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  1. No worries about the Ducks' making the postseason, cm. I watched the game tonight on Fox Sports West -- I live eight miles northeast of Honda Center, after all -- and got a gut feeling that Aaron, as well as the rest of coach Randy Carlyle's crew, will be wrapping up the season early this year.Jan/GSBG
  2. No ice in Southern California, but plenty of dime-sized hail mixed with heavy rain and loud thunder Saturday afternoon ... 20 minutes before I drove 45 minutes to a wine event. Given the idiosyncracies of SoCal winter weather, it's no surprise that today's high was 61 degrees, under cloudy skies. Jan/GSBG
  3. I'll second your sentiment, cj. Here's to a wonderful new year and a new decade for all of us. Cheers! Jan/GSBG
  4. Fondest Christmas wishes to my fellow Caniacs, from Placentia, Calif. ... 2,531 miles to the west of Canesville. All the merriest! Jan/GSBG
  5. Mr. G and I have been riding a pretty established roller coaster of marriage -- one made official Feb. 20, 1988 -- and it's the one we'll be riding from here on out. And if you think that's long, consider the one my parents have been on: opened Aug. 28, 1948.FYI -- and, hopefully, to cap this discussion -- Mr. G and I merely uttered a few sentences about Tiger's disgression; we weren't trying to analyze it. (And, no, we don't instantly associate Swedish with supermodel; Elin N. Woods truly made her living as a supermodel before tying the knot.) While I'm at it, I'll add that cheating on a spouse -- that "it's just done sometimes," according to sd -- leaves a far greater, more permanent mess than spilling some milk on the kitchen floor, something nearly all of us just do sometimes. Here's hoping this ends the Tiger discussion. Jan/GSBG
  6. Thanks for the reply, c97. It's much appreciated.In general, the Ducks' fan base is nearly as passionate as the Canes', so lack of interest is definitely not the issue. Here, it's a matter of holding onto your last few bucks to -- quite literally -- pay for housing (rent or mortgage), groceries, and utilities. It's impossible to emphasize enough how badly folks here are hurting; I know several once-prosperous families who now visit their local food bank for their meals. Bottom line #1: If it's a choice between holding onto enough money for housing (I'm assuming that parents, if they're still alive, won't be able to offer you a room to live during the downturn) and spending your last dollars to see your favorite NHL club, the choice is obvious. Bottom line #2: Here's hoping my friends North Carolina are spared this downturn. It's ugly, worse than I can describe here in the context of these boards. Jan/GSBG P.S. If not for my meager commission-only job, at which I've earned barely $11K this year, Mr. GSBG and I would be on the streets. He's been unemployed since March, and we have no savings to help us out.
  7. Thanks for the reply, c97. (Yes, it's great to hear from you again.) When I first took a look at the photo of the bar girl, I shook my head in disbelief. "What gives?" I asked. Not that I'm any great shakes these days in the looks department, but I'm beyond perplexed at Tiger's choices. Jan/GSBG
  8. Just curious: How's the economic downturn affecting North Carolina -- and, in particular, attendance at RBC the last year or two? Here's why I ask: The Ducks are having a similarly tough year, but the reason for the actual attendance of about 7.5K at Honda Center has zilch to do with a fan boycott relative to the team's play. In Southern California -- the four counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside -- the composite unemployment rate stands at 12.5%; most notably, the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino counties) have a jobless rate of 14.3%. When residents' main goal is keeping a roof over their heads, the notion of seeing the Ducks in person somehow slides down the ladder of priorities. Just wondering ... from a fellow Caniac living 2,530 miles to the west of Canesville. Jan/GSBG
  9. Mr. GSBG and I have discussed their situation the last few days, and wondered why Tiger was messing around with a dumpy little bartender when he has a Swedish supermodel for a wife. Go figure, folks. *shrugs, still puzzled* Jan/GSBG
  10. While I was attending my high school's multi-class get-together at Yard House last night and having a fantastic time, USC upended UCLA. Although I'll always have a soft spot for the latter, having been accepted there -- I chose CSU Fullerton instead for its then-stellar journalism/communications program -- Mr. G and I cheer for those pesky Trojans. Jan/GSBG
  11. So that's why attendance at the Ducks' games has tanked. The folks who made six-figure incomes in real estate, finance, and construction -- the hot fields in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties combined -- watched their jobs disappear the last two and a half years during the recession. Consequently, the number of fannies in the Honda Center seats has dropped to about 7K a game.(As for basketball: The Lakers have no trouble drawing from their celebrity-heavy fan base, Jack Nicholson most prominent among 'em. To be sure, that's probably the exception of the league.) Jan/GSBG
  12. The Ducks just shut out the Hawks, 3-0, with Jiggy picking up 28 saves. Wonder if the Ducks will be able to find their way into the postseason by overcoming their egregious start? Jan/GSBG
  13. I'm in a situation fairly similar to yours, cb: a 48-year-old native to her area (Southern California) who's a devoted puck fan. Like you, I never fail to appreciate how fortunate we hockey fans in untraditional hockey markets are to have NHL teams in our area. Please accept my belated wishes for a joyous and memorable Thanksgiving from across the miles -- 2,530 of 'em.Jan/GSBG
  14. If we all have a roof over our heads and were able to spend Thursday with at least one loved one, then our Thanksgivings were better than we realize. Belated best holiday wishes to some of the nicest folks I've come to know online in a very, very long time.Jan/GSBG
  15. I'll echo the same sentiment: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and stay safe on the roads. (A travel note: My Thanksgiving weekend "travels" will be consist of picking up my 85-year-old parents from their senior apartment -- 12 miles away -- to take them to our home for dinner. We'll hang out together for a few hours here, and then I'll drive them back home. All in all, it'll be a 24-mile trek.) Jan/GSBG
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