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  1. naw that was just something he did a lot of here, he had a canon of a shot but rarely hit the net glad to see things are working out well for him in carolina
  2. "Not to be disrespectful but I don't even know if Corvo hit the net 3 times in a game here in Ottawa" - Dean Brown
  3. he looked fine, hopefully not hurt. thats the last thing the canes need. cuz i do NOT want the caps winning the division and making the playoffs
  4. 9th pk for the sens oh the boys are shoving, i missed what volch did
  5. hmm kinda cheapshot to crosscheck the other teams captain in the back when he just comes back from back spasms..
  6. PP ....Sens!? whaaaaaaaat its like a very early christmas miracle!
  7. Stillman has 14 points in 17 games (including tonights pt/game) thats VERY good for a second liner
  8. we both won. we both got exactly what we needed, stillman answered a need and so did corvo for you. we just want commodore IF we make the finals against anaheim (which it really looks like we wont) so we wont be tossed around so much and eaves is a young sniper that could be a 30 goal guy in a few years if he stays healthy sens fans and canes fans both like the trade everybody wins
  9. late slash on the goalie so redden tossed him. not that big a deal, he got the penalty he deserved surprising tho, that might be the first time reddens touched someone this month...
  10. Alfies still hurt, he always does this. He'll come back early if its an important game and play hurt...and be ineffective <_<
  11. "Sens are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" - Scrambllllle
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