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  1. Back to cleaning beach houses. It's as if everything is back to normal. Just in the area I parked my vehicle yesterday to go clean a beach condo weekly rental there were vehicles from Delaware, Massachusetts, Ohio, New York and Texas. We disinfect these houses, but it is worrying the way the beach crowd act like nothing has or is happening.
  2. I run a residential and commercial cleaning business, but I don't think y'all wanna see pics of before and after toilets and bathrooms 😵
  3. I agree. Lots of doom and gloom on these boards. If we were like the pens and lost our last 6, yes then panic mode. I have a feeling we will have a big winning streak when we start again.
  4. We're gonna need a bigger boat 😵
  5. The Caps won't have ovenchicken tonight, so let's hope for a Habs win.
  6. I think we will know something definite by Monday. I have a signed Williams picture, so I would love to see him on the ice.
  7. I think that if a team allows a short handed goal on their power play, then they lose the rest of their power play.
  8. At least Mongo tried, and hard to say what was going on for him during his time here. HWSNBN just didn't give a toss.
  9. I watch the canes on FSC thru sling on my roku. As this channel has been dropped by sling, what are my options? If I sign up and pay a subscription just for canes games, thru NHL app, will I get to watch all the canes games? I don't really want to pay HULU $45 a month. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Couple years ago, I was in Washington for a visit, walking down the street wearing a canes t.shirt a guy in a Caps shirt walked by me and gave me the finger! Oh my, how sweet that game 7 was
  11. Don't think Williams has the speed for top line.
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