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  1. I predict Tervainen big game. This when they try to smother Svech. and................Nike.
  2. Ron francis’ Dropped when he got traded to the canes as well.
  3. Yes they were both excellent players. Their skill was not a result of Francis. This is a team game. You could ask if Svech is any good cause he plays with Aho and Turbo.
  4. Yeah I can do without her. She can’t hold a candle to Marley girl. Too skinny.
  5. I would not see why. He kept it from being a blowout.
  6. This felt close. But only because of all the urgencies and uncertainty. We never trailed,
  7. I sense a war coming in game 2
  8. Rangers jinx over. Lundquist domination over. On to the next
  9. Actually I think he did very well. He is always difficult.
  10. I would go to manager. The owner of all the ale houses is a huge canes fan.
  11. Glad this feed is so much better than caps one
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