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  1. cc

    2019 Playoffs

    You have another option?
  2. cc

    2019 Playoffs

    2017-18 Charlotte Checkers AHL 69 25 18 43 8 4 | Playoffs 8 2 1 3 2 1 2018-19 Charlotte Checkers AHL 69 30 24 54 12 18 |
  3. Yes it was that loud. But no louder. Actually you could pick almost every game, The caniacs brought it every game culminating with the "stand the entire game" for the last one.(as recorded in the annals of history) I am expecting not to be able to speak after this one. I have a note pad ready to write on.
  4. http://gocheckers.com/articles/features/alex-nedeljkovic-named-ahl-s-outstanding-goalie-for-2018-19
  5. My throat is on the mend. I think it needs to be treated with Tincture of Crown Royal. We are within 24 hours. Time to Rock the PNC.
  6. cc

    2019 Playoffs

    Having Depth is a wonderful thing. We have not had that for a loooong time.
  7. Brown is the captain of a team that won the AHL regular season crown. He has 28 games of NHL experience. Had his best year ever this year statistically. We need someone with a physical side who is unlikely to get the jitters and have a brainfart on ice. Stat wise other than goals. He is 18.1 to 5.2 % (3rd on team). I am willing to bet his faceoff %age is right up there as well( small NHL sample) but he was 53% in college. I could not find where AHL tracks this. Enough to change your mind? Seems pretty cut and dried.
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