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  1. How bout supporting them by selling out a game before the day of it. I just looked and there are still seats available. Edit: Im sorry Canes fans. Im so sad about my beloved Sabres not even making the playoffs this season so I thought I'd come here and make myself feel better by pretending this was still 2006 and that my Sabres still had a good team. I sincerely appologize and wish you all luck tonight. Go Canes!
  2. attendance records link http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/attendance?year=2009
  3. wow thats a good deal. I'd rather boston win this round but i dont see them winning 3 straight.
  4. You cant honestly think that the canes are the loudest in the NHL. I mean comon canadian ppl Live and breath hockey. Loudest in the South is a plausible statement.
  5. Try the box office. I searched at 4pm friday afternoon and i came up with 5 seats in the lower level availabe. That is sad that Canes fans can barley fill a stadium even in the playoffs.
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