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  1. https://cardiaccane.com/2019/08/17/carolina-hurricanes-sign-top-prospect-chase-priskie/
  2. This is a standard security measure. It is effective and it should get you in faster. And they are not just looking for weapons.
  3. Or perhaps embrace inclusiveness and be respectful of others who wish to attend with their child. Perhaps money is limited. 🙄
  4. Effective to promote the Dundon is cheap narrative. 😉
  5. Not likely. Thats like calling the canes Storm Hogs. LOL
  6. Not to feed the beast but the symbol is linked to the genocide/extermination of multiple species.
  7. Whale attacking a Hurricane from aft. My 1st impression.
  8. Sorry.........fixed it. I dont think anyone has my new one.
  9. Once you get kids over the age of 25 it’s gets easier.
  10. I embrace Curmudgeonness (and exemplify it).and would for sure.
  11. Im tired of the Negative waves. The "Jerk" was taken LOL
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