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  1. We need to string some wins together and try to distance our self from the chasing pack. It's just too close for comfort like this. Every game becomes a must win. Agree with Coastal that things are getting stale. Shake up the lines and give Williams some mins.
  2. Not impressed with this game, but we got the 2 points.
  3. The team had the welcome back Williams banner ready in the dressing room, but HE didn't show up, so I guess they were just too emotionally drained to play a hockey game 😂😂....(sarcasm alert)
  4. With Isles, Flyers losing yesterday and Pens only getting a point, time to gain some ground. Get the sandpaper out boys
  5. I think we will know something definite by Monday. I have a signed Williams picture, so I would love to see him on the ice.
  6. Even without their goon Wilson the caps are a dirty, cheap shot team. I hope we meet them come playoffs and ruin their playoff hopes.
  7. OOH... forgot about the rest of this year!!!
  8. I am GUTTED which is the total opposite of chuffed ☹️ Wish Brindy had called his timeout at 6-5. Oh well, onto 2020.
  9. I think that if a team allows a short handed goal on their power play, then they lose the rest of their power play.
  10. If we can stay outta the box 3-2 canes. If not, 5-1 Bruins.
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