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  1. Divesting myself from 99% of Social media(this is my one exception) and almost 100% of news coverage. Its a real sewer out there. This weekend just doing some mundane tasks like mowing the lawn helped. And I drank a Growler of beer one night. That really helped. Not interacting with any one I dont need to. I am a loner by nature so this helps. Be safe and weather this storm out.
  2. Hang in there fella- This emphasizes the impact . When it gets personal it changes the viewpoint forever.
  3. Buy about 10 wash clothes per person(Brown ones). No different than washing diapers.
  4. Well- Not sure but this might allow a canadian champion(with an asterisk)
  5. They are fortunate to be able to do this. There could be "New Pirates" however.
  6. Different times. During the plaque they did not even know what bacteria were. The 1st vaccines were not produced until several years after the Spanish flu. But we will see.
  7. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47679760 https://foreignpolicy.com/2019/09/05/chinas-great-game-in-iran/
  8. It’s a virus. Antibiotics don’t affect it. But don’t take this from me. Ask a doctor on Twitter.
  9. As a scientist myself working with others for several decades, they are human and have their agendas. They are as fallible as the rest of us regardless of their degrees. Some have so much knowledge they think there is only one viewpoint. They can ignore and explain away data that does not agree with their preformed hypotheses. That is antithetical to the scientific method. We have far too little data to make any conclusions at this point. That is why this freaking out is not supported by any semblance of reason. It’s totally reactionary. PS I don’t claim to be an expert but I do have some relevant base of experience to draw from.
  10. How many are affected by seasonal flu even with a limited effectiveness vaccine.?
  11. I heard only Canadian teams will be part of the playoffs. LOL
  12. Ok- Not my desired source of scientific information. But then I am a scientist and skeptical by nature. I noticed an interesting word."potentially". concerning permanent damage.
  13. Source? They has hardly been enough time to evaluate long term implications of having had this illness.
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