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  1. If you want to base all decisions only on points produced a few games into the season have at it. That fast food mentality will knee jerk us into the basement. IMHO.
  2. Its about being in position to receive that pass. Couch position aint it. LOL
  3. First Did not watch live- 5 Am comes to early. However in watching the highlights it looked to be an entertaining and also nailbiter for some reasons. Appears to follow what we expected for this team at least until they "figure it out. Having the personnel and skill to cover up our areas for improvement is something we did not used to have. And mostly importantly, good goal tending hides all. On to the next.
  4. That would be progressing to eating meat for a goat.
  5. Now perhaps we can move on from the “undefeated “ watch. Concentrate on getting better. We still have a long way to go.
  6. Old farts have a much more complex content. Age matters. 😂
  7. I have to use a specific browser to do it.
  8. How about the the TurBass Line. Works for NC.
  9. I said "based on tenure" . The original post did not indicate any other qualification. Sorry for any confusion. I would place it at the bottom of the criteria. But I am old school...........very. I mean you could bring In A "Joe Thornton" and he could be captain immediately. No tenure at all.
  10. No one deserves anything based on tenure. My humble opinion.
  11. Well, it works fine to pull up on laptop and HDMI to Samsung TV. Quality is good. Can't pull up directly but my daughter has an RCA and it has Fox Sports South Fox Carolina to direct connect. SO depending on your device of choice options can vary.
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