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  1. Well I would expect at the rate we are moving the possibility of watching a game in person will be sometime in 2022. But we are up to about 1300 allowed to attend so I guess that will be profitable.
  2. cc

    So Long Skip

    Considering his legacy a permanent reminder in the arena would be nice.
  3. cc

    So Long Skip

    Original Legacy- I got a chance at a Casino night to have him , Robert Kron and Chuck share a few stories about "the old days". Best night EVER. https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/nhl/carolina-hurricanes/article246063275.html
  4. Both sides made the decision what was right for them. No more no less.
  5. Anyone here planning to brave the "Great Covid Storm" for the equipment sale Oct 3,4?
  6. Appropriate in todays environment: Loved this, had it as a 45 record back in the day. It played in reverse on the B side. Yep- Im old.
  7. cc

    NHL Draft 2020

    Cam 21 Carey 20 Fleury 19 (4-14 in 21 games) Carter 20 So 3 years is about the ceiling for expectations.
  8. There will be no in person games until after December. Take it to the bank.
  9. I will go a step further and ask for all my money back. May be the last penny I spend.(Covid or no Covid) We will see.
  10. Cancelled games. Never thought it would come to this. I am so over all of it.
  11. I would not see why. He kept it from being a blowout.
  12. This felt close. But only because of all the urgencies and uncertainty. We never trailed,
  13. I sense a war coming in game 2
  14. Rangers jinx over. Lundquist domination over. On to the next
  15. Actually I think he did very well. He is always difficult.
  16. I would go to manager. The owner of all the ale houses is a huge canes fan.
  17. Glad this feed is so much better than caps one
  18. Smilin Bob has alot to smile about.
  19. When has this not been the case. I say never as we are always expected to suck. Not sure how they arrive at these speculations based on one exhibition game.......... but whatever. As far a lighting a fire, Rod will take care of that. Best cure for getting irritated by listening to pundits...........stop listening. I did this long ago............now extended to ALL media.
  20. Those days are gone. We cannot afford to have one of our guys suspended because Wilson did what he always does. Caps are punks and massively ****** we sent them packing before. If we are blessed to meet them again,it will be all out war. Whoever comes out the other end is likley to get swept. My prediction only.
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