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  1. If K-Stop(sorry, but he is going to need a simpler knickname)can grind it out along the boards and in the corners, knock some guys off their skates and poke in a few goals, it could only be an asset. Some more toughness on O and a trade for a big, solid d-man could give the Canes the ability to dictate the physical play instead of reacting to it. It's not a blockbuster move, but I feel positive about it. Any takers on how Chuck K is going to mis-pronounce his name? "Ohhhhh, what a shot by Kosto.....Kotsopo.......Snuffleupagus!"
  2. "He was on him like a gummi bear!"-Tripp Tracy (I think it was at the beginning of the season)
  3. Yes, Jason Karmanos-the VP and Assistant General manager lives in Raleigh-but Pete Karmanos-the owner-does not. If moving to Florida to save money is a bad thing, Maybe Pete should move the FLORIDA Everblades to Apex. (Which I believe was named the 3rd best town in America to move to. Kudos to Apex) My point was before slamming one teams owner, your own better be squeeky clean. Do the Sabres have problems, sure they do. If Lindy Ruff or Darcy Regier hasn't gotten that team a cup by now, then I don't see it happening under the current administration. Do I think the Canes deliver a good product to the fans? Absolutley. As I have stated before, I have been attending Canes games since the Greensboro days, and many Icecaps games before that. Looking at the Phoenix Coyotes situation, I believe the Canes could be used as a model on how to be successful in a small-non traditional hockey market. I can't even complain about parking. I've had harder times getting out of the parking lot at 5 County stadium after a Mudcats game. (It's like bumper cars!) Do I agree with everything the Canes do? No. But I buy my season tickets, lecture my daughter when she doesn't get "caned up" before we head to the game(Canes hat and her pink Canes jersey), feast off the excellent BBQ cart and get a cold Labatts. It's just being from Buffalo, the constant I hate Buffalo-the Sabres Suck, yadda yadda wears a little thin once in a while.
  4. Maybe your owner should take some notes, he has a loyal fan base but doesnt seem to care as he counts his money in FL. Your argument may hold more water if Karmanos wasn't handcuffing JR with a self-imposed salary-cap and if PK actually lived in Raleigh, or anywhere in North Carolina. Also, everytime I hear "family friendly" I want to stick pencils in my eyes. If Don Cherry was dead, he'd be spinning and cartwheeling in his grave at the thought of hockey being "family friendly". I long for the real hockey of the 70's when the sport was played by grown-ups and not overpaid prima-donnas who cry to the ref when they are lightly shoved off the puck.
  5. I have to agree with the above post about the Sabres. Let it go , people. The only ones obsessing are the Caniacs. I travel to Buffalo frequently, wear my Canes stuff the whole time and no-one says anything. Infact I've had many friendly, positive reactions to my Canes gear. I always thought the Crapitals were our biggest rivalry. I've hated the Caps since the Greensboro days. Florida also comes to mind-especially when Cane-killer Olli Jokinen was a Panther.
  6. To be honest, I'm kind've exhausted from griping about the Mo. My question is where does Tom Rowe fit in all this? The man is brought in to be associate head coach with Lavi. When Lavi leaves, I'm guessing Tom thought he would be the logical successor. Then in comes the Mo(groan), and Ronnie, Tom is pushed to assistant, Kevin is banished to the press box, and we hear that Ronnie is being mentored for the head Coach job. Now it looks like Mo(groan), and hopefully Ronnie will be back and Tom remains assistant. It seems to me the job of death in this organization is "associate head coach". Good luck Ronnie. Now discuss....
  7. Like TSA said, he wasn't given a chance with some of the teams that he had. Give him a break. Let's see what he can do in a full season. I'm still not convinced that its soley Mo, but this coaching staff seems to blend together to make up a great team. I'm very interested to see what goes on in the 2009-2010 season. How many chances does Mo need? Mo is like the Regan Smith or Todd Bodine of the NHL. (that's a Nascar reference Caniacs.) He's the Nascar driver that consistantly finishes in the bottom 20, once in a blue moon will get you a top 10, but deep down you now he'll never win the big race, but will always end up with a ride. Will Mo be back as coach? More than likely. Will I be happy? Absolutely, unequivically no. Will I renew my season tickets? More than likely. What this team needs is consistancy. This making the playoffs-nothing for two years-winning the cup-nothing for two years-making the playoffs-noth....wait, were not there yet. There is no reason this team cannot make the playoffs on a consistant basis. If Mo is back behind the bench, then I would say JR needs to put a very, VERY short leash on Mo and if things look like they're going south, don't hesitate to pull the trigger. The ups and downs are holy heck on the fan base. This isn't George Orwell's 1984-"If Mo took us to the playoffs this year, then he must have always taken us to the playoffs...."
  8. If it was up to me, I'd help Mo start packing his stuff for one of those made up front office jobs right now. (You know, like director of defensemen developement.) Mo with Ronnie behind the bench? At least Ronnie would limit the damage. Mo by himself, I've seen this show before and it's not pretty. After the finals with Detroit, Mo ground this team into a cycling, no shooting, no scoring, no hitting stankin' shell of it's former self and couldn't be run out of town fast enough. After doing the same thing to the Maple-laffs, Mo comes back AND WITH Ronnie turns the Canes into a respectable hockey team. (I do believe Mo was horribly out-coached by the Pens. How else can you explain Mo supposedly being able to identify that the team was making the same mistakes every game, but was either unable or unwilling to fix them.) Nothing tells me that Mo on his own wouldn't put this team back on a slow, agonizing path to mediocre-ville. But that's just me, someone who still wakes up at night with nightmares of the the Mo 1.0 era. Anybody remember Pavel brendl?
