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  1. I would absolutely not order my jersey from nhl.com. I did call them in my quest for the USA blue and they DO have them in stock. However, they ONLY offer screen print and the price is no different. You'll never catch me in a screen print jersey by choice.
  2. No problem. Next time just scoot down the railing and yell at me. Most of the time I'm in 101D3, not always though, but a good percentage of the time.
  3. I would be the person in 101 D with the Gleason USA jersey. 1. www.icejerseys.com I worked the phone for about 3 hours the day Tim was named to the Olympic team and went through quite an ordeal to find someone with the blue jerseys in stock. IceJerseys did not have them at the time but they received a shipment the next day and after filling all the orders they had waiting, Chris called me back and took my order. 2. Everything is stitched. The lettering and numbers are Olympic regulation. The main difference is the letters for the name are individually stitched directly onto the jersey and not onto a "plate" and then the jersey. A friend also bought a Finland jersey from them and it is stitched in the same manner. 3. I ordered the jersey on Friday 2/5 and had it in hand Thursday 2/11 but this is not the norm for customized jerseys. As I mentioned above, I worked the phone quite a bit and paid a little extra to get it that quickly. 4. My Nike L fits like the Reebok XL. I notice it mostly in the length of the torso and sleeves, not as much on the width. The shoulders fit about the same. At the time I was making calls, I was told that www.usahockey.com would be getting more in but they were waiting on Nike, so that would be another option. IceJerseys was extremely helpful and are competitve price-wise though, so I highly recommend them.
  4. Would love to be there but am not confident we can get out of the parking lot here. Anyone willing to pick me and a friend up if we hoof it to Lumley/540 or Brier Creek/Gleenwood???? We'll pay for gas and beer (provided any concessions or open and if not, then at a future game!)
  5. Great pictures jr! It was nice to meet you too. Mine are still loading but should all be there in about 20 or 30 minutes. http://flickr.com/photos/dewaltgirl/sets/72157604083864493/ Enjoy!
  6. Personally, I love that the "Ruuuuu" has caught on and last night it seemed to pop up in the perfect places (i.e. 3rd period when the team really needed the crowd behind them). The tradition is hardly a new one, as someone upthread mentioned the "Hoooooover" in Charlotte for the Panthers. I moved here from Texas and the not only did the Cowboys fans chant "Mooooose" for Daryl Johnston, but the "Stuuuuuu" chants at Dallas Stars games go all game long and there's hardly a person in the arena not involved. It usually starts when he's carrying the puck down the ice and of course when he gets a point. So for me, the Caniacs are hardly "Ruuuu"ing too much. I look forward to it getting even louder and will hopefully catch on when he's announced as a starter. Regarding the comments about Tripp and John. It doesn't matter if we "Ruuu" or "Tuuu" as long as we "uuuuu".
  7. I have several of both but am behind in getting my pictures uploaded to Flickr. I hope to have them all up this week. www.flickr.com/photos/dewaltgirl
  8. Caneswincup, I appreciate the pointers, but no I do not use a point and shoot camera. I use a digital SLR with manual controls and know that the reason some are blurry is because I wasn't changing my metering mode from evaluative to center weighted and each have its own challenges. I simply wanted to have fun and wasn't too worried about it. I posted them b/c I like to poke fun at myself and the subjects at times. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the pictures. Outside of just having something to remember the events, I love letting those who aren't fortunate enough to attend for whatever reason (location, etc.) experience it. I'm four games behind in game pictures and will be up to 5 after tomorrow. Wish me luck on getting the all up by Monday!!
  9. Keep a watch in the Pictures forum b/c I take pictures at every game I attend. Last night I got some good shots of Patty during warmups and the game. His tongue is going to get it's own tag since it hangs out so much.
  10. Thanks Tangled! I wish I would have been able to get better candids but it was so dark that it was impossible to be sneaky with the camera.
  11. All of my pictures are finally up. Enjoy! http://flickr.com/photos/dewaltgirl/sets/72157603978787436/
  12. I took lots of pictures, but mostly of me or Ghoulie with the guys. The ones at the tables didn't turn out great. I haven't uploaded them yet, but will link you guys as soon as I do. I'll just ditto everything Ghoulie said upthread and add that this Casino Night was MUCH better than all the Dallas Stars Casino Nights I attended. Well worth the $200 and just a great time. He was one of the few I did get several pictures of. This is my favorite of the night.
  13. No, sorry, I didn't. Thanks for looking and I actually had something to work with this time on commenting.
  14. According to tsn.ca the first playoff game will be Wednesday April 9. Should the Canes actually make the playoffs, your guess is as good as mine if they'd play the 9th or 10th or even 11th and then alternate days after that.
  15. Now now, let's play nicely. I still haven't made up my mind if I want to get that seat again for the Pens game or one where I can actually see the game...
  16. Thanks. I'm glad my brain finally clicked and I realized where I'd seen you before. Hopefully I'll get a better one of Cam and Leights when I have a better seat. Thanks! Great for taking pictures of Oiler boys but not so much for seeing the game. I was afraid you'd beat me up if I didn't!
  17. http://flickr.com/photos/dewaltgirl/sets/72157603719721414/ They are not tagged and I was in the Avs end for warmups so they probably aren't even worth posting in the Canes forum. Here ya go anyway.
  18. I don't know if I have anything at all that you can use, but feel free to take a look. http://flickr.com/photos/dewaltgirl/tags/mikecommodore/
  19. I haven't been to a Checkers game yet this season and you would think living here in Charlotte would mean I'd catch more of those than the Canes. I'm spoiled by the NHL games though. When I lived in Corpus Christi, TX I was a season ticket holder for the CHL team and that's really when I started taking so many hockey pictures. Those kids really didn't have anyone to take pictures of them, so I did. Most of the time I'd end up giving them copies for their families. It just became a tradition to take my camera to every single game. I hope you take pictures at the Oiler games. I think it's fun to see pictures of other teams too. It's just always interesting to see others points of view.
  20. Thanks! Some days I'm really bored with just pictures of the players that I've taken a million times and I start shooting random things. LOL You should check out the Tampa Game set over there...Zambonis, ice, pucks, nets...it's all there.
  21. Great pictures! If you don't mind, I'm going to add you as a contact at Flickr. It looks like we take the same type of pictures at the same type of events. I have a ton of Nascar and some other motorsports pictures that I haven't gotten around to uploading....
  22. At games, it's just about solely an 80-200 telephoto lens that I've had for about 15 years now. I have aspirations of a better 300 or 400 lens....maybe someday.
  23. I'll be near you Frog! 107 Row D, turn around and say "Hi". I'll wander upstairs for a few but don't know how long I'll stick around. Maybe until midnight, maybe not.....
  24. And here I was thinking that they should become mandatory for all the soccer participants with our guys penchant for injury! :lol Thanks so much! I will be there and I can try. I'm usually down in the first row of section 110. I'll either be in a red Williams or Williams all star jersey. When it gets closer to game day, shoot me a pm and I'll give you my cell. You can text or call to find out for sure.
  25. Canon Rebel XTi with a variety of lenses. I've had my lenses for years and years and used them with my old Canon film camera. Since I've had the luck I have with Canon, I'm a big Canon supporter. PM me if you have more questions about it.
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