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  1. I love it when the positive vibes begin to flow
  2. I would expect they are more closely related/similar than almost any other NHL municipalities.
  3. He ain’t worth that much of a scorer.
  4. The cap settings do not change anything for us. But other teams up against it.
  5. We got the 44th as well. They assumed they could still get the player THEY wanted at 44th. I’ll be watching for an update in a few years.
  6. cc

    2019 Draft

  7. cc

    2019 Draft

    There is no way to predict this. No ones picks with exception of a few high level will be playing In The next year or two. OMG the need for instant gratification is ridiculous.
  8. cc

    2019 Draft

    Step back from the edge. Ain’t NONE of these kids made nuthin happen yet.
  9. cc

    2019 Draft

    You been salivating to trade a pick you should be tickled.
  10. cc

    2019 Draft

    I suppose knocking our pick goes as humor now. Or sarcasm or whatever.
  11. cc

    2019 Draft

    I would suspect the aim is to compete now.
  12. cc

    2019 Draft

    Exactly what we have . B and W.
  13. cc

    2019 Draft

    How inspiring. Cmon man get a grip
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