not...they really should have a better record of post-season success with the talent they've had.
  2. Red Wings hold the record for consecutive regular-season first-overall finishes - seven, from 1948-49 through 1954-55 inclusive, the heyday of the Production Line with Howe, Abel et al.
  3. He hasn't come back as yet - he's on his second banning as it is (for an exchange on the second Caps-Penguins game thread from 9th March that really went off the rails). On the Caps boards we have basically two categories of banning - UNREGISTERED (complete deletion of profile) and SUSPECT (can't post but can still lurk, along with the - at least theoretical - possibility of reinstatement; many such posters have been reinstated, often after an absence of several months). I just joined here earlier this week and I've got to say they run a pretty tight ship here.
  4. Trouble with the Presidents' Trophy is that it's become little more than a consolation prize in recent years - the last team to win both the Presidents' Trophy and the Stanley Cup in the same season was the 2001-02 Red Wings. Since then: 2002-03 - Senators for Presidents' Trophy/Devils for Stanley Cup 2003-04 - Red Wings for PT/Lightning for Cup 2005-06 - Red Wings for PT/Hurricanes for Cup 2006-07 - Sabres for PT/Ducks for Cup ...the difference between built-for-speed and built-for-distance perhaps? (I know the feeling: I'm also a season ticket holder at DC United and we've won the Supporters' Shield - the MLS equivalent of the Presidents' Trophy - the past two seasons but crashed out in the playoffs each time. I rather prefer league titles, myself.)
  5. Last post-season meeting between the two teams was in 2001, Penguins winning in 6.
  6. The reason the Blackhawks-Caps thread got taken off was a relative newbie poster (who has since been banned) who started making repeated posts urging cutting people's throats. It is the only GDT we've had on the Caps boards to be deleted wholesale, at least since the lock-out. For a true Caps boards meltdown classic, check out this one (now locked) from a Penguins visit last season: http://boards.washingtoncaps.com/index.php?showtopic=51725. (If some of the posts and replies look out of sequence, it's because our boards were undergoing one of their periodic attacks of the post-jumps.)
  7. Pay? News to me...I've been on the Caps boards for the past five years and never had to pay (never heard of anyone else having to either - and like the other NHL boards we have members from all over).
  8. Can the Capitals-Hurricanes rivalry in the Southeast Division ever approach the intensity of the old Patrick Division? The best rivalries in any sport are playoff-driven, and a hot playoff-berth race like the current one can certainly add the intensity. The Hurricanes are of course the Southeast team nearest DC - the other three teams are simply too far away physically - and you do turn up a moderate support at Verizon Centre, maybe 100-200 supporters (who last night tended to melt into the crowd since most of the Canes supporters who wore colours last night wore red). It's certainly a far cry from the first Carolina season in 1997-98 - I watched a Canes-Caps match in Greensboro that season and there were maybe 6,000 in the house - but can it really approach the levels of Caps-Flyers and the like? The coming years could prove interesting...and the much-maligned 'Southleast' could definitely use some rivalries.
  9. For example[/post]...and another example. (in fairness, it must be noted that high-intensity ranting is quite common in the Caps fandom too)
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