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  1. I didn’t even know Detroit was playing.
  2. "Samsonov hasn’t lost a start since November, and he’s currently riding a seven-game winning streak." Hopefully he is ripe for the picking.
  3. Another example- Toronto has been described in this forum as "Crazy good". They have lost 3 in a row including getting shelled in their last game 8 to 4. There are no guaranteed wins. Take your foot off the gas for a second and you can be toast quick. I would hope and expect JW will help in this area.
  4. I get ya. These"media types" try to get you to click and this is the bait and switch tactic. Provide an unlikely possibility then disclaim it in the discussion. In any case- we don't have much money and it is entirely possible with good defense these two goalies can get us there.(Pay no mind to the the Rangers Homer from the NY post comments on this) I think they both thrive of fan love so the more we can give them the better they will produce. Reimers countenance during the post game interview said it all. This fan base can really bring the love when they want too.
  5. The canes will need to scores more goals than the caps. Lets win the rubber match for the Marley girl.
  6. No different than any "posting". Weve never seen this kind of thing on this board have we.
  7. More like a one date engagement to my view.
  8. Great time last night. Huge and energized crowd. Lines for almost everything. Pucks sold out quickly. We just made it to get Jordys autograph. Super nice guy. Loved the NE whalers jersey I had. Whalers nite is a Huuuuuge. Success. They should use brass bonanza intermittently for goals. Theme nights for other decades might be good.
  9. Can we just enjoy this win for a few minutes. Cmon!
  10. That’s how a goalie steals a win.
  11. You might have forgotten Genesis Blue oyster cult and many others
  12. We better decide we want this game. It’s a toss up right now.
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