  9. I'll give a different take on the Mo issue. I first started attending Canes games the first year in Greensboro when the team was playing infront of crowds of 7000 and the games on the radio were being pre-empted by Duke basketball. My living room looks like a shrine to the Canes and I have more Canes hats than anyone should have. Then something happened....I knew Lavi was going to go, but the day the team announced Mo was coming back, maybe the very instant, any passion, love, support, any feeling I had for the Canes...died. At first I had to resist the urge to take all of my Canes stuff, pack it in boxes, drive to the RBC center and throw it on the side walk. After the intitial rage, I then found myself watching the Canes and feeling nothing, absolutley numb. Even the winning streak, the heroics against the Devils, I sit in my season ticket seats and feel completely, literally nothing. I believe I would feel more if the Canes had put a traffic cone behind the bench and called it Coach. My memories of Mo 1.0 were and are still too vivid. I can't even fake enthusiasm. Some of my coworkers say I should support the players, not the coach, but when I hear "And the head coach Paul Maurice!" over the PA system before the game, I groan, slump in my seat and don't care what happens on the ice. I can't explain it, can't fix it, and don't know if I'll ever get the "fever back". (and no, more cowbell won't help.)
  10. The Canes sit in 8th place in the conference, 1 point ahead of the Sabres. Our leading scorer, Whitney, is 91st overall in scoring. Our powerplay is o-for-ever and JR's short term solution is to hand the team to Mo who rode the Canes in his final year into an abismal cycling nightmare. Lets not forget almost the entire fanbase turning against him, losing the respect of the players and literally being ridden out of town on a rail as fast as possible. The answer, give the team back to Mo so he can act as a mentor to Ronnie who doesn't even know if he wants to coach. I'm sorry, but if I pay money to watch the team choke on it's own mismanagement, then I will boo the power play when it makes 2 passes too many and won't shoot, I will boo when I see millionaires coast after the puck or do the dump and watch the other team chase, or give up the first goal for what could be the 11th straight game. The hiring of Mo, in my opinion, is nothing but a gut punch to any real Canes fan, especially those that have been watching since the Greensboro days and had to live through Mo version 1.0. Welcome to Mo 2.0. How long before Pavel Brendl comes back? Might as well just fire Stormy and bring Cappy Bear out of retirement. (If your a true hockey fan in Raleigh, you'll know who Cappy Bear was...)
  11. Apparently I have woken up in hockey bizzaro land. No one that watched the Canes in Mo's last year here could possibly be thinking "let's give Mo a chance." I can't take another season of watching all three forwards jammed into one corner, trying to cycle and stick handle within 15 feet of each other, while the pointmen are standing by idle, their only function to throw the puck back into the corner to the three forwardfs to start the "Mo'cycle" all over again. I can still hear the chants of MO MUST GO and definitely remember fans calling 850 the buzz saying they almost wished the Canes would lose a few more if that's what it took to get Mo out of Raleigh. If you thought the Canes don't shoot enough now and cycle the puck too much...WATCH OUT! Under Mo they will shoot EVEN LESS and cycle the puck TWICE AS MUCH! If your house was on fire, would you douse it with water or lighter fluid? Obviously JR has picked the lighter fluid. If I were the Caps, I'd be giggling like morons by now because it's obvious to me JR has officially thrown in the towel. There is NOTHING anyone could possibly say to make me think bringing Mo back is a positive thing.
  12. Crash the net, SHOOT THE PUCK, stop hesitating before shooting, stop the endless cycling looking for the one perfect shot. Simply, crash the net and shoot!
  13. The Canes look like they are waiting for someone else to do their jobs. "If I flub it, someone else will be there to pick up my slack". The power play needs to get back to a more basic, fundimental strategy. Crash the net, create traffic infront of the goalie and SHOOT THE PUCK!!!! Stop the endless cycling-trying to set up for that one perfect shot. I also believe there are a few Canes that feel that they are untouchable due to their big salaries. How do you motivate someone who is paid too much to be sent down, but has grown complacent? Watching the Caps game, the Canes looked like they were on a completely different skill level, as if the University of Minnesota hockey team was playing the NC State hockey team. I think Lavi has done everything he could do with the team, it might be time for some new blood. (Isn't Ted Nolan available?) It's almost deja-vu all over again. It's like reading the posts from Paul Maurice's final days......
  14. I believe the whole idea of this thread is that the Storm Squad is NOT revving up the crowd this season. They have basically done the same thing since their first season, but this year they're doing it even more lackluster. Back in the early 90's, I attended many University of North Dakota hockey games. During intermission, the cheerleaders(actual college hockey cheerleaders) would skate onto the ice(operative word SKATE) and perform and lead cheers. During the game they would be on the steps also leading and performing cheers. I've been watching the Storm Squad "railing sit" since their first year and can't believe no one in the organization thinks it's time for the Storm Squad to "rev' up their game.
  15. I'm just waiting for the day John F. just backhands Tripp. I don't want to know about who a player is wearing or where they eat. To be honest, I hope that Ray Whitney ends up in the booth someday next to John. He's funny without being obnoxious and can offer excellent in depth color commentary.
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