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  1. I think these guys have something called integrity. ( sarcasm alert)
  2. Ayres will be happy if he can get us the win, but will be SO glad he ain't got to do the skull clap.
  3. I am sure Tripp is so glad he wasn't asked to suit up 😄
  4. Caps lose to lowly Devils Pens lose to lowly Slugs Can we NOT lose to the NOT so lowly leafs.....please??
  5. The moms told 'em. "It's the time out chair if you don't win!!"
  6. Looks ain't everything. Can they skate, fore check, score goals and not take penalties? 😂😂
  7. Score 1st and stay out of the bloody box
  8. Another MUST WIN. Gotta take advantage of the teams around us losing yesterday.
  9. I'm not impressed with that performance. Better get the rust off ASAP.
  10. The Caps won't have ovenchicken tonight, so let's hope for a Habs win.
  11. Go Rags tonight. Do we root for the flyers or pens?
  12. yeah....all those seasons where we would've made it in, IF we won some shootouts. Gut wrenching😩
  13. That extra point was crucial. Reimer won us this game. I am still very worried about our lack of scoring. Like to see Svech back on the top line. Williams is the cool dude!!
  14. If we lose today, I am going to be worried about this team
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