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  1. That’s what the ushers are for. In my case I have a weapon. My horn.😁
  2. Yep and he was good this game. More to come.
  3. Time for a T shirt. They can use Mraz, Svetch and Holyfield. Maybe we can get Holyfield back to teach some "avoidance" skills.
  4. Gardiner deserves a star. A goal and even plus minus for the game. You could blame the poor Faceoff performance on him though...... if you tried.
  5. How quickly they turn on ya. 😂
  6. Yeah unless you want to open the season on goalies
  7. Agree totally. Don't matter how good your D is if you cant score more goals than the opposition.
  8. Pretty hard to win any game with "0" goals. I would not fault the D for this game.
  9. Drip Drip Drip. One time Cane-(for those that remember the lovely 02-03 season.) Loved his descriptive comment. OTTAWA SUN: Senators players Dylan DeMelo and Mark Borowiecki claim they had a good relationship with Crawford during his tenure with the club. Former Senator and Canucks Alex Burrows praised Crawford for helping him become an NHL player. Another former Canuck, Harold Druken, accused Crawford of physical and verbal abuse when he broke into the league. “I can’t believe he’s still coaching, I wouldn’t let him coach my dog,” said Druken. This would be Marc Crawford who assailed Avery who since said, basically "he deserved it and liked the guy". Imagine that.
  10. Drip Drip. https://www.tsn.ca/report-former-detroit-red-wing-johan-franzen-says-he-suffered-while-playing-for-mike-babcock-1.1407213
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