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  1. I think that the issue will get forced for better or worse soon. i.e a call up /shakeup, otherwise you cant say you tried to address it. Game Observations from 301: I was happy to see Number 4's level of play. Crowd was pretty until near the end. Post game guy(nameless) seemed to indicate that Reimers play was not up to snuff. Maybe, but he got totally hung out to dry at least twice. Unless we get more(any) scoring from lower lines we are TOAST in short order. Lastly- Plenty of after the call cheap shots for Edmonton. Refs need to control that is it gets to be a pattern (IMHO). PS: i'm jumping on the best seats I can get for the outdoor game: Hoping STH priority helps.
  2. If it’s the D penguins, Canes fans better step up and buy tickets.
  3. With all the negative waves being produced it’s no wonder......
  4. He’s the coach. However, perhaps he is not the one picking? Or at least not the only one.
  5. Its a sensitive world nowadays. It’s why I need to retire as soon as possible. Way too easy to PO some people.
  6. Wow......sensitive much? I reckon they really hate the surge. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nhl/news/edmonton-oilers-star-leon-draisatil-calls-calgary-flames-goalie-david-rittichs-stick-toss-disrespectful/93x56otw974h1bwcouqr9ihrb
  7. Interesting analysis. https://www.stlouisgametime.com/2020/2/2/21118988/justin-faulks-old-team-is-coming-to-town-how-will-he-perform
  8. Always liked this little dude. https://www.tsn.ca/columbus-blue-jackets-sign-f-nathan-gerbe-to-two-year-extension-1.1436656
  9. Refs out of control and even went over several specific instances in this game plus going back a game.
  10. John did not hold back on the aftermath.
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