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  1. canes win! oops, wishful thinking 🥴
  2. Nice to see this team come out in the 3rd and not panic or change their game plan. Can't say enough about Mr. Williams.
  3. Perhaps being so young he's a bit miffed at geekie getting a lot of attention? Don't worry Svech you got the lacrosse move 😁
  4. Nice win. Geekie plays with grit, liking this kid.
  5. I agree. Lots of doom and gloom on these boards. If we were like the pens and lost our last 6, yes then panic mode. I have a feeling we will have a big winning streak when we start again.
  6. At the end of the season, this 1 point might be HUGE....never know.
  7. We're gonna need a bigger boat 😵
  8. I think these guys have something called integrity. ( sarcasm alert)
  9. Ayres will be happy if he can get us the win, but will be SO glad he ain't got to do the skull clap.
  10. I am sure Tripp is so glad he wasn't asked to suit up 😄
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