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  1. Ok so it’s ok to overpay or gethelp but conditionally?
  2. Different team same number of points as last year at this juncture. 72 in 61 games. Not so different results.
  3. I reckon the checkers have quite a scramble of their own going on.
  4. Nothing HAS to be done. That would eliminate a logical thought process.
  5. Rely/lean on the farm. Desperate trades are a poor plan. We were in a difficult slog to even make the playoffs.
  6. Not sure why but tsn just listed Haula at number 11 on their trade bait list. Probly idle speculation on their part,
  7. How zactly did you preform this here calkeelashun son? Jest winderin?
  8. What IS a millenial, I struggle to understand. I have a daughter born in 1992. Placing a label on a group based on when they were born is just so .....limiting. My daughter hardly reflects the labeled characteristics for that group. But I am old and came from a family that spanned almost 20 years from Brother to Brother. I believe I am a throwback. Just not sure how far. Middle ages?
  9. Amazing that TSN.ca call us a "cup contender". "CAROLINA HURRICANES: Since the Lightning traded theirs for Blake Coleman, the Canes are the only contender with an extra first-round pick still at their disposal to make magic happen. That will be the edict from owner Tom Dundon as Carolina looks to capitalize on the momentum in the market after last year’s run to the Eastern Conference Final. Dundon told The Athletic on Wednesday that playing in the tough Metropolitan Division is “no excuse.” The return of Justin Williams was Carolina’s deadline acquisition up front. But the Canes are believed to be doing their due diligence on Canadiens defenceman Jeff Petry, Devils defenceman Sami Vatanen and Blackhawks goalie Robin Lehner."
  10. Like when you take too many of those blue pills?
  11. Saarela got his 1st goal of NHL career
  12. This is not only tied to the D. Lack of offensive production from the line pairings he plays with has to be considered.(Typically Foegele,Staal,Wlliams) Correct? Which is why Plus/Minus can mislead.
  13. cc

    Auto repair

    Just wondering. What did they fix that cost. 700?. I just got a new crankshaft position sensor. Replacement window motor. Changed our tranny fluid and filter and new front brake pads for 500.
  14. cc

    Auto repair

    I have one but it’s way over in Rocky Mount. Wish they were closer.
  15. Well its just money right? All signed up/paid for next season and playoffs(no jinx)
  16. Keane Article- perhaps this will settle some nerves..... or not. Only time will tell. https://cardiaccane.com/2020/02/18/carolina-hurricanes-keen-joey-keane/4/
  17. We don’t get any now. What’s the difference? 😂
  18. What was the ref fussing at Mrazek about? Looked ******. And Necas has some sick speed.
  19. Goat meat is enjoyed well in North Carolina. Very Healthy.
  20. I expect this was more like, they saw what they needed to from Goat(not enough) and traded for a promising RHD. Its a PROSPECT trade.
  21. The 1st step to winning is EXPECTING to win. TRYING to win is the 1st step to losing.
